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Kimberly Bailey Ex-Husband: Who Is Adam Duckett?

Christmas Cookie Challenge returned on Food Network for its sixth installment, in November 2022, reminding us all that it’s almost Christmas. We were thus introduced to Eddie Jackson reprising his role as host, lead judge Ree Drummond, and a supporting panel of other chef judges including Kimberly Bailey.

Kimberly, the returning judge on the show, is a baker, cake artist, and owner of The Butter End Cakery in Los Angeles. So much has happened in her life, since she moved from New York to Los Angeles in 2008 after she was diagnosed with cancer. She got married and perhaps also eventually separated because now, in 2022, she decided to go as ‘single’ again on Facebook. Now, let’s look at whom it was that she was married to.

Meet Adam Duckett, Baker Kimberly Bailey’s Ex-Husband

Until not long ago, Kimberly Bailey still appeared to be married to Adam Duckett. But, by this time in November 2022, people, mostly her fans believed that she is no longer married. Also, at the time time of this writing, Kimberly’s relationship status on Facebook was marked as ‘single’. Yet, of course, we also noticed that she still had not updated her profile picture on Facebook, a picture of her and Adam. Also, until June 2020, she was wishing Adam a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ while calling him the best of the best in being one.

Considering all this, we can not confirmingly say that Adam Duckett is Kimberly’s ex-husband.

On 18 January 2021, Kimberly announced on Facebook that a new baby is on the way. She shared that she and Adam are “pretty darn happy” as they will be joined by their son in August of that year. Apparently, Kimberly also opened up at the time that her baby is “in another oven” implying that a surrogate was carrying their child.

Before this, the couple welcomed daughter Bailey Duckett on 3 July 2018. They were awestruck at the time as they thought they were seeing the most beautiful creature on planet earth.

Kimberly has been open that along with her hair and breasts, cancer also took away her fertility. With Bailey, she was only able to carry her because of IVF, and Dr. Greg Rosen. Every now and then she gets emotional about how her daughter was the result of an angel “who harvested her eggs for us and Adam’s juju bees”. So, when she was pregnant with Bailey, she shared, that she carried her at 48 years old with a perfect and easy pregnancy.

Adam only also has a son named William from his relationship before Kimberly. He seemed to be a 6 or a 7-year-old by 2016. This also seems to be the year Adam and Kimberly met or started romancing. Because around this time, Kimberly took to her Facebook a lovely picture of her and Adam, and next to it wrote — “Yup. It happened. Found my angel!”. On top of all, by September 2015, Adam’s marital status was ‘divorced’.

Adam Duckett Age

Because Adam Duckett was born in 1965, he turned 57 years old in 2022.

Adam Duckett Job

Adam Duckett is not just a bike racing enthusiast. He actually practiced a career as a sidecar driver and swinger for a few years. Between 2015 and 2018, he also bested several professional achievements. The latest one would be coming in fourth place in Sidecar Last Chance in Costa Mesa in 2018. His profile on also tells us that he started speedway in 2015. As for his reason to race speedway, there was ‘speed and dirt’ mentioned.

Another full-time career that Adam practiced over the years should be that of a business owner. So, he was mostly self-employed in his career.

As for his education, we can only tell you that he also went to Paraparaumu College in New Zealand.

Did You Know: Kimberly has also ridden a couple of tracks as a Sidecar Swinger to Adam. She did this several times in 2016. Her reason for starting Speedway, in April 2016, was for competitive fun and an adrenaline rush. In her profile on, from that time, her relationship status is marked ‘single’ So, putting two and two together, it appears that she and Adam bonded around that time while speed racing and soon got married.

Is Adam Duckett On Instagram?

Adam Duckett could be found on Instagram @sidecarduckett. But, this account included no post as of 24 November 2022.

He was also on Facebook. But, even here he chose not to disclose the details of his life. He only rarely showed glimpses of his expensive exotic bikes. Among many other bikes, Adam has had the pleasure to also ride the Suzuki 2001 GSXR 1000 model.

Adam Duckett Height

Adam Duckett stands around 5 feet and 10 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Adam Duckett Born?

Adam Duckett was born in Wellington, New Zealand. Although as of 2022, he had been calling Palos Verdes Estates, California his home.

Adam was still a New Zealand citizen until November 2016. Kimberly, his wife at the time, revolted in a Facebook writing “At least Adam is an NZ citizen and we can go live there for four years. I’m so incredibly disgusted with the people in this country right now. Has everyone lost their minds?”

  • When Is Adam Duckett’s Birthday?

Adam Duckett’s birthday is on October 6th and that makes him a Libra.

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