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BenTellect Wife: Is He Married? What Is His Real Name?

Social media star/influencer BenTellect has been prevalent on the platform since the “Benny Boy” trend surfaced on social media. Since then he has hoarded more than 11 million followers on TikTok alone.

Lately, though, BenTellect is not having great of a time as a few have come forward with accusations against him. In late July 2023, in a tweet that has since gone shared that she was invited to be on a podcast by a “pretty popular TikTok creator” and also subsequently after she rejected his sexual advances. So, what really happened? Keep reading to find out about this and we shall also talk about other things related to BenTellect.

BenTellect Allegations

So, according to Jordan, who we talked about earlier, the day she and BenTellect were supposed to link up to film the podcast’s episode, Ben blackballed her from his show because she refused his sexual advances. Jordan further detailed: Three hours before they were supposed to record he asked her if she wanted to make an OnlyFans video with him, which she declined. Thereafter just one hour before they were supposed to meet up and he canceled. Jordan tweeted all of this also including a series of screenshot messages.

Amid the trending “BenTellect controversy”, one more woman came up with allegations against him. Later, she yielded more screenshots to back up her claims. In this particular case, BenTellect tries to persuade a woman to make some content with him. He also invites her to film a podcast episode. But, when she does not respond to his next several messages, he ends up calling her “a flake”. So, this woman finally replies to him with “Ya know if you wouldn’t have [texted] me so rudely calling me a flake after one day of not texting you might have stood a chance. I can see why you’re single now, goodbye.” To this, BenTellect’s reply comes as “go f*ck yourself”. So, all of this is not looking look for him.

How Much Is BenTellect Net Worth?

BenTellect reportedly had above $600K net worth as of August 2023.

Before jumping to popularity in 2020, BenTellect says he was a “top-selling” insurance agent in the Midwest for GEICO. There, he claims to have worked out of multiple car dealerships while reviewing customers’ insurance coverage and selling policies. He also said his main tasks included, cultivating relationships with customers, training employees, and keeping track of sales and production.

Ben gave up that title in December 2020 to focus on his social media career full-time.

As a result of TikTok’s Creator Fund, he started getting paid for his content in Fall 2020. He said he really did not want to quit his insurance job until he knew he could be financially secure.

BenTellect’s passion for fashion has also inspired a number of successful merchandising lines including sweatpants, face masks, crewneck sweatshirts, embroidered beanies, and blankets.

BenTellect Wife: Is He Married?

BenTellect was not married until August 2023. He also did not give away in his reels if he is dating anyone. He sure has made clips about “Dating in 2023” and meant to give people tips on dating, but still, there was no way for us to know if he is seeing anyone.

Earlier in 2023, he also made a “How my girlfriend shuts car doors?” short in YouTube. Yet, in the comments, most people did not believe that he has a girlfriend.

Also in 2023, Reddit fans have in great length discussed the topic of that “one time Mikayla hit on Bentellect and he didn’t reply back.”

What Is BenTellect Real Name?

BenTellect’s real name is Benjamin Tarrolly. He had not yet told people on social media about why the name “BenTellect”. Once he also said he has this tendency of being forgetful of his own name.

BenTellect Age

BenTellect was born in 1989. So, he reached the age of 34 in 2023.

BenTellect Height

BenTellect stands below 6’1” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is BenTellect From?

BenTellect originally hails from Baraboo, which is a city in the Midwest of Wisconsin.

  • What Do We Know About BenTellect Family?

BenTellect’s father Thomas “Tom” J Tarrolly was born in October 1944. So, he reached the age of 78 in 2022. At this time around, he had been living in Maineville, Ohio. It is not understood if he and BenTellect’s mother Annette Flasch, AKA Tarrolly, of Baraboo, are still married.

Also, it is known that BenTellect’s siblings are Tiffany Tarrolly, Stephanie Tarrolly, and Brittany Tarrolly.

Tiffany, of Brooklyn, Minneapolis, turned 37 in August 2022. Since June 2014, she has been helping buyers and sellers find and sell lake, luxury, and historic homes as a realtor at Lake, Luxury & Historic Homes. Another sister Stephanie turned 35 in October 2022. She had been residing in Maineville, Ohio at this point. Lastly, Brittany turned 32 in March 2023.

BenTellect’s maternal grandfather John Flasch died on 11 January 2008. His wife Betty Audrey Flasch, joined him much later, in September 2022 at the age of 79.

BenTellect’s maternal uncle Anthony J. Flasch Sr., also passed away a long time ago in March 2023 when he was just 33 years old.

BenTellect has occasionally mentioned his family on his social media content. Many times, for instance, he has imitated his mom.

  • When Is BenTellect Birthday?

BenTellect’s birthday is on May 31st and that makes him a Gemini.

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