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KevJumba Girlfriend Turned To-Be Wife: Her Age, Job, IG

Taiwanese-American comedian and YouTube celebrity KevJumba announced his engagement with his girlfriend turned to-be wife. He kept his relationship away from public knowledge most of the time. When the engagement announcement was made out of the blue, fans were excited and started congratulating the couple.

Learn more about KevJumba’s future wife. This article covers her name, her job, and other related information on her.

KevJumba Engaged To His Girlfriend

KevJumba’s fans are excited for him after he announced his engagement on his Instagram. He posted a clip of his proposal on his Instagram. Both of them dressed in black from top to bottom, Kevin got on his knees while turning his girlfriend around. Before she answered anything, the clip ended.

The second picture was of KevJumba smooching his fiancee while she hold a bouquet with pink roses as they held each other’s hands. He added another clip where he screamed “she said yes! let’s Go!!!”. At the end of the clip, a security guard was clapping for the newly engaged couple.

The engagement came as a surprise to many because a handful of fans didn’t even know he was dating someone. And his core fans only knew her with her voices because she never featured herself on any of his YouTube videos or Twitch streams. But, Kevin had mentioned her several times.

On TikTok, KevJumba posted a clip of one of his streams where he’s playing ‘Super Smash Bros’., Here, he’s playing against her and she beats him. Off-camera, you can hear her say, “Don’t mess with me, Kevin!”.

@Wongfuphil commented, “Can I request the First Dance song?? So happy for you, Kevin!!!”.

Fans also congratulated the newly engaged and wrote. One user wrote, “I guess, nice guys don’t finish last! Congratulations!!”. One nostalgic fan wrote, “I grew up watching you Congratulations!!!!”. Similarly, another fan wrote, “Watching your childhood YouTube hero grow up. Congrats, Kevin “.

Addressing Kev’s girlfriend’s TikTok video one user wrote, “she can’t call you gamer bf anymore!!! congrats to you and ginger”.

Kev’s fans waiting for him to find someone. They commented on Twitter to stat dating. When Kevin posted on his Twitter that he needed a gay friend back in 2011, one Twitter user commented that he needed a girlfriend.

According to Twitter comments, Kevin met his first girlfriend when he was 18. But, it is not confirmed if she is the same person.

What Is KevJumba Girlfriend Turned To-Be Wife’s Name?

KevJumba’s girlfriend turned to-be wife’s name is Ginger. Most of Kevin’s fans also know her as “Han”. In 2013, one Twitter user tweeted, “@kevjumbs Hey @kevjumba can u please marry Han just to shut her up?;)”.

How Old Is KevJumba Girlfriend Turned To-Be Wife?

KevJumba’s girlfriend turned to-be wife Ginger should be at least 28 years old. However, her age along with other details is yet to be confirmed. As for KevinJumba, he turned 31 years old on 12 June 2021.

What Does KevJumba Girlfriend Turned To-Be Wife Do?

The only thing that we know about KevJumba’s girlfriend turned to-be wife Ginger is she is a baking enthusiast or maybe even a pro. Ginger is on TikTok under the name (@gingercakery) where she has posted videos of making ‘Egg Tarts’ and ‘Taro Lava Cake’. She posted the video of making an egg tart in May 2021. Whereas, she posted a video of lava cake in November 2021.

As already said, Ginger could only be a baking enthusiast. Outside of that, her education and her academic qualifications, all remain anonymous as of this writing in January 2022.

Is KevJumba Girlfriend Turned To-Be Wife On IG?

Yes, KevJumba’s girlfriend turned to-be wife Ginger is on Instagram. She goes by the handle name (@thegingermorning) where she has 113 posts and 7147 followers. Her (@gingercakery) IG has 38 posts on the platform and gathered 227 followers as of this writing. But, both of the accounts are private at the moment.

Besides IG, Ginger is also on TikTok. Her TikTok handle is (@gingercakery) where she has 1691 followers. When she posted her “gamer boyfriend says let’s go to the beach” TikTok, it took everyone by surprise. Fans started to reminisce about him and comment that they watched him on YouTube growing up.

Related FAQs

  • Who Is KevJumba Dad?

KevJumba’s dad is Michael Wu. Fans also know him as Papa Jumba which is also his name on Facebook.

  • How Tall Is KevJumba?

KevJumba stands tall to the height of over 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters).

  • How Much Is KevJumba Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net worth, KevJumba has a net worth of nearly $2 million.

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