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Meet Karin Prothero, Rehab Addict Bobby Prothero Wife!

Bobby Prothero is a household name among HGTV viewers. They remember him as the lead contractor in Rehab Addict. He worked with Ryan Sawtelle and Nicole Curtis on several seasons of the show. Fans have loved seeing Nicole and Bobby become like family, after knowing each other for years. So, in 2022, Bobby returned again to screens alongside Nicole on the HGTV spin-off series Rehab Addict Rescue. We meanwhile thought this to be just the right time to tell you all about his wife Karin Prothero.

Meet Karin Prothero, Rehab Addict Star Bobby Prothero’s Wife

Rehab Addict star Bobby Prothero met beautiful and then much young Karin Prothero before 1997. More than 25 years later and he still believes she is the love of his life.

Going back into memory lane, Bobby often gets overwhelmed and writes on his social media things like — he can not believe how Karin has kept him around this long.

Through this very aged companionship, both of them have been grateful for each other, for their kids, and for their whole family.

For the past decade and more, the two have made it a tradition to go out to dinner, around Christmas to reflect and talk to each other about what they are grateful for.

Their wedding which the world does not know much of transpired in April 2012.

Bobby And Karin Prothero Kids

Bobby and Karin’s family includes two children, Marley and Jay. There was also Tessa, their eldest. Tessa, born in 2008, is no more.

Tessa would have been 14 on 25 February 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

The world knew about Tessa in 2016 when Rehab Addict Season 7 aired. The team dedicated the last two episodes to her as she was battling pediatric cancer. Next year on June 17th she passed away at the age of 9. By this time, she had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma for almost four years.

Late Tessa loved to dance and attended Upton Elementary School. She was only in Kindergarten when she was diagnosed.

Bobby’s costar-turned-friend Nicole also shared a special bond with his Tessa. After Tessa was gone, the mother of two sons she has two boys but Tessa was like her daughter. She said rewatching Tessa’s death on Rehab Addict was really hard. In February 2019, in memory of Tessa of course, the HGTV star even cut off a foot of her hair to raise money for children with hair loss due to cancer or other medical conditions.

Bobby and Karin also remember Tessa whenever they can. They use their accounts to reflect on their time with her and several photos of them on each anniversary of her death.

Their other daughter Marley was born in 2013. Three years later Jay followed.

Karin Prothero Age

In 2022 as Karin Prothero celebrated her birthday, her husband teased her he can not believe this “hot mom” of his kids is only 32. Of course, that is not her real age despite looking so young.

She was instead born in 1980 and that made her 42 years old in 2022.

Karin Prothero Job

Karin Prothero worked at Love Team Tessa, an organization supporting multiple medical research organizations in Royal Oak, Michigan founded after her daughter Tessa. They claim their mission is for funding pediatric cancer and providing support to families affected by pediatric cancer.

So, with her daughter’s story and fierce love of life, she aims to inspire others to be better, stronger, and kinder.

Team Tessa was on Instagram @loveteamtessa with 1.46K followers and on Facebook with 16K followers, so far.

Like Karin, her husband also has become an advocate for childhood cancer. It is really amazing how this couple together has honored their child with this charity.

What Is Karin Prothero Maiden Name?

Karin’s maiden name is Karin Sroka. She is very rarely known by this name.

Karin Prothero Family

Karin Prothero’s mother is Peggy Searle Sroka Allen. She grew up in DuBois, Pennsylvania, but moved to the Detroit area in 1968. She lived in Huntington Woods, Michigan. There she raised her daughters, Karin and Lindsey while working at the 45-District Court from 1980 until 2001. In 1994, she married Bill Allen (Karin’s stepdad) who was a Lieutenant with the Huntington Woods Public Safety Department. In 2001 both retired and moved to Melbourne Beach, Florida. The next year, Karin’s mother went back to work for the State of Florida, State Attorney’s Office. As of 2022, she should be staying around Melbourne Beach, Florida.

The matriarch also mentioned a relative (her sister-in-law) B Jo Allen Accordino as one of her relations, on Facebook.

As for siblings, Karin has a sister only. She is Lindsey Armbrustmacher of Brighton, Michigan. By 2022, she was married to Eric Armbrustmacher, with beautiful kids. While Lindsey turned 45 in July 2022, her husband reached the age of 51 in June of that same year. They got married on 21 May 2011. About Eric, we could also tell that he studied at Central Michigan University and before that went to Lansing Catholic High School.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Karin Prothero’s Birthday?

Karin Prothero’s birthday is on May 23rd and that makes her a Gemini.

  • Where Is Karin Prothero From?

Karin Prothero was born and bred in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

As of 2022, she was staying in Royal Oak, Michigan with her family.

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