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Talsey McCullough Bio, Age, IG, Fiancee, Love During Lockup

The first season of Love During Lockup (the spinoff series of Love After Lockup) is coming to TV. And one of the couples who are trying to find love in the show is Santiba Webb and Talsey McCullough. Talsey is the one who is in prison and Santiba is a recent divorcee looking for a romantic partner.

Read everything about Talsey in the article below, including his relationship with Santiba.

Is Love During Lockup Couple Talsey McCullough And Santiba Still Together?

No, Talsey McCullough and Santiba are no longer together. Their relationship ended almost two years ago. Right after Talsey was released from prison. The story that is going to air on Love During Lockup on WE TV in the coming days happened more than two years ago.

Reportedly, the Talsey-Santiba story was filmed for Love After Lockup. However, they broke up immediately after Talsey’s release from prison, there was no love “after” lockup. So, it was delayed by more than a year and finally released as one of the stories in Love “During” Lockup.

Santiba and Talsey met through a prison dating website called in 2019. Santiba had found out about the dating service from a TV documentary about a “woman who married a murderer jailed for life”. She had already had a history with “wrong guys” but she was still willing to take a risk for happiness.

Santiba and Talsey started as pen-pals. But as they started talking, Santiba found that she liked Talsey very much. She said he was “hot” and that he was “handsome” and his smile was “so beautiful and so big”. Moreover, she liked the fact that Talsey was a father to two daughters. He was a single dad. Santiba was herself a mother of two.

Talking about Talsey’s two daughters, their names are Mila McCullough and Bella McCullough. Bella has not revealed much about herself on social media, except for a quote in her bio saying, “we’re all bad in someone else’s story”.

Mila, on the other hand, has shared a lot about her on her Facebook. She works for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. And she is engaged to a guy called Trevor Sargent.

She was so smitten that after dating for a while, she was willing to move to Georgia (where Talsey was from) from Maine (where she was living) to meet him on the prison gates.

Talsey McCullough Fiancee

Sadly, Santiba’s dedication did not pay off. Her relationship with Talsey did not end up in her happiness. They broke up not too long after Talsey’s release. Furthermore, he started dating another woman called Kayla. In fact, as of January 2022, Kayla and Talsey are engaged.

We do not know much about Talsey McCullough’s fiancee, Kayla, except for a few details. She is from Georgia, just like Talsey. She and Talsey currently live in Ellijay, Georgia.

They have joint social media accounts (see below). Kayla has her own house cleaning business in Georgia.

And based on their social media presence, it seems Talsey and Kayla’s relationship is going pretty well.

Talsey McCullough Criminal Record

Talsey McCullough was arrested in 2013 for “driving under the influence of drugs” and “possession of a schedule ii controlled substance”. According to the Georgia Department of Justice report, Talsey and two of his accomplishes were involved in meth trafficking. And they were arrested with a huge possession of meth intended for distribution.

After his arrest, Talsey pleaded guilty to his drug trafficking crimes and the possession of firearm crime. He was sentenced to 90 months of imprisonment.

Talsey got out of prison in May 2020. And it appears, he has been out of the world of crime for a while.

Is Talsey McCullough On IG?

Talsey McCullough has a joint social media account, with his fiance Kayla, on both Instagram and Facebook. Their IG handle was @talsey_kayla_mccullough.

Talsey McCullough Age

As of January 2022, Talsey McCullough is 40 years of age.

Talsey McCullough Job

Talsey McCullough works with his fiancee Kayla to run her house cleaning business.

According to his Facebook, Talsey went to Jackson County Comprehensive High School. And then later for his college education, he went to Ashworth College.

Furthermore, according to Talsey and Kayla’s joint Facebook account, one of them also went to Jonesboro High School. However, considering that Talsey went to Jackson County Comprehensive High School, it is likely that Kayla is the one who went to Jonesboro.

But of course, we cannot claim that with any certainty.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Talsey McCullough From?

Reportedly, Talsey McCullough is from Georgia. However, according to his Facebook, Talsey’s hometown is Tampa, Florida. However, he has been most of his adult life in Georgia.

Coming to Talsey’s father, other than his two daughters and Kayla, his mother’s name is Susan Browner. Not much else is known about his mother. And we could not find a single thing about his father.

There was another relative of Talsey, from Athens, Georgia. Her name is Kenya McCullough and she also went to Jackson County Comprehensive High School. We could not figure what relation she is to Talsey.

  • How Tall Is Talsey McCullough?

Talsey McCullough is 5 ft and 9 inches tall.

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