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Kierra Lewis Bio, Parents, Husband, TikTok, Alex Wennberg

Kierra Lewis is having quite a drama. The TikTok star has found herself in the realm of fame making comments about actors, musicians, players, and more. Find out more about her here.

This article is about Kierra’s parents, husband, and more.

Kierra Lewis And Alex Wennberg Drama

Alex Wennberg of the Seattle Kraken has come out after his wife uploaded an Instagram post denouncing the “BookTok” TikTok group for tormenting the NHL veteran. Alex expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior and language used in the group after reading a highly charged post by prominent “BookTok” figure Kierra Lewis.

An argument involving the authors of BookTook and professional ice hockey seems surprising at first. According to Mari of @mynameismarines, the crossover began after Kierra read Emily Rath’s PUCKING AROUND. Because the setting of her adult romance book is the hockey world, Kierra has apparently grown to love the game and has started writing about the handsome players she finds there.

“[After reading PUCKING AROUND], Kierra starts to gain more interest in the Seattle Kraken… she starts making these vlogs where she is watching games,” Mari notes. “She’s also adding commentary where she is sexualizing some of the players.”

Soon, the Seattle Kraken began capitalizing off this viral moment, posting fan-style edits of players. The team’s TikTok account and the official NHL page even made content referencing BookTok. However, these videos have since been deleted from the @seattlekraken account.

The management of the Kraken invited multiple TikTok creators to watch live hockey games because BookTok was the team’s secret weapon for becoming viral. Earlier this year, Kierra went to game four of the playoffs, where she received a “BookTok” shirt. A placard that stated “#KrackMyBack” was also delivered by the artist; this expression is well-known among BookTok users who love the Seattle Kraken.

The Seattle Kraken squad supported all of the BookTok content, but it seemed uncomfortable for the players to be sexualized online. When Felicia, the wife of Seattle Kraken center Alex Wennberg, blogged about the situation on her Instagram stories over the weekend, things came to a head.

“I always thought Alex was the most beautiful person in the world and that it just seems the world finally caught up,” she begins. “The reason I struggled to navigate this is while I’m all for female empowerment and especially around sex, there have been videos and comments made that have crossed the line of what it means to fancy someone and when it actually sounds pretty predatory and exploiting.”

She exhorts women to hold themselves to higher standards, pointing out that many women have experienced over-sexualization and that they shouldn’t support this behavior.

“I feel that women who have experienced catcalling, getting involuntarily filmed in exposed situations (like a groin stretch at their job) should hold themselves to a higher standard. You can be sex-positive without exploiting others.”

“As someone who’s been media trained my whole career, I’ve been taught to bite my tongue and to leave it instead of making a statement,” Alex’s statement read via a post to his Instagram story. “But it has gone too far for me to stay quiet when people post vile comments on my wife’s Instagram and on photos of our child. I’m all for the BookTok community to write books and fiction about hockey, but the aggressive language about real-life players is too much.”

The Instagram post was made in response to one made just a few days before by Felica Weeren, Alex’s wife, in which she directly criticized the community for its treatment of the Kraken forward on the platform.

“While I’m all for female empowerment and especially around sex, there have been videos and comments made that have crossed the line of what it means to fancy someone and when it actually sounds pretty predatory and [exploitative],” Felica said in part in her statement. “What doesn’t sit with me is when your desires come with sexual harassment, inappropriate comments, and the fact that with the internet, we can normalize behavior that would never be ok if we flipped the genders around.”

The Kraken’s bond with the “BookTok” community had been a recurring motif during the previous season; at one point, the team even flew Lewis out and gave her a jersey that was specially made for the community. However, as the team kept stoking the fires, the fan base apparently became increasingly crude, even messaging players directly, as Wennberg and Weeren detailed in their statements.

Kierra Lewis Books

On Goodreads, Kierra Lewis has enlisted 152 books. Here is the list of books that she read, currently reading, and she wants to read.

In September 2021, Kierra promoted her self-authored books “Discovering Joy” and “Manifestation Guide” via her IG.

How Much Is Kierra Lewis Net Worth?

As of 2023, Kierra Lewis has a net worth above $300 thousand.

Before she found fame on the internet, Kierra attended Texas State University. She had previously worked as a sports reporter/journalist for the University Star. She graduated with a mass communication major from the University of Houston.

In 2021, Kierra also made headlines after making commentary about men in country music. It all started with an off-the-cuff video about the steamy Sam Hunt hit, “Body Like A Back Road,” in which she shared her surprise about Sam Hunt’s appearance.

“I’m listening to the words, and I’m like, ‘Hold on, let’s just see how this man looks.’ And when I found his Instagram, I literally had to pull over in the car. I was like, ‘No, no, no. You’re telling me this is how a country singer looks?’ Because I didn’t even know there were going to be a lot of them,” Kierra told Sounds Like Nashville. “I got my phone, and I always make Instagram stories and Snapchat stories, so I’m just used to just grabbing my phone and just instantly expressing how I feel, so I just went to the TikTok app and made a TikTok video.”

The Texas native has featured Riley GreenTim McGrawLuke BryanChase Rice, and more, and in each video, she shares her honest, unfiltered thoughts about each hunky guy.

Kierra Lewis Height

Kierra Lewis’s height is above 5 feet 2 inches.

How Old Is Kierra Lewis?

Kierra Lewis was born on 27 November 1995. She is currently 27 years old.

Kierra Lewis Parents

Kierra Lewis is the daughter of Chris Lewis and Tewana Lewis Wright. Her parents can be documented as being together for 24 years (as of March 2015). Keeping that in mind and assuming that they are still married, Chris and Tewana have been married for 32 years.

Kierra wished her parents, in 2015, “Beyond blessed to have two parents who not only push me to reach my full potential but also inspire me and show me what a Godly marriage is. Their love for one another is beautiful and to say they have been together for 24 YEARS is truly breathe taking. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Love you so much.”

On her mom’s birthday in 2016, Kierra wished her mom, “Today is this beautiful lady’s birthday. I am truly so thankful that God blessed me with a mother as strong, beautiful, ambitious, and genuine as she is. She has always pushed me to be my best. I’m so honored to not only call her my mom but my twin as well! I love you so much, Mom! Thanks for always being there for me! Everyone wish my twin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.”

Kierra Lewis Husband

Kierra Lewis is not married so she doesn’t have a husband. She doesn’t discuss her dating life on social media.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kierra Lewis Birthday?

Kierra Lewis’s birthday is on 27 November.

  • Where Is Kierra Lewis From?

Kierra Lewis is a native of Houston, Texas.

  • Is Kierra Lewis On Instagram?

Yes, Kierra Lewis is on Instagram (@kierra_lewis1), TikTok (@Kierralewis75), and Facebook.

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