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Whitney Lewal Bio, Age, Job, Baby Daddy, Teen Mom UK

Whitney Lewal was 16 when she was pregnant. So, she applied to be on one of the spinoffs of 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom UK Next Generation, and had her journey covered on the show.

This Whitney Lewal Bio explores her life.

Whitney Lewal On Teen Mom UK Next Generation

Teen Mom UK Next Generation hit the screen on March 29, 2023, and it followed the lives of five teenage moms including Whitney Lewal.

As seen in the trailer, Whitney was prepping for her perfect birth. “I want like white noise. I want a white noise machine and then like the stars. Have you been in my bedroom when I had my star machine? It’s like a starry night type of thing and the lights are off,” she said.

Also, she wanted lavender scented incense burner because she wanted to be “calm” while giving birth.

For those of you new to the show, in 2022, MTV dismantled Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 and combined some of the cast members to create two new spinoff series Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and Teen Mom: Family Reunion. So, Teen Mom UK Next Generation is the continuation of the former spin-off. Its filming began in the summer of 2022 — partly locally with some scenes filmed in Burnham and Highbridge and some local cafes.

Other teen moms joining Whitney this season were Chloe, Ellie, Angel, and Isha.

Who Is Whitney Lewal Baby Daddy?

Whitney Lewal was still with her baby daddy in late 2022. She even gifted her shoe-fanatic partner Jordan 4s – Red Thunder, Nike Dunks Low-Pandas, and Gucci pursuit web sliders on his birthday in August of that year.

But sadly, we don’t know Whitney’s boyfriend’s name. All that’s revealed was that he is White and was present there when Whitney gave birth to their son.

Also, it seems Whitney’s baby daddy was close to her mother as well.

Now, talking about their son, Khalil Tawana Ahmed was born on September 29, 2022 — exactly four months after the gender reveal party. And surprisingly, he’s already on Instagram @khalil.maspi and has grown up so fast.

Recalling her pregnancy experience, Whitney shared that it was “really uncomfortable” because she couldn’t usually do what she was able to. But she wasn’t scared one bit for the baby to come out. “I’m way too chill for my own comfort. I’m just like whatever happens, happens because, at the end of the day, baby’s gotta come out one way or another,” she explained.

The hardest thing for Whitney about being a first-time mom was living up to the expectation she had whilst you were pregnant, For instance, she thought, “Oh, the first few months I wanna be breastfeeding completely” but then she transitioned to the bottle. “It’s nothing like what you think it’s gonna be like until you’ve actually given birth,” she added.

As for the moment she first realized she was actually responsible for someone else as mum was when her baby was getting his first set of jabs. “Heading his cry made me realize ‘Oh my God, I love this little boy so much.’ Like I’m going to do everything I can to protect him and make him ok,” she said.

Whitney Lewal Age

Whitney Lewal was 17 years of age when she appeared on Teen Mom UK Next Generation in 2023.

However, she would be 18 before the show ends.

Did you know: Whitney’s full name is Rufaro Whitney Aisha.

Who Are Whitney Lewal Parents?

Whitney Lewal didn’t seem to have a good relationship with her parents. But while her father was nowhere to be seen, her mother Miss Blue did stay by her side during her pregnancy journey. Infact, the mother-daughter mended their relationship, thanks to the pregnancy.

“My daughter asked me to record everything till placenta was out so she could see afterward! After that, my daughter apologized for being mean and horrible to me at times. She learned her lessons and even our relationship has got a lot much better than before,” Miss Blue said.

Find MissBlue on FB @MissBlue 263. She turned 42 on October 17, 2022.

As for Whitney’s sibling, she has a little brother named Andrea Jeremiah (AJ). She says that he has “sticky fingers.” You may have seen him on the show alongside her mother.

Whitney Lewal Job

Whitney Lewal is an Aspiring influencer and a resume creator. She charges for services like looking over CVs, creating CVs and Cover Letters, etc.

Also, she makes money just talking to new people on an app. Infact, she just made £500 in the first week of March via the app.

And not to mention, she’s open for paid sponsorships for promotions.

Whitney Lewal Height

Whitney Lewal stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include — brown eyes, a healthy body, and long dark hair she likes to braid.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Whitney Lewal Birthday?

Whitney receives her birthday wishes on April 7 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Whitney Lewal From?

Whitney hails from Portsmouth, England.

  • Is Whitney Lewal On TikTok And Instagram?

In April 2023, Whitney entertained 29.3K followers on TikTok @whitneymas and 6.6K on Instagram @aishamasok.

Also, here’s her Youtube @aishamaso and Snapchat @whitnelawal.

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