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Hadleigh Painter Bio, Net Worth, Family, Age, Boyfriend

Meet Hadleigh Painter, a young lotto winner who was featured on HGTV’s show “My Lottery Dream Home.”

The show is based on the theme that the lottery winners big or small are featured on the network’s show where they scour through houses and settle for a dream home that they had never believed they could afford. So, who is the new lottery winner client the host of the show will help to find her dream home?

We’ve put together this Hadleigh Painter Bio that covers information on her family, her net worth, her age, and information related to her boyfriend.

Hadleigh Painter On My Lottery Dream Home

HGTV’s “My Lottery Dream Home” is back again for a new season. This season is about young lotto winner Hadleigh Painter who won a scratch card that paid her $25 thousand for a lifetime. Instead, she decided to take a lump sum amount of $390,000 in the lottery. She is looking for her dream home for her sister and her mother to live and she arrived on the show with a budget of $550,000.

The one who will be assisting her is the host of the show David Bromstad. He has been involved in the business since 2015 and has perfected his skills also as an interior designer. He has hosted 11 glorious seasons of the show.

David told, “It’s an incredible feeling for me to show them properties they never dreamed they could afford. It’s like I’m living the fantasy life with them.” His new client is searching for her dream home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So, what exactly does this young lotto winner has in mind?

Her wishlist includes a large kitchen, three bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, and an outdoor living space. David showcased her several homes and the one in Rosecliff, a residential area in Charlotte caught her attention. The $548,000 house had a five-bedroom, a three-bathroom house may be at the edge of her budget, but Hadleigh found her dream home.

Moreover, no extra maintenance was required so extra bucks were saved for the family. The kitchen was roomy, an entire space for the burgeoning gaming career of Hadleigh, and her sister can pursue her passion for baking, the sisters eventually found what they were looking for.

Update By Hadleigh: I won 25k per year for life, I took the cash option which was 500k with a cash value of 390k and after taxes was left with 275k. (I donated 10% of this money, 27k, and used the rest as the down payment on the house).

How Much Is Hadleigh Painter Net Worth?

The reported net worth of Hadleigh Painter is $500k. But, her thriving career as a gamer and streamer will eventually add up to her current net worth.

Hadleigh is a graduate of Ardery Kell High School. She graduated high school in 2017. While in high school, she played track & field. She competed in events such as Pole Vault and 400 Meter Dash and also ran 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles.

After high school, Hadleigh enrolled at Pitt Community College where she studied for only a year. Starting in 2018, she transferred to East Carolina University and graduated in 2021 with a 4.0 GPA in Religious Studies and Hispanic Studies with a minor in Communications.

Haleigh’s LinkedIn states she worked as a Counselor for My Farm Camps from 2013-2017. While working there for nearly four and a half years, she managed staff, campers, animals, and supplies. She also worked for El Vallarta Mexican Restaurant as a waitress for three months in 2017.

Moreover, she also worked as a Hostess for Stilllife Nightclub in August 2017.

Moreover, Hadleigh also joined REIN Leadership as an associate director. She helped create a horse therapy program through REIN Leadership. Their work was to work with at-risk youth in Charlotte among our other facets of connecting and empowering with this population.

She has also done some gigs as a nanny. Outside of that, Hadleigh is also a model who is currently signed to Carolina Talent starting from 2009.

Hadleigh also did a few volunteer work organizations such as Elevation Church, Samaritan’s Feet International, Urban Ministry Center, AMEXICAN, Reign Leadership, and a few other organizations. She has also been reaching out to followers on social media and helping promote positivity and encouragement to others.

She has been working closely with Girls On The Run. According to their website, her motto is, “Be the light. Lead the way with kindness, compassion, understanding, and generosity.” Something she learned working with “Girls on the Run.”

Update: Since her winning, Hadleigh has worked as a server at Cafe Monte. She is now seeking new opportunities and also started working at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants since 2022.

Hadleigh Painter Family

Hadleigh Patiner is born to her mother Pam E. Painter and her father Derek Painter. She was born in Anderson SC, lived in Richmond VA from 8 months to 4 years, and then moved to Charlotte where she grew up.

Very little is known about her mother and Hadleigh has exclusively revealed to us “My mom has always been the most supportive individual in my life, no matter what my goal at the moment was. Hence why I co-bought the house for her so this can eventually be her forever home and I will pull equity out eventually and buy my own home. Not enough can be said about the importance of my mom’s role in my life, however she does like privacy. Additionally I am very close with my mom’s side of the family.”

She is also close to her father. The aspiring gamer has tweeted about her father a few times. She flaunted the gifts and flowers from her father in her tweets.

As already stated, Hadleigh also has a sister named Nicole Painter.

Does Hadleigh Painter Have A Boyfriend?

To make it short, no Hadleigh Painter doesn’t have a boyfriend. Or, in other words, she is single, according to her relationship status on her Facebook. But, it’s not like she doesn’t believe in relationships or never wished she had a boyfriend.

Hadleigh has made tweets related to boyfriends a few times on her socials. In April 2012, she posted, “It would be amazing if I had a boyfriend who called me every night and said 5 easy words: night beautiful I love you.” Furthermore, in September 2013, she quoted Marina and the Diamonds and tweeted, “Every boyfriend is the one until otherwise proven.”

Whereas, in February 2014, Hadleigh became a little bit realistic and tweeted, “Every boyfriend can be the one until the truth comes out.”

Recently in March 2021, Hadleigh made it clear to her followers that she was single through her Twitter. She wrote, “single btw.”

Update: About boyfriend situation, Hadleight clarified in 2023, “I do not have a boyfriend, nor am looking for one. To be honest I don’t have the time or energy. My time is made up of work, gaming, cosplaying and hanging out with my cat Yuki. However, as several people have reminded me, the right one comes along when you’re not looking.”

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Hadleigh Painter?

Hadleigh Painter celebrates her birthday every year on 8 January. She was 22 years old when the show was filmed. She won the lottery when she was 21.

  • How Tall Is Hadleigh Painter?

The blonde-beauty, Hadleigh Painter stands tall to the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

  • Is Hadleigh Painter On TikTok?

Yes, Hadleigh Painter is available on various social media platforms. Her TikTok handle is (@hadleighpainter). Likewise, she is also on other social media platforms like Instagram (@hadleighpainter or @morehadleigh), Twitter (@HadleighPainter ), YouTube (vintagemod99), Pinterest (@hadleighpainter), and Facebook (@hadleigh.painter).

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