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Love Is Blind Cole Barnett Bio, Parents, Height, Ex

Blind Cole Barnett has always been the class clown of the group. And he doesn’t want anyone telling him to “tone it down,”, especially his girlfriend. So, to find someone who shares the same humor, the charming man joined Love Is Blind season 3.

Get to know him better as this Cole Barnett Bio proceeds.

Love Is Blind: Are Cole Barnett And Zanab Jaffrey Still Together?

Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey didn’t reveal if the two are still together. But from the looks of it, they must have tied the knot.

Over the pods, Cole first came across as a cocky, conceited, and demanding person who was immediately impressed by Colleen Reed being a “flexible” ballerina. However, as he met the flight attendant Zanab, the witty banter between them was essentially unwaveringly flawless. So, he decided to pursue Zanab instead.

Thus, the two opened up to each other about their past as well as personal experiences. From their travel experiences to their family lives to Cole’s previous marriage, the pair were open about everything. Eventually, they realized they not only made one another laugh but also shared similar beliefs, values, and intentions.

The lovebirds then agreed to fly to Malibu for their romantic getaway. And during their trip, they argued. (Tramadol)

“There’s been a disconnect for me. There’s been a ‘holy crap; you’re not what I had pictured.’ This is different. I have to reconnect that person in the pods to the person who’s in my bedroom now,” Cole said after the fight.

But with that being said, Cole and Zanab were actually able to consistently remember the reason they fell in love in the first place — all the while working through their differences in a calm manner.

So, it’s almost certain the duo tied the knot.

Recalling his time on Love Is Blind, Cole shared that it was a “unique experience” that took him on a roller coaster of emotions he didn’t know was possible. “You’re forced to think hard about what you’re looking for in a partner while also thinking hard about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s a hyperbolic time chamber of love,” he added.

Who Is Cole Barnett Ex?

Cole Barnett previously tied the knot with his ex-wife Catey Benson. Per The Knot, they exchanged their wedding vows on 23 June 2019. However, that’s all the information currently available about Cole Barnett’s ex-wife.

Cole Barnett Age

Cole Barnett was 27 years of age when he appeared in the Love Is Blind season in 2022.

He is 5 years younger than Zanab.

Cole Barnett Parents

Cole Barnett was born to his parents, Kelly W and Chrystal M Barnett. They were born in Oct 1969 and Jun 1969 respectively.

As for his sibling, Cole has a sister named Kaylee Boyd. She married Seth Boyd.on December 2017, and together, they share a baby girl.

Other family members of Cole include — Bertha Barnett (grandmother), Kenneth Wayne Barnett (grandfather, who passed away on  January 20, 2021, at the age of 81), and Uncle and aunts — JL Barnett, Ruby (Dean) Ivey, Keith (Karen) Barnett, Karol (Marty) Smith, Kyle (Karyn) Barnett, Kelvin (Anita) Barnett, and Kenric (Ella) Barnett,

Since  Zanab lost both her parents while she was just a teen — her father at 13 and her mother at 18 — so loved the fact that Cole hails from a close-knit. Furthermore, a God-loving family was hence a massive plus for her.

Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett?

No, Cole Barnett isn’t related to the Love Is Blind season 1 star Matt Barnett.

In case this brings back memories, Matt Barnett and Amber Pike are still married (as of 2022).

“I have been nothing less than blessed to find a partner that looks at life the same way that I do, as an adventure meant to be lived out instead of just dreamt about. We have a full life that we get to share with each other and our family and friends, and if we had nothing else at the end of the day besides that, I would still say we have a life that’s good,” Amber shared.

Cole Barnett Job

Cole Barnett is a realtor. 

After graduating from King’s University in Great Christian Studies in 2017, Cole worked as a Youth Pastor in San Diego. Then, he decided to come home and jump into Real Estate. Surprisingly within a year and a half of Real Estate under his belt, Cole\s company Bdellium Real Estate was consistently doing 1-2 deals per month and scaling quickly.

“Our goal is to begin to renovate more houses, restore the neighborhoods of Fort Worth, and hold more rental properties, providing living solutions to renters in DFW,” the star shared his dream.

Besides working at his own company, Cole also worked as an acquisition manager at JZ Home Buyers.

The last we checked, Cole listed properties raging around $325 thousand.

Cole Barnett Height

Cole stands tall at a height of around 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm),

Mentioning his distinct features, Cole has blue eyes, a fit body, and an oblong face.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Cole Barnett Net Worth?

 Cole flaunted a net worth of above $500 thousand in 2022.

  • Where Is Cole Barnett From?

Cole hails from Rendon, Texas.

But as of 2022, he resided in Burleson, TX.

  • When Is Cole Barnett Birthday?

Cole receives his birthday wishes on April 22 and is of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Is Cole Barnett on Instagram?

Find Cole on IG @colebrennanbarnett.

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