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Lyndall Grace [MAFS] Bio, Age, Height, Family, Job

When the world gives you a second chance at life, you live it to the fullest! Take a look at the MAFS star Lyndall Grace. Initially expected to live only until her early 30s, Lyndall now hopes to add another 4 decades to her life and wants to spend it alongside a loving husband.

This Lyndall Grace [MAFS] Bio explores everything you should know about this Australian survivor.

MAFS Australia: Are Lyndall Grace And Cameron Woods Still Together?

Lyndall Grace and Cameron Woods kept their relationship status a secret in 2023. Well, given they signed an NDA and MAFS Australia season 10 was still ongoing, it only made sense that they didn’t hand out any spoilers.

However, based on Lyndall’s IG posts about her time in MAFS, it’s we can tell that she was the happiest with Cameron. 

“Crying, screaming, throwing up. I can finally see what my future looks like, and I can’t wait to find someone to share that with #MAFS,” she wrote in a post.

Also, sharing a pic from their wedding day, she captioned the post, “The perfect day.”

But with that being said, her happiness can also come from the fact that she can now dream about getting married and having children. Finally free of major physical restrictions all her life, Lyndall has now become a risk-taker grabbing every moment by the horns and saying yes to big life decisions.

“Opinionated and fierce, Lyndall stands up for what she thinks is right and isn’t afraid of confrontation. She will always seek justice, no matter the cost. Lyndall wants to make up for a lost time, to experience everything that life and love have to offer… all the things she never thought she could one day enjoy,” her MAFS bio read.

For those of you interested, Cameron Woods is a Grafton, NSW native who’s passionate about traveling around Australia and capturing his journeys on his photography account. He is a carpenter by profession and has never had a girlfriend before Lyndall. So, he was a bit nervous to jump into the deep end with a stranger. But Lyndall’s optimism was all he needed to make that leap of faith and experience what he’d never experienced before.

Lyndall Grace Ex-Boyfriend

Lyndall dated her ex-boyfriend Travis and lived with him for years until she broke up with him in mid-2022.  Guess we know the reason why.

As of 2023, you can still find pictures of them on Lyndall’s IG.

Here’s Travis’ IG.

Lyndall Grace Age

Lyndall Grace was reportedly born in 1995. That made her 27 years of age when she appeared on MAFS Australia in 2023.

She is the same age as her MAFS husband Travis.

Lyndall Grace Family

Lyndall Grace comes from a family of at least four.

Amongst them, Lyndall seemed closest to her sister Jess @jesskgrace, mother Kelly Grace @kelgrace1, and their grandmother who turned 70 on September 8, 2019.

Also, Lyndall was close to her dad who was there to cheer for her on her graduation day.

What Is Lyndall Grace Illness?

Lyndall Grace was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis when she was three weeks old. It is a genetic disorder where the patient develops excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, airways, and digestive system.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for it. So, Lyndall has been living with the condition in fear her whole life. However, there’s now a new drug called Trikafta which significantly enhances the life expectancy of someone with CF. The only problem with it is that it’s expensive — costing between $250,000 to $300,000 a year.

Thankfully,  this changed for many when Trikafta was placed onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in March 2022 – bringing the cost down to $6.80 per script.

So, Lyndall is currently on Trikafta medication.

Within just three days of taking the medication, Lyndall said she had improvements in her health.“I noticed my voice came back fully, everything was coming up and clearing out, and now I wake up in the morning with a clear cough,” she explained.

Trivia: Though Lyndall has CF, she rarely got sick.

Lyndall Grace Height

Lyndall Grace stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Lyndall has blue eyes, an “X” tattoo on her arm, a Crow tattoo on her side, and an oblong face.

Lyndall Grace Job

Lyndall Grace is an accountant. In 2023, she was working as a graduate accountant at Zenith Energy Ltd for almost 2 years.

Prior to that, she was an Accountant at Macmahon for 2 years, Assistant Accountant at TMM Group for a year, a dispatcher at Marsue Transport for 5 months, and an Administration Assistant at Aussie Fluid Power for 3 years.

When Lyndall’s not at her job, Lyndall likes to pass the time singing, playing football, and traveling. In fact, she was a part of her school’s choir team despite her condition. Also, when she grew up, she played women’s football and roller hockey.

As for her education, she has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Curtin University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lyndall Grace Birthday?

Lyndall receives her birthday wishes on February 8 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Lyndall Grace From?

Lyndall hails from Western Australia. But she only moved to Brisbane, Queensland in March 2019.

  • How Much Is Lyndall Grace Net Worth?

By 2023, Lyndall garnered a net worth of under $400 thousand.

Reportedly, an average account (her job) in Australia made around AUD 92 thousand per annum.

  • Is Lyndall Grace On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @10dall.

Also, here’s her Facebook @ukuladylyndall.

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