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Kit Frederiksen Bio, Perdita Weeks, Job, Ben Feldman

Before we start this “Kit Frederiksen Bio,” let us remind you that this person doesn’t exist. He was just an imaginary husband that some (Magnum P.I. star) Perdita Weeks’ fans incarnated in their head.

So, how did he come into existence? Is he and Ben Feldman the same person? What was Perdita’s imaginary husband’s job? Find answers as you scroll down below.

Meet Kit Frederiksen, Perdita Weeks “Husband”

The name Kit Frederiksen always came related to Perdita Weeks for as long as we can remember. Even Perdita’s Wikipedia page (where they’ve portrayed Kit as an actor) mentioned that the two got married in 2012.

Furthermore, some outlets even shared that the pair shared two children. What more reason would a fan need to believe that Kit was Perdita’s husband.

So, as things escalated, Perdita then took it to her Twitter on April 8, 2019, to confirm that these reports of a husband and children were indeed false. 

“When you have to spend your Monday morning reporting the myriad false mentions on the internet of your “husband” and “children”. You’d think I would remember getting married and birthing twin boys… #oldfakenews,” her tweet read.

Are Kit Frederiksen And Ben Feldman The Same Person?

No, Kit Frederiksen and Ben Feldman aren’t the same people. Though many sites put up Ben’s picture over Kit Frederiksen-related topics, they are simply misusing the internet.

Speculating the whole thing, this hoax initially could have started after Perdita Weeks and Ben Feldman did a movie together called As Above, So Below in 2014 — where the two play each other’s love interests. Some fans then spread up a massive rumor that Perdita got married to a guy named Kit, and ironically enough around the same time that Ben himself got married.

So, unable to find “Kit Frederiksen” pictures, the majority of the sites just put Ben’s shots with Perdita from the movie or the interviews. And since Ben wasn’t that well known in the UK, many believed that he was Kit.

If you’re interested to learn more about Ben, well, he’s an actor from Maryland who played the role of “Michael Ginsberg” on the Emmy-nominated television show Mad Men. Also, he has appeared in over 40 movies and Tv shows including Monsters at Work (2021), Superstore (2021), Big Hero 6: The Series (2019), Silicon Valley (2019), A to Z (2015), and many more.

Talking about his love life, Ben married his girlfriend of 7 years Michelle Mulitz in October 2013 and went on to have a son named Charlie 4 years later. He might be happy as a mule now but initially, he was always skeptical about marriage — “and my parents did a great job instilling that skepticism in me,” he shared.

It seems that Ben’s mom has been divorced three times. “I always thought it was this antiquated thing. Eventually, I stopped caring that I thought marriage was ridiculous,” Ben explained.

This actor also owned a wine label named “Angelica Cellars.”

Kit Frederiksen Job: What Does Kit Frederiksen Do For A Living?

Perdita Weeks’s “husband Kit Frederiksen” was thought to be an actor by most. Well, given Perdita’s involvement with the entertainment industry, it was indeed a clever way to fool everyone.

As of 2021, Perdita has worked in over 30 movies and TV shows, and her latest then was as “Juliet Higgins” in Magnum P.I. season 4. Over the CBS action-adventure series, Perdita’s character first fell in love with Dr. Ethan Shah (portrayed by Jay Ali) by the end of season 3, the two’s relationship hit a snag.

Moreover, in the early episodes of Magnum P.I. season 4, Juliet comes back to Hawaii, and she and her partner Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) were back together again, fighting the bad guys and solving cases. Hinting Juliet and Dr. Ethan could have separated or been in a long-distance relationship.

Some of Perdita’s other remarkable works include — Catriona Hartdegen in Penny Dreadful (2016), Vanessa Hammond in Rebellion (2016), Lady Georgiana Grex in Titanic (2012), Eliza Meyer in The Promise (2011), Mary Boleyn in The Tudors (2007), and many more.

Kit Frederiksen Age

Kit Frederiksen was thought to be around the same age as Perdita Weeks who was 35 in 2021.

She was born on December 25, 1985, and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kit Frederiksen From?

Kit Frederiksen was assumed to be from England. 

Likewise, Perdita hails from Cardiff, Wales where she attended Roedean School and went to art history student at the Courtauld Institute, London.

  • How Tall Is Kit Frederiksen?

Since many believed that Kit and Ben Feldman were the same people, their height was compared. So, that would make Kit of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm).

  • Is Kit Frederiksen On Instagram, Facebook?

No, Kit wasn’t present on Instagram or Facebook.

For those of you confused, @frederiksen_kit isn’t his IG.

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