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Kory Keefer Parents: Brian Keefer And Tracy Keefer

Added: The new season of Winter House when it premiered on 13 October 2022, featured several reality-show vets and plenty of newcomers to add to the drama. One of those newbies was Kory Keefer. He joined the line-up as Craig Conover’s best friend, who also happened to be his roomie through college. Friends for years, the duo decided to go on this show to get to experience the drama going down in Stowe, Vermont, together.

Also, Kory is a rookie on Winter House alongside Jessica Stocker. Meanwhile, Bravo viewers have been eager to find out more about him, about especially his parents.

Luckily, the rest of the writing is just that.

Who Are Kory Keefer’s Parents?

Kory Keefer belongs to a very beautiful family that includes his lovely parents and a few others. Let us tell you about each of them one step at a time.

Meet Kory Keefer’s Mother, Tracy Keefer

Kory is really fond of both his parents. As for his mother, Tracy Keefer, on her birthday, he took to his social media to tell the world that she is the most kind-hearted person he knows. He also gushed that he is very proud to call her his mom.

It is on the 11th of August that the matriarch celebrates her birthday.

  • Tracy Keefer Age

Born in 1964, Tracy Keefer reached the age of 58 in 2022.

  • Tracy Keefer Job

From what’s been cited on Facebook, Tracy Keefer had been working at Core 24 Gym in North Carolina as of 2022. This is apparently one of the brands that her son Kory owns.

Based on this LinkedIn of the same name that is likely Tracy’s, she should be a flight attendant at some American airlines.

Moreover, back in the day, Tracy went to Pinson Valley High School.

Also, don’t miss: Other than Core 24 Gym in North Carolina, Kory owns a media company called Culture V Clout. The latter, as they claim has a goal of filmmakers connecting people to brands through a visual experience.

Also, Kory combined these two businesses to work together, as Culture V Clout. The outcome is it oversees the media packages for his gym. Moreover, it has locations in Greenville and Seneca. Powerlifting, free weights, and cardio equipment are available at both places.

The media brand was launched in December 2021. While the vibey gym which features art all over its walls was inaugurated at least eight years ago, earning itself a 4.7-star average on Google Reviews.

At the same time, while becoming successful at building a brand. Kory also can do a backflip or two. Also, his other interests are fitness, art, and design, as well as cracking jokes in his IG captions.

  • Is Tracy Keefer On Instagram?

Tracy Keefer could be found on Instagram @smilin4chief with 60 posts and 441 followers as of 20 October 2022. But, at the time the account was kept private.

Meet Kory Keefer’s Father, Brian Keefer

Kory Keefer’s father, Brian Keefer also frequently appears on Kory’s social media. Then, at times, in the caption of his posts, he lovingly calls him his old man. And from these glimpses, one can tell they are pretty close.

  • Brian Keefer Age

Brian Keefer was born in July 1966. So, he reached the age of 56 in 2022.

  • Brian Keefer Job

As per LinkedIn, Brian Keefer was the pilot at AirTran Airways in Greater Atlanta Area. He had been serving as ‘captain 737’ at the airline from January 2002 until 2022.

  • Is Brian Blum On Instagram?

Brian Blum could be found on Instagram @chief737 with 243 posts and 238 followers at the time of this writing. This too was a private account as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Are Kory Keefer’s Parents Still Married?

Indeed! Kory Keefer’s parents were still married and together until the time of this writing (2022). Lately, on 24 September 2022, the folks “made 35” and celebrated with a mojito in Cancun. Meaning, the day marked their 35th marriage anniversary.

  • How Many Children Do Kory Keefer’s Parents Have?

Kory Keefer was not the only one born to his parents. They have a daughter as well. She is Karee Keefer White. On IG @kkwhite07, she is the former executive director of development – strategic relationships for institutes and director of parent philanthropy and engagement at Furman University, as well as one-time associate director of development at Clemson University. As for her age, she turned 34 in January 2022, and as of this time, she had been married to Wilson White and based around Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Where Do Kory Keefer’s Parents Reside?

Kory Keefer’s parents were inhabiting Seneca, South Carolina at the time of this writing. Apparently, this place was also where Kory was brought up in after he was born in Maryland. (Ambien Generic)

Growing up there during likely his teen years, he went to the same fraternity as fellow Winter House mate Craig, Kappa Sigma, at the College of Charleston.

Speaking of Kory’s Winter House journey, during the show, he also admitted that he is kind of pursuing all of the ladies especially when they are unaware of it. He was quickly considered the heartthrob of the house by a good number of viewers. In the meantime, soon after his arrival, Ciara already had taken a shine to him, claiming he is so attractive.


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