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Kilauren Gibb Bio, Today, Father, Husband, Joni Mitchell

Meet Kilauren Gibb, daughter of none other than the Canadian-American musician, producer, and painter Joni Mitchell. Kilauren is that child of Joni, who she kept from the world for over two decades. In all those years, Joni gave away baby Kilauren for adoption, and instead trained herself to become one of the most influential singer-songwriters in the folk music scene. Indeed, today she is celebrated for her “starkly” personal lyrics and unconventional compositions that incorporate pop and jazz elements. What happened to her relationship with Kilauren though? Did they reconnect? Let us tell you in this tell-all about Kilauren Gibb.

Joni Mitchell And Kilauren Gibb’s Relationship

A Maclean’s 1997 article tells its readers that Joni Mitchell got pregnant at age 21 with Toronto portrait photographer  Brad MacMath. But, Brad left and when it was 19 February 1965, she gave birth to Kelly Dale Anderson.

Six months later, the baby was adopted by David and Ida Gibbs. They renamed her Kilauren Gibb. And until she was 27, Kilauren has no idea she was adopted. But, that same year a former roommate of Joni reportedly sells the story of her secret daughter to a tabloid magazine. So, in 1997, they finally meet, and according to a Toronto Globe and Mail article from 1998, the experience seemed like a fairy tale for Kilauren. As at this point things were tough in Kilauren’s life. She was a single mom to her son Marlin and also was struggling to figure things out with her strained relationship with her adoptive parents.

Nonetheless, Kilauren has always been grateful for the upbringing she had. At one point she opened up that she keeps trying to reassure her adoptive parents (Ida and David) that she loves them and they are not going to lose her. “I don’t know what I’d have become if I’d been raised like a Bel Air brat”, these were her exact words.

Kilauren Gibb Father

Kilauren Gibb’s biological father is Brad MacMath. He and Kilauren’s biological mother were both art students in Calgary when she was conceived. They moved to Toronto during the pregnancy and discussed settling down but when they were “not communicating” Brad alone moved from Canada to California. Joni, meanwhile, at the time was thinking of all kinds of ways to conceal her pregnancy from her parents.

Joni’s mother, Myrtle Anderson, much later said that had they known, they would have helped and encouraged her to keep the baby.

Meanwhile, Kilauren’s adoptive father is David Gibb. He has once shared that for a really long that he and his wife tried to establish that their daughter was not adopted and was actually one of them. They both later realized that it was a mistake on their part.

Where Is Kilauren Gibb Today?

It took Kilauren Gibb a long time before she actually felt comfortable calling Joni her mother. But with time, the two seemed to have gotten closer. Often on Joni Mitchell’s fan pages we have seen the two Kilauren celebrating different occasions together. Joni also seemed to be enjoying being a grandmother to Kilauren’s two kids.

Kilauren Gibb Age

Kilauren Gibb was born in 1965. So, she should have turned 58 years old in 2023.

Kilauren Gibb Husband

Kilauren Gibb married Toronto-based talent agent Paul Kohler in 1992. Three years later, after the birth of their son, Marlin they separated.

Later in the year 1997, Kilauren reunited with her folk-singer mother and despite that she could not spend the holidays with her  because Paul, her estranged husband, wanted to spend time with then four-year-old Marlin. Kilauren, at the time had custody of Marlin. She probably does even today. “Paul (the estranged husband) wanted to be with the boy when he opened his presents,” Joni’s mother said in an interview from Saskatoon.

Today, Marlin is in his late 20s. After him, Kilauren gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Daisy Joan, on 18 June 1999. Daisy’s father is Edward Barrington and he is Kilauren’s ex-fiance.

Kilauren’s relationship status today, as of April 2023, was not known.

Kilauren Gibb Job: Is She A Model Or A Painter?

Kilauren grew in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills, where when she was teenager she started modelling. She was featured on the cover of Chatelaine magazine in November, 1983 and modeled through Paris and New York. And between times, she took courses at Harvard University and the University of Toronto.

As of March of 2006, Kilauren was studying desktop publishing at Toronto’s George Brown College. Later in 2010, she likely transitioned into painting as at the time she was among the featured artists at the inaugural Roots N’ Rails art and music festival in Brantford, Ontario.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kilauren Gibb Birthday?

Kilauren Gibb’s birthday is on February 19th and that makes her a Pisces.

  • Where Was Kilauren Gibb Born?

Kilauren Gibb was born in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills. There, she grew up attending private schools and dining in country clubs.

  • Does Kilauren Gibb Have Siblings?

Kilauren Gibb has a brother named David, who happens to be a Toronto advertising executive. On his LinkedIn, he also went around as an independent photography professional.

  • Is Kilauren Gibb On Instagram And Facebook?

Kilauren Gibb was not on Instagram and Facebook or other social media platforms as of 1 April 2023.

We did however see a fan account of hers on Twitter (@killerkilauren).

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