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Kkang Mi Bio, Age, Husband, Instagram, Height, Physical 100

Meet Kkang Mi, the star of Physical 100. Is she married? Does she have a husband? How old is she now?

This article tackles all these questions below as you keep on scrolling down.

Kkang Mi On Netflix’s Physical 100

KKangmi Mi whose real name is Kang Eun Mi is one of the females competing on Netflix’s Physical 100.

Physical 100 is Netflix’s first Korean survival show. On January 24, the first two episodes on the streaming service were released, and a lot of viewers tuned in to see what it was all about. If the top 10 TV shows on Netflix are any indication, Physical: 100 is doing very well. It is currently at No. 7 and doesn’t appear to be dropping off any time soon as of Jan. 26.

Jang Ho-gi is the creator of the reality competition program Physical: 100. There are nine episodes altogether, and each Tuesday, two new episodes are released on Netflix. The program follows 100 competitors with varying ages, genders, and physical characteristics. They engage in intense competition with one another to demonstrate their physical prowess and for the chance to claim the title of “most perfect physique.”

Of course, the winner will also receive a 300,000,000 (WON) cash prize. The cast includes members of the national team, weight lifters, actresses, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV personalities, MMA fighters, and others from a variety of professions. In fact, you might be able to identify a few of the competitors.

Fun Fact: Kkang Mi promoted her fellow contestant Kim Kyung-jin’s Body Farmer business via her IG post in June 2022. Her caption read, “wow!! Thank you so much for the body farmer!! Please send it to Kkangmi too, who worked really hard on it. đŸ„č I’m impressed. How did sweet pumpkins and sweet potatoes look so pretty?! Also 👍 @momjjangnongbu #Farmer with a good body #Really #A good relationship #Thank you #Jeonnam #Jeonnam Haenam #Haenam #Sweet Potato #Sweet Pumpkin #Agricultural products.”

Kkang Mi Job

Kkang Mi has many jobs. She works in security, takes classes at University, and makes content on YouTube. She served eight years in the 707th Special Missions Group under the Special Warfare Command. Now, she is also currently working as a sergeant first class reservist.

Kkang Mi has participated in several TV shows for SBS such as Law of the Jungle and Life Master. So we can tell that she loves to stay active and take on challenges. Along with that, she gained popularity on social media.

Her YouTube Channel (@@kkang_raider) currently has 132K subscribers. She uploaded her first video in March 2020. Since then, she has been posting diverse content. On her YouTube, she has been teaching the skills that she learned while serving in the military. She also posted challenges for her followers to perform.

Some of her recent videos have been about reacting to The Soldiers review.

Fun Fact: Kkang has also been interviewed for HIM Magazine. In August 2002, she participated in a Celebrity Female Baseball competition.

Is Kkang Mi On Instagram?

Yes, Kkang Mi is on Instagram (@kkang_raider) and TikTok (@ggang_raider).

Kkang Mi Age

In May 2022, Kkang Mi turned 34 years old. She was born in 1988.

Kkang Mi Husband

Kkang Mi is currently single, per her social media posts. She has an abundance of posts on her Instagram. However, she intends to keep her dating life out of it. In April 2022, Kkang posted about going on a date. She wrote, “One spring day đŸ„°
It was a very fun date @young__ho The video is uploaded on Youngho Seol’s YouTube channel 😆😆 #Spring #Date #Punch #Jong #SeolYoungho #CoolMan  #KangRaider #YouTube #YouTuber.”

However, there are no other follow-up posts whether they were an actual couple or not. But, in May 2022, she posted a pic of the two and captioned the post, “Seol Young-ho! Get well soon!! What is this all of a sudden? @young__ho #Wake up #Wake up #Wake up #Wake up your feet #Wake up on your bones #Be good at rehab #Seol Young- ho #Fighter #Raider.”

Back in April 2020, she made a video about “Introducing Kangmi Boyfriend“. Rather than her boyfriend, it was actually about her dog.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kkang Mi From?

Kkang is originally from Daehang. Her parents ran a restaurant there but moved to Geumpyeong in October 2022.

  • When Is Kkang Mi Birthday?

KKang Mi celebrates her birthday on 4 May.

  • How Tall Is Kkang Mi?

Kkang Mi’s height is around 5’6”.

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