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Kevin Kane Wife: Who Is Francis Benhamou? Her Age, Job

Kevin Kane is an actor, director, producer, and founding member of The Collective, a theater company. But, recently, he has found newer, fresher fame as Law & Order: SVU‘s newest cast member. Before he played the new detective Terry Bruno, fans spotted him in four other characters on the series, as well as two on the original Law & OrderLaw & Order franchise loves the William Esper Studio alum, it seems. So, while the actor celebrates his rite of passage in the popular TV series, we shall tell you instead about his wife, i.e., IRL. She is Francis Benhamou and they have been married for some time now.

Meet Francis Benhamou, Actor Kevin Kane’s Wife

Actor Kevin Kane made the beautiful Francis Benhamou his wife in December 2017. So, they have been together since then and made it through not divided even during the COVID pandemic, locked into a small apartment, the two of them and their toddler.

Except for a few now and then glimpses and a few here and there comments they pass about their life together on social media, they are mostly private. Yet, we can tell they are pleased to have each other as their partners in life.

In March 2021, Kevin teased his wife for her not real audition for the OnlyFan page, on his Instagram @mugsykane.

The couple is also yet to share their ‘how they met’ story. But, it is a fact that they dated for some time before deciding to get hitched. They were seen all smiles and attending the red carpet at the 2016’s Emmys back in September of that year.

Before Kevin, Francis dated fellow actor Rodrigo Lopresti.

Kevin Kane And Francis Benhamou Children

Kevin Kane and Francis Benhamou have a daughter together. She came into their lives on 1 January 2018. So, she turned 5 years old on the 2023′ New Year’s Day. It appears the young one has acquired mostly her dad’s looks, even the expressions. Nonetheless, both parents adore her as much and also show her to their people on social media, every now and then. For instance, Kevin even showed her off after they were done potty training her in May 2020 at their home in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Kevin and his daughter as seen in the “We Potty trained now” shot from back in the day (PIC: Instagram)

In November 2022, Kevin took this lovely picture of him with this little one to apprise people to go vote for love and for the rights of others. “This Irish guy voted for this little Jewish girl to grow up unthreatened, in a democracy and not as a second-class citizen”, he penned with feelings referring to him as the Irish guy and his little daughter as the Jewish girl.

Francis Benhamou Age

Francis Benhamou was born in 1979. So, she turned 43 years old in 2022.

Francis Benhamou Job

Francis Benhamou has had a career in the same industry as her husband. Yes, she too is an actress, writer, and producer. Of all projects, she is mostly known for her role as Nasira in Arranged (2007).

IMDB also goes on to credit her for several other roles as an actress and a few as a producer. To name a few from recent times, she played Anna Guerrero in 2018’s The Rainbow Experiment. That year, she also played the character Andrea Morales in the Daredevil TV series. In 2022, she was seen in an episode of Lide & Beth and in 3 episodes of Inside Amy Schumer.

Speaking of Francis’s produced works, she created Lucia, a short movie in 2006, and associated and consulted with the producer in another short You’re Gonna Feel Funny After in 2009. She is also the executive producer for I’m Not Me (2011) and producer for the short 4am Redmond & Meda (2016). Of course, she has also been a part of several Playwrights and Off-Broadway projects.

But before all this could happen, Francis graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Psychology and a concentration in Acting at New York University and then continued her studies at The Maggie Flanigan Studio. Yes, she was trained by Maggie Flanigan. And even prior to all that, she went to Miami Country Day School.

Is Francis Benhamou On Instagram?

Yes. Francis Benhamou could be found on Instagram as of 6 January 2023. She in fact handled the two accounts. The private one, the personal blog, @franthebean had 1,530 posts and 1,659 followers. “Lots of kid stuff here” is what she wrote here as her BIO quote before referring people to follow her for all her acting stuff on the other account @franthebean.

Besides, Francis also kept her people posted via Facebook and Twitter @franthebean.

Francis Benhamou Family

Francis Benhamou was born to a Morrocan father and an Eastern European mother. She was yet to tell more about them and her family background in general.

However, we can name you a few of her family members and relatives, mostly from Montevideo, Uruguay, and now residing in different parts of the United States. They are Daniela Benhamou, Lu Benhamou, David Benhamou, Martín Benhamou, Jimmy Benhamou, and Armando Benhamou.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Francis Benhamou’s Birthday?

Francis Benhamou’s birthday is in October. On what day exactly? We have not been told yet.

  • Where Is Francis Benhamou From?

Francis Benhamou was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Yet, she grew up in Miami, Florida in the United States.

She, therefore, refers to Miami, Florida as her hometown. As for now though, she was calling New York, New York home.

  • How Tall Is Francis Benhamou?

Francis Benhamou stands 5′ 4″ (1.63 meters) in height and so allows her husband to tower over her when even they stand together for pictures.

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