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Khris Franklin Bio, Age, Wife, Career, Trinity Valley, Cheer

Meet Khris Franklin, former head coach of cheer for Trinity Valley Community College. He has returned in the second season as the assistant coach in support of Vontae Johnson. Learn about him, his age, his career, and his wife.

Scroll down this Khris Franklin Bio to learn more about him.

Khris Franklin On Netflix’s Cheer Season 2

Anyone who watched the first season of Netflix’s award-winning show ‘Cheer’ knows Khris Franklin as the head cheer of Trinity Valley Community College’s cheer team. He has been leading the team for many years and every year it always boiled down to TVCC versus Navarro College.

But, in season 2 of the show, Khris has returned as an assistant coach rather than the head coach. As always he is focused on winning against Navarro. Like his fellow coach and his rival coach, he also interviewed with Pop Culture and shared his thoughts on being filmed for the second season.

Khris shared, “It was one of those things where I was glad our kids could have the same opportunities that the school down the street had. I was hoping that it would show our program in a good light and show what we’re about. Both programs are very successful, but I think we have different things to offer. So I was excited for the kids, and the college and all, in general.”

Khris Franklin Age

Khris Franklin was reportedly born in 1980. This makes him 41 years old in January 2022.

Does Khris Franklin Have A Wife?

Khris Franklin always feared marriage which is why he has never been able to bring himself to find the one to start a family of his own. He had shared on Netflix that both sides of his family had a history of divorces. Since he never wanted to go through that ordeal himself, he never made efforts to commit to someone.

However, Khris seems prepared for that part of his life now and fans are also willing to find him a wife. One Twitter user wrote, “we will find Khris from Cheer a wife”. So, it is highly likely that he hasn’t tied the knots with anyone as of January 2021.

However, Khris is no stranger to what married life is like because he appears to have a married couple as his roommates. Addressing that, another user wrote on Twitter, “Khris is too old to have married couple roommates unless it’s a thruple. #Cheer #CheerNetflix“.

Khris Franklin Career

Khris Franklin started as a cheerleader himself. Then, he pursued his career as a cheerleader coach and made names for himself. He has been leading the new generation cheers and assuring them wins in several competitions. Not only that, but he had also sat on the prestigious seat as a judge on many cheer competitions himself.

But, there were times he wanted to quit cheer but could never do that because some of his closest friends in life, met them while he was in cheer. He led TVCC as a head coach for several decades. He admitted that he never thought that he would be in cheerleading for this long. Now, he can’t quit because it’s his passion for cheerleading that he can’t let go of because it makes him feel content.

Years after years, Khris got the TVCC’s cheerleading team to the Top 2. In 2013, Khris interviewed with Henderson County Texas Now after securing the second position in the Daytona, Florida competition. “I am extremely pleased with how well our students represented themselves today. We have a few things we can adjust and I feel like we are in a great place for finals,” he shared. “Our team was simply awesome to watch. TVCC should be proud of the job these young men and women are doing here”.

From season 2020 to season 2021, Khris has made a few changes. He has stepped down from being a head coach and tapped his student Vontae Johnson as a head coach. Khris picked him up because he knew that Vontae had attention to detail and was a perfectionist and he made the right choice (*spoilers) because Vontae brought home the 2021 title making TVCC’s team The Cardinal as champions.

Has Khris Franklin Revealed His Parents?

To start, Khris Franklin is a very private individual. He hasn’t shared any details on his personal life as of this moment. The only thing that we know by far is the divorces that he witnessed his family members go through had a huge impact on him. So, we know that his parents are also divorced.

There is no further information related to Khris’s parents and his siblings. Furthermore, his abstaining from the world of the internet made it even harder to unearth information related to his family members.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Khris Franklin From?

Khris Franklin is currently residing in Athens, Texas.

  • How Tall Is Khris Franklin?

Standing tall at 6 feet, Khris Franklin appears formidable. His greyish-scruffy beard is his distinct feature. The same beard earned him comparison with Ted Lasso, American football coach on sports comedy-drama of the same name.

  • Is Khris Franklin On Instagram?

It seems Khris Franklin doesn’t have his social media accounts. However, he has been featured on TVCC’s socials a few times. He appears on TVCC’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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