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Kris Foster Bio, Age, Job, Height, Family, 90 Day Fiance

 “I’m just a woman who waited way too long to be brave enough to stand up for herself and live her life the way she wanted. Now I’m finally free!!!”. This is how Kris Foster greets people on social media.

Kris is none other than one of the cast members of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4, which premiered on 29 January 2023 on TLC. As fans of 90 Day Fiance, we are used to seeing foreigners make the big adjustment of moving to America. However, in The Other Way rendition, it is the Americans moving abroad and Kris is one of them. Let us tell you more about her in this writing called ‘Kris Foster Bio’.

90 Day Fiance: Are Kris Foster And Jeymi Noguera Still Together?

On 90 Day Fiance, Kris Foster can be seen leaving her “strong foundation” back in the States for her Colombian girlfriend Jeymi Noguera. Kris is presented to viewers as someone willing to risk it all for Jeymi. Also, this was their first time meeting in person.

Having dated and experienced being married to men in the past, Kris was on her own for a while before she wrote off love for a while after she matched with Jeymi on an international dating app. Soon, the two got connected over chats and video calls and started dating online without ever meeting the other in person.

However, despite them looking now looking like an ideal couple, their relationship also has seen its share of worst days. For instance, there was a time, not long ago, when Jeymi had concerned and doubtful friends warning her against continuing the romance. Kris apparently had ghosted the other for nearly a month and repeatedly only to reappear and apologize. And because at the time Jeymi lost her grandmother and was desperate for company, she ended up chatting intimately with a different girl on the dating site.

Having said that, it was still not known if the two ended up together or not afterward, in IRL.

Who Are Kris Foster’s Ex-Husbands?

Before Jeymi, Kris Foster had already lived through two divorces and two ex-husbands.

Yet, unlike Jeymi’s, who once was married to a fashion designer named Juan Jose Lai, the identity of Kris’s ex-husbands could not be found at the time of this writing. However, it is no more a secret that both of these men were not able to be in long marriages. Kris herself confirmed this. Also, she said during the Season 4 premiere that she was never “happy” in her relationships.

Kris the mother of two also opened up about raising her kids as a single mother for a “lot of years”.

Her daughter Starr and son Dayne were living with her in Haleyville at the time of this writing. In a teaser clip of the show, Kris gushed that she got pregnant at 16, “the very first time” she had an “intimate relationship”.

Kris today seemed to have a close relationship with her adult children, who she admitted have been “very open” to her relationship with Jeymi. The kids, she said, were however very nervous about her moving to another country to be with her.

Kris Foster Age

During the time of filming her season of 90 Day Fiance, Kris Foster was 40 years old.

Kris Foster Job

Before we proceed to tell you about her job, let us tell you that Kris Foster at this point in her life believes she has spent too much of her life living to work and so now she has decided she will be working to live.

Kris happens to work for the University of Alabama during college football season. On her social media, one can often see her helping with parking and keeping an eye on the lots, directing traffic, and giving out general information to those attending the games. “Gotta love it. Good money and helping a lot of people”, she told her TikTok people one time while camping out under an E-Z Up tent in the rain.

Is Kris Foster On Instagram?

Yes, Kris Foster could be found on Instagram @crazykboog1 with 23 posts and 464 followers as of 6 February 2023.

Kris also shared occasional glimpses of her life on Facebook and TikTok @crazykboog.

Kris Foster Family

Here are fewer things known about Kris Foster’s family.

Her father is no more. In January 2021, Kris showed a glimpse of her “cherished Fatboy Harley” on her social media and next to it, she explained that it was given to her by her father before he passed away, and at the time it had been stolen by someone named Zane Crutcher. Asking for help, she even promised a reward for the bike return.

On her social media, Kris also briefly mentioned her cousin J.B. Warren and other family members/relatives: Cassie Warren, Mona Lavender Warren Pate, and Sean Warren.

Kris Foster Height

Kris Foster stands above 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kris Foster’s Birthday?

Kris Foster’s birthday was not known at the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Kris Foster From?

Kris Foster hails from Haleyville, which is a city in Winston and Marion counties in the U.S. state of Alabama.

  • How Much Is Kris Foster’s Net Worth?

As per reports, Kris Foster had a below $500K net worth as of February 2023.

While reality shows like Real Housewives franchises are known to pay cast members up to $1 million per season, 90 Day Fiance stars are reportedly only paid $1,000 to $1,500 per episode. Also, there is this rule that only the cast members are paid this amount. And their international partners do not get paid at all without a specific work permit.

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