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Kirra Hughes Bio, Today, Weight Loss, Hunter Moore GF

Did you know what allegedly got Hunter Moore to start the revenge-p*rn site Is Anyone Up? You probably guessed it right, a broken heart. He was 15 years old at the time when he suffered his first heartbreak, which he framed as a pivotal moment in his development. Before Hunter’s arrest, he was with another girl, her name was Kirra Hughes.

So, is Kirra Hughes still with Hunter Moore? How old is she? What does she do? Where is she today? Let’s explore the details.

Meet Kirra Hughes, Hunter Moore GF (Ex)

People who followed the life of Hunter Moore’s girlfriend, Kirra Hughes, for the first time when he was featured in Rolling Stones. Hunter took the interviewer to have dinner with Kirra before they headed to a party he was throwing.

The interviewer wrote in the article, “It may strain credulity to think that any young woman would submit her heart to one to whom so many others submit quite different parts of their anatomy, and I was fully prepared for this purported girlfriend to never quite materialize. But I was wrong”.

At the time, it was 2012, and Hunter and Kirra gave off the girlfriend-boyfriend vibe. They called each other “babe”. Hunter tells his girlfriend “I love you” when they hang up the phone or separate ways in the distracted, automatic manner of someone who says it to her frequently. They haven’t had se* in a very long time, despite Kirra’s allure as a blond s*x kitten.

Hunter believed at the time that it wasn’t fair to be having s*x with Kirra and strangers at the same time, even if he was aware that having casual, meaningless s*x was part of his job description. As long as Kirra doesn’t have to hear about it, Kirra lets Hunter do as he pleased.

Kirra and Hunter reportedly met each other at a party Hunter threw. As she was about to leave, he approached her, and there was an instant attraction. Kirra claims that Hunter asked her out the very next day after the two started dating. She said he was ambitious but impatient on the show. When Hunter first mentioned the website to Kirra, the latter recollected finding it weird and unable to fully comprehend what was going on. But Hunter’s actions also brought about a lot of difficulties.

Kirra learned about his website when they began dating. She revealed on the show that at the time, she refused to acknowledge that he was doing anything wrong.

Years into their relationship, Kirra found scores of people pleading with her to persuade Hunter to take their pictures off of his website or threatening her when she checked her Facebook message requests.

When Kirra was 22 years old, Kirra purchased a one-way ticket to New York, leaving Hunter behind. She claimed that learning about these messages was the turning point in her life.

What Is Kirra Hughes Doing Today?

Today, Hughes works as a scenic prop designer and model in Brooklyn, NY. She has not posted anything regarding Netflix’s new documentary in which she features.

Kirra learned that Hunter had been searched while she was at school. She claimed that his mother had called and was on the line “crying”. Kirra claimed that his mother didn’t comprehend what was happening. Later on, Hunter got in touch with Kirra. She claimed that she could “hear it in his voice” and that he was terrified.

“I refused to believe that what he was doing was wrong. For people. who have been in love or that crazy first feeling, I was holding onto that so hard,” Kirra shared in episode 3.

As for her relationship, Kirra dated her musician/model boyfriend Spencer Draeger. They met at Goldie’s, a local bar they’d both go to regularly. She told Ponyboy, “It was a crowded night. He was in the back corner sitting at the bar with a little space next to him. I squeezed my way through the crowd. Made fun of him for drinking a pineapple cider, which turned into a good 5 hours of drinking and talking, and a piggyback ride back to his place”.

The couple was also photographed for a Kooples campaign.

During the time of COVID-19, Kirra moved with her boyfriend a couple of months before the pandemic hit and they were put on lockdown. While many relationships faced issues during that time they made their relationship grow. They also worked together on various ideas being creative people.

Kirra Hughes Age

Reportedly born in January 1991, Kirra Hughes turned 31 years old in 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 17 January.

Kirra Hughes Weight Loss

Kirra Hughes allegedly suffered from Anorexia which led to her significant weight loss. But, she appears to be doing well right now and is reportedly in good health.

Is Kirra Hughes On Instagram?

Yes, Kirra Hughes is on Instagram (@middakidda).

Kirra Hughes Family

Kirra Hughes is half-Mexican and half-Welsh. Growing up, she was independent but got into a lot of trouble. Speaking with Ponyboy, she added about her family, “I was the black sheep in a family of surfers. Definitely not an easy kid to raise, props to my parents for putting up with my crazy ass”.

“I was a hurricane, troublemaker, rule breaker, you name it,” she says of her youth in a 2021 interview. Kirra added, “I wasn’t an easy kid to raise, just thinking about it scares me. I will never understand how my parents put up with me. That amount of patience deserves a medal. The amount of appreciation I have for them is indescribable”.

She featured her mom on her IG back in June 2018.

Kirra Hughes Job Now

Kirra Hughes is a model, muse, and iconic Brooklyn, NY, based, scenic prop designer. As a model, she has done shoots with several magazines such as Ponyboy, Fashion Grunge, and SS Mothership among others. Speaking with Photobook Magazine, Kirra shared that whenever she is passionate about certain ideas she pursues it.

Kirra added, “It’s an adrenaline rush for me to challenge myself. I’ve always been a creative person, and I knew my life would head in that direction. Seeing how far I’ve come is a very bizarre feeling. I never really think about anything I do as work or what it looks like to others until it’s brought up”.

More about her modeling gig, she added, “To me, I’m just doing what I love to do. And when it comes to modeling and being called a model I never look at it as modeling. I just see it as an opportunity to do/show something new. Another creative opportunity”.

Kirra completed her high school in San Diego but moved to San Francisco to attend school in Fashion Design. She studied color theory, fashion illustration, interior design, and more. But, her love for art and creating other random things began to overpower the idea of becoming a lingerie designer.

Kirra said, “I have learned and taught myself how to create/do so many things, frequently called being a ‘jack of all trades.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kirra Hughes From?

Kirra Hughes was born and raised in Encinitas, a small beach town in California.

  • Does Kirra Hughes Appear On Netflix’s The Most Hated Man On The Internet?

Nobody wants to be known as “Hunter Moore’s ex-girlfriend,”, especially in light of the success of the Netflix documentary The Most Hated Man on the Internet. The “king of revenge p*rn” who devastated many lives with his website Is Anyone Up? [dot] com during the early 2010s was still his ex-girlfriend, Kirra Hughes, who took part in the show.

Speaking in the show she shared, “I feel ashamed and upset, I just wish I had known better at the time. One of my biggest regrets is not speaking up when I had a voice”.

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