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Kristen Alyssia Bio, Great Chocolate Showdown, Age, Married

The newest season of Great Chocolate Showdown, like old times, is a delectable and luxurious competition series focusing on chocolate desserts. And like always, it also features 10 amateur bakers. One of them, entering the kitchen to create a Tic-Tac-Toe board made out of chocolate, was Kristen Alyssia. We shall tell you all that is worth knowing about her in the rest of the writing.

Kristen Alyssia On Great Chocolate Showdown Season 4

The season premiere of Great Chocolate Showdown season 4 titled “Let the Games Begin!” saw Kristen Alyssia and nine other contestants coming together in the kitchen, determined to compete for a grand prize of $50,000. And at this point, all of these home bakers knew that they were required to immerse themselves in the world of indulgent chocolate, as they strived to claim the ultimate prize in a variety of innovative and thrilling chocolate-based challenges. That, to progress in the competition and avoid elimination, they are to captivate the panel of renowned chocolatiers and expert judges. Also, eventually, in the competition, three bakers were to face their most formidable chocolate challenge, and out of them, only one was going to be made the ‘Great Chocolate Showdown Champion’. And only that fortunate was to take home the coveted $50,000 grand prize.

What became of Kristen’s journey particularly is yet to be known. On 31 July 2023, when she was finally allowed to talk about her Great Chocolate Showdown participation, she took to her social media to literally scream “SUPRISEEEE‼️🥳 I’ve been holding in this secret for a year! Now I can finally announce that myself & 9 other AMAZING home bakers will be competing for $50,000 on Season 4 #greatchocolateshowdown !!.”

Kristen Alyssia Age

Kristen Alyssia was reportedly born in 1999. So, she reached the age of 24 in 2023.

Who Are Kristen Alyssia Parents?

Kristen’s mother is Maple L Washington (on IG @maple.washington.49). She turned 74 years old on 11 May 2023. And at this point, she had been residing in Jackson, Mississippi. Also, on the said date, Kristen had taken to her IG to wish her mom: “Today we celebrate a Queen! Happy 21st Birthday to my favorite person in the world (HotGirl Maple)🥳💕.” “Words can’t explain how much I love & appreciate you. You’re the best grandma in the world & ima stick beside you😘,” she had gushed.

Unfortunately, Kristen’s dad, Demetrious Monroe “Skipp” Mason, Sr., is no more. We say this based on a FB post from back in June 2013, when Kristen admitted he is no longer here on this earth. She talked about him being a good father and her always being her “little spoil princess.” The patriarch was born in 1962 and he passed away in 2009.

As for siblings, Kristen has just briefly mentioned having four siblings. Although only one of them is known, and that’s Kristen’s sister Robyn Miller. Robyn, on her Facebook, mentioned studying at Holmes Community College and being single as of 2023. Also, like Kristen, she had been living in Jackson, Mississippi.

Kristen also has time and again talked about her grandmother being her inspiration. Sadly, Kristen lost the elderly, Virginia Gibson Miller, on 16 December 2021.

Also, just on June 30th, 2023, Kristen introduced to her social media people her “Great Granny”, who on that day had turned 94.

Kristen Alyssia Height

Kristen Alyssia stands an easy 5-foot-six.

Is Kristen Alyssia Married?

As of August 2023, Kristen Alyssia was not married already. But, she was happily engaged to this man, who on social media goes around as “Blac.boy.” Kristen also can be seen referring to him as “Mr. Calvin.”

During Kristen’s 2022’s birthday celebration, in what looked like a restaurant, Mr. Calvin had surprisingly asked her to marry him. Of course, Kristen has said “Yes”.

On Valentine’s Day, for the past few years, Kristen has been explaining to people their love story. Here are a few facts we got from these. For one, they met on Facebook, and for their first date, they went for dinner and a movie. And by 13 February 2021, the two had been together for exactly 3 years and 2 months.

Kristen revealed that there is a 3-year of age difference between them. And she also went into detail about Mr. Calvin being the one who was first interested and also one who first said: “I love you”.

Kristen Alyssia Career

Kristen Alyssia is a certified nursing assistant and personal care assistant. At the same time, she has been making her living by owning PhatKake’s, a dessert shop in Jackson, Mississippi where they sell custom cakes, treats, and homemade desserts. One may also look up the shop on its IG @phatkakes_.

When giving her introduction, Kristen never misses out on telling people she is a home baker. She loves to tell that baking has become a true passion of hers and about how she has been loving it since a child.

On Facebook, Kristen just mentioned going to Murrah High School and did not say anything about her further education.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kristen Alyssia Birthday?

Kristen Alyssia’s birthday is on March 2nd and that makes her a Piscean.

  • Where Is Kristen Alyssia From?

Kristen Alyssia originally hails from Jackson, which is the capital city of Mississippi.

  • Is Kristen Alyssia On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Kristen Alyssia can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 7 August 2023, her IG @kristennalyssiaa_ included 7 posts and 3,515 followers.

Besides, one could also see Kristen showing now and then glimpses of her life on ‘Washington (Positive Vibes Only)’ Facebook.

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