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Vannessa Cross Children: Werner And Jacob Cross

Meet 1000-lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross’s children Werner and Jacob Cross. How old are they? Who is their father?

Learn all that is available on the web in this article below. Scroll down and learn all about Vannessa’s children.

Who Are 1000-Lb Best Friends Star Vannessa Cross Children?

TLC’s popular show 1000-lb Best Friends brings forth the journey of four best friends from Georgia going through a journey to attend a drastic weight loss so that they could be happy with themselves. While the viewers marveled at their struggle through the TV set, they are also interested to learn about her family life.

Vannessa Cross is a mother of two children. They are named Jacob and Werner Cross.

During a therapy session, Vannessa opened up about being a sex worker to make ends meet and support her family. In a therapy session that was shown in the 1000-Lb. Best Friends episode that aired on Monday, Dr. Connie Stapleton, a bariatric psychologist, meets with 44-year-old Cross and her best friend Meghan Crumpler. Cross notes that while the topic of the meeting had initially been her efforts to lose weight, it is impossible to discuss those without also discussing Cross’ background.

“There are things I’ve done in my past. Things I’ve just — physically and emotionally had to do,” she said in the exclusive clip, as she reveals that she used to be a sex worker. “When it comes to the sex trade, and like, hustling. I feel so shameful at times for the fact that I’ve had to sell my body in order just to have food to provide for myself to provide for my children.”

Vannessa explains that it has been approximately eight years since her previous employment as a sex worker in a separate interview.

“That was an extremely dark time in my life,” she says. “I would not have done it in any way shape or form except for the fact it was either do that or go hungry, go without clothing, go without diapers, go without rent. And while I’m thankful my circumstances have changed a lot since then, the pain really has never left me.”

Meet Jacob Cross, Vannessa Cross Eldest Son

Vanessa Cross had her eldest son Jacob Cross with her ex-husband who has been referred to as D. There isn’t much detail about who he was and what he did for a living. But, Vanessa’s ex-husband passed away in November 2016.

The news of his death was announced by Vannessa’s sister Jackie Cross. She posted on her Facebook, “I can’t sleep… I cry and I pray… !D. is gone!! My brother-in-law was hospitalized BC of sickness and stomach pains last week and on sat we found out he did not recover. He was 37. D was one of the few ‘real’ men that I had the joy of having in my life. Down, honest, intelligent, and very respectable!!.. I miss u, brother!! My prayers are with his family and my sister Vannessa Cross and nephew Jacob who D did anything he could to take good care of! This should not have happened!! God be with us!!”

Jacob is currently 19 years old. According to his Facebook, he attended Stockbridge High School and is currently residing in Locust Grove, Georgia.

Meet Werner Cross, Vannessa Cross Youngest Son

Vannessa Cross is the youngest of two children of Vannnessa Cross.

Werner Cross turned 14 years old on 8 November 2021. In November 2019, Vannessa wished her son, “Happy Birthday to my little he is 11 today I love you, Werner!!!”

With her child’s father Michael Gibbs, Vannessa gave birth to her youngest son. They split up subsequently but were at least together till 2010. However, they remained friends and decided to co-parent. On 21 January 2018, Vanessa wrote on her Facebook, “This man is an excellent father and I’m blessed he is”. So, they were still friends.

Related FAQs

  • Do Vannessa Cross Children Have The Same Father?

No, Vannessa Cross had two children from two different fathers.

  • Where Do Vannessa Cross Children Reside?

Vannessa Cross’s oldest son Jacob resides in Locust Grove, Georgia. Her youngest son lives in Jonesboro, Georgia.

  • Have Vannessa Cross Children Appeared On The Show?

No, Vannessa Cross hasn’t appeared with her on the show.

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