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Lewis Lupton Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Below Deck

In the fall of 2022, Bravo released the first teaser for the new series of the Below Deck franchise, Below Deck Adventure, and also introduced to fans a new crew of ship workers boarding the Mercury motor yacht. Among the nine new co-workers is Lewis Lupton and the writing below called ‘Lewis Lupton Bio’ is just about him, his age, net worth, married life, and Below Deck journey.

Lewis Lupton On Below Deck Adventure

Lewis Lupton is the new bosun of Below Deck Adventure. And while he may sound like he has a name straight from a comic book, he is excited to join the crew onboard the Mercury mega yacht. Fans, who are used to having a love/hate relationship with bosuns on other iterations of Below Deck, are hoping Lewis takes his job seriously.

Lewis will most probably have his hands full as, according to the trailer, a few situations arise when the expectations of the deck crew are not met. There will be numerous conflicts when it comes to pleasing not only the guests but also the ship’s captain Kerry Titheradge. So, though he is an amiable leader, he is expected to learn the tough way that it is not always easy to be both a boss and a friend as he manages his deck team.

A United Kingdom Sailing Academy graduate, he is passionate about the craft. So, he comes on board Mercury as bosun with experience working in the Mediterranean and an avid love for sailing. On his last yacht, he had quickly risen from deckhand to the first officer, eager to work with a larger team and boat.

While at the academy, located on the Isle of Wight, Lewis, and his fellow students underwent vigorous training. With over 15 courses, Lewis got a top-of-the-line education, specializing in yacht crew training. Also, it helped because since early on, he has always loved the open waters.

A look at the Below Deck Adventure trailer also implies that Lewis will have to balance being a boss while also being a friend on this journey on Mercury.

Lewis Lupton’s Net Worth

Lewis Lupton was yet to exactly reveal his net worth so far. Still, we can give you a look at how his salary might look.

According to Refinery29, the cast of Below Deck makes quite a hefty salary for just doing their jobs working on a superyacht. On a yacht the size of the My Seanna, a bosun is expected to usually make around $5,000 a month.

Also, at the end of every charter, the whole crew gets a tip from the guests on the boat. On the seasons of Below Deck, the crew usually brings in an estimated $15,000/person in tips for about six weeks of work. That is extra to the crew’s standard salary. Moreover, the cast on the show does not work a whole yacht season, so it is likely they make more throughout the season as they shift from boat to boat.

Does Lewis Lupton Have A Girlfriend?

Lewis Lupton was reportedly single as of 2022. However, on Below Deck, he was said to be teasing a romance with stew Oriana Schenps. “I’m not going to kiss and tell about Oriana”, he can be heard saying over a clip that shows him smooching the brunette beauty in a hot tub. Then quickly, Lewis also confirms that there are things going on under the bubbles that people can not see.

Oriana, so you know, is a hard worker with past experience as a chief stew. She seemed determined to prove herself on the interior team. She has been drawn to water since she started working at a Boston aquarium. As per her Bravo profile, she uncovered her calling in college after participating in the Bahamas’ scuba diving research expedition. So, she joined yachting just after finishing college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the rest is history.

Lewis Lupton Height

Good-looking Lewis Lupton stands 5 feet and 8 inches in height.

Lewis Lupton Age

Lewis Lupton was above 23 years old when he decided to join chef Jess Condy, chief stew Faye Clarke, deckhands Kyle Dickard, Michael Gilman, and Nathan Morely, and others, to give viewers an exhilarating look at life on the scenic Norwegian fjords.

Is Lewis Lupton On Instagram?

Lewis Lupton could be found on Instagram @lew_lupton with 11 posts and 498 followers as of 3 November. This page shows he likes to play as hard as he works. Often between photos of him on his Bosun duties, Lewis posts his international travels, including a September 2022 trip to Milan. Also, one can tell Lewis just started on social media because there were only a few photos on his grid.

Lewis also happens to have a Cameo account.

Lewis Lupton Family

Like many other things, Lewis Lupton also managed to keep his family and its background away from the prying eyes of fans and media outlets, so far. Therefore, there was simply nothing known about his parents, his siblings (if he has any), and other things related.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lewis Lupton’s Birthday?

Lewis Lupton had not yet opened up about the day he celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Lewis Lupton From?

Lewis Lupton was born and bred in some place in the United Kingdom.

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