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Vika Avramchuk Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Hot Yachts Miami

Meet Vika Avramchuk, one of the yacht brokers featured on the reality show Hot Yachts Miami.

Hot Yachts Miami welcomes fans on board the most luxurious boats on the planet and into the world of the people who sell them. But life as a yacht broker is anything but plain sailing.

The reality series sees party-loving sales crew members competing to sell or charter luxury vessels. With an eye-watering commission of between 10 and 15%, one deal can land a broker millions. In other words, ruthless competition is the name of the game.

Premiered on Paramount+ on 3 August 2023, Hot Yachts Miami stars Vika alongside Fotis Geranios, Jack Coppola, Katya Hall, Nick Cardoza, Liliana Lopez, Kaile Justine, and Juno Prudhomm.

This article sheds much-needed light on Vika’s age, net worth, relationship status, height, as well as other important topics.

Vika Avramchuk On Hot Yachts Miami

Introduced on Hot Yachts Miami as Katya Hall’s apprentice, Vika admittedly doesn’t favor serving celebrities. In her own words, “I’d rather have billionaire businessmen as my clients because most mega yacht owners don’t charter to celebrities. People that have really beautiful, big boats want people to respect them and celebrities tend to be maybe a little bit less careful. So I would much rather just have some under-the-radar billionaire who will consistently charter every year for a family holiday.”

18 months into her work for Katya, Vika was yet to make a sale. As seen on the show, she went to lengths to land a client even if it meant flirting with them. Katya even warned Vika after noticing her closeness to Nick Cardoza.

Fellow broker and rival Kaile Justine also didn’t seem happy with Vika. The drama unfolded after Vika tried to swoop a client under Kaile’s nose. Enjoying all the drama was Fotis Geranios who seemed happy bringing her co-stars together for a clash.

How Much Is Vika Avramchuk Net Worth?

By 2023, Vika Avramchuk had accumulated a net worth of around $800K net worth.

Vika is a Business Development Associate at IYC – The International Yacht Company. She landed the gig at the Miami-based company in April 2021. Likewise, in December 2021, Vika began working as an Executive director of sales at Casa Privee. Previously, she was a Member Relations Specialist at Soho House & Co.

Vika began her corporate career at Milken Institute as an Event Planning Assistant. She then landed the title of a Public Relations Intern at Akris.

Of all her career ventures, none is more notable than her stint as a model. Vika began modeling in 2006. For the next 9 years, Elite Model Management represented her. She then jumped ship and joined MAJOR MODEL MANAGEMENT who represented her until 2021.

Moreover, Vika has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Fordham University. She was in the graduating class of 2017.

Vika Avramchuk Age

When Hot Yatchs Miami premiered in August 2023, Vika Avramchuk was 31 years old. She was born reportedly on 26th February 1992.

What Is Vika Avramchuk Nationality?

Vika Avramchuk was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. At 14, she and her family moved to Prague, Czech Republic. 2 years later, they then moved to the United States.

Vika Avramchuk Family

For Vika Avramchuk, family is everything. She is the daughter of Zhanna Kalinska, who also appears on Hot Yachts Miami.

A Kyiv, Ukraine native, Zhanna is a graduate of Kiev National Economic University. Moreover, she is a Former Economist at the National Bank of Ukraine.

Zhanna, who turned 56 in 2022, is Vika’s best friend. On her 54th birthday, Vika took to Instagram and wrote, “Happy birthday to the queen herself. You make everyone’s world brighter. And you are truly one of a kind. You are a gift.”

Vika was equally close to her grandmother (Zhanna’s mother), who passed away in 2021 at 84. “A friendship so special. A bond so unbreakable. A love so unconditional. Until we meet again. I love you. Rest in paradise,” Vika wrote remembering her grandmother.

Although Vika has yet to open up about her biological father, everyone is familiar with her stepdad, David Zervos.

Columbia, Maryland native David, if you aren’t familiar, is the Managing Director at Jefferies Group. He previously worked at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors as an economist. Born in 1966, David attended the University of Rochester and Washington University in St. Louis.

David and Zhanna are no longer together after the former filed for divorce in March 2020. The divorce filing came less than a year after Zhanna’s former trainer Darnell Davis alleged that they engaged in a three-continent affair. Instead of splitting up at the time, Zhanna and David allegedly filed false charges of assault and unlawful restraint against Darnell.

Is Vika Avramchuk Married?

Vika Avaramchuk isn’t a married woman as of August 2023. A year back, however, her Instagram showed the former model attending F1 Miami Grand Prix and flying private with a man named Alexei Muniak. The nature of her relationship with Alexei — who, according to this LinkedIn, is a Manager Partner At Mangia — is unclear.

In The Sun interview, Vika insisted she and Leonardo Di Caprio were never an item. She asserted, “I’m able to call them my friends and I guess I get more respect than the other women in the long run. But at the time I would really have loved a snog from Leo. I really thought that I was going to walk away with Leo or one of his pals as my boyfriend.”

Opening up about her friendship with the Oscar-winning actor, Vika said, “I’ve been on a multitude of Leo’s boats every year in Santa Fe when he would have his DiCaprio Foundation Gala back in the day. He doesn’t do it anymore. But yeah, my best girlfriend, her now ex-boyfriend grew up with Leo when they were teenagers. So she would kind of bring me around to not be, you know, alone while all the boys did their thing. So eventually I just was doing everything with them and became very close with Leo and Tobey, all those kinds of people.”

Vika then joked, “Maybe one day Leo will trust me enough to charter through me, but he doesn’t really need to charter. People just give their boats to him for free.”

In the very interview, Vika confirmed Leonardo wouldn’t make an appearance in the 1st season of  Hot Yatchs Miami.

Vika Avramchuk Height

Vika Avramchuk had everything to be a model growing up. And it reflects on her stature. Even a conservative assumption places her height to be around 5’9”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Vika Avramchuk Birthday?

Vika Avramchuk’s birthday falls on the 26th of February.

Celebrating her birthday in 2017 with an Instagram, Vika wrote, “In case you didn’t know… it’s my 25th birthday.”

  • Is Vika Avramchuk On Instagram?

Yes. 33.1K people followed Vika’s Instagram @viktoriya_avra as of 7th August 2023.

  • Where Does Vika Avramchuk Reside?

Vika Avramchuk is currently based out of Miami, Florida.

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