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Kristen Titus Bio, Job, Dating, Filipino, Instagram Story

Meet Kristen Titus, a social media influencer who recently stirred conversation after “accidentally” flashing on her Instagram story. Get a scoop of what happened on her IG story. Along with that, you’ll learn about her job, dating life, Filipino heritage, and career.

Keep reading to learn more about her.

Kristen Titus Instagram Story

Social media star Kristen Titus had a “little mishap”. In 2022, she recalled posting a picture on her Instagram story which accidentally showed her private part. She addressed the IG story on her TikTok (@pepperonimuffin). Hence, she made a TikTok posting with the tagline “show you then show your last mistake”.

The TikTok star posted the snap of the IG story which flashed her private part. She camouflaged the wardrobe malfunction on her TikTok video, but the social media influencer did display the number of texts she received after she posted the photo.

Kristen also posted the comments she received from her followers. One wrote, “girl!!! I think that’s your (cat emoji)”. Another wrote, “ooohh babes I love you but you might wanna check this one”.

Another comment quipped, “What app am I on”. The last comment read, “this is tha 2nd time u flashin us n I wanna say iss on purpose buuuhh u hella dumb so I know it ain’t. no hate”.

In addition, she captioned the post, “I think I need to deactivate my ig”.

She soon removed the pictures from her IG which showed her off in her Coachella dress.

The social media star looked to be sitting in a golf cart when she took the photo. Kristen liked the Coachella look and figured her tens of thousands of Instagram followers would as well, so she shared it on her account.

Fans quickly noted, however, that Kristen’s photo looked to be flashing. Some of the TikTok star’s most devoted admirers even alerted her to the situation, and she swiftly removed the photo.

Kristen Titus Job

Kristen Titus started her career by landing an internship as a Broadcast Production for KITV4 Island News in May 2016. She worked there for four months till August 2016. A month later, she started working part-time at BYU Broadcasting as a Live Graphics Operator. Her job there continued for 10 months ending in June 2017.

In May 2019, Kristen joined Kinetic Productions Hawaii for Film Production and worked there until August 2019 as an intern. In September 2019, she landed an internship in Marketing and Public Relations at the BYU Museum of Art and worked till December 2019.

From January 2020 to April 2020, Kristen worked for Village Capital in Product Digital Marketing. Starting from April 2019, she has been working at BYU Broadcasting as a Live Graphics Operator. Her job responsibilities include producing hundreds of graphics to be aired on live television on a monthly basis. She also trained new employees to use software and instructed trainees to communicate with up to four other departments during a live show.

Moreover, she helped debug software errors on a daily basis to ensure a successful show.

Is Kristen Titus Dating Anyone?

In 2017, Kristen Titus was featured in Daily Mail by breaking up with her ex-boyfriend by using a Spotify playlist deciding they were better as friends and she likes someone else. She started dating Wyatt Hall after they met through mutual friends at Brigham Young University, but she soon came to the realization that they would be better off as pals.

Instead of the having the ‘talk’ that most people dread, Kirsten took to Spotify and organized a list of 10 songs, so the playlist reads: “Do You… / Still / Want To / Kiss Me / Because / I Am / Kinda Lovin / Someone Else  / But / We Can Still Be Friends.”

Their story, however, did not finish there. Erika, Kirsten’s 14-year-old sister, came to find the “To: Wyatt” playlist and decided it deserved to be shared with the rest of the world.

Erika took to Twitter to post photos of the Spotify playlist, explaining: ‘So my sister has gone on a couple of dates with a guy named Wyatt but she likes someone else so she made him a Spotify playlist and…’

Unsurprisingly, Kirsten wasn’t exactly thrilled to have their breakup shared on Twitter, and in the comments section of the post, she wrote: ‘@errikkxa nooooo delete this!! Hahaha.’ While many people thought Kirsten’s breakup playlist was fantastic, others thought it was cruel and warned her of karmic retribution.

Fortunately, Wyatt has a strong sense of humor, and he responded by posting the playlist he put together for Kirsten after their breakup, which only contains one rather explicit song – STFU by Mansionz.

Kristen also told that they had a ‘light-hearted relationship’, and they would go on “a lot of funny and creative dates”.

‘He’s not upset and thinks the whole thing is hilarious,’ Kristen said. ‘And Wyatt and I are still friends! We’ve hung out since I sent him the playlist and I even saw him just yesterday.’ Meanwhile, Wyatt told that he “instantly started laughing” when he saw a photo of the playlist, which she sent to him on Snapchat.

Based on their current social media activities, Kristen appears to be single in 2022.

Is Kristen Titus Filipino?

Yes, Kristen Titus is partly Filipino. In fact, her mother is reportedly Filipino-Japanese-Korean. Whereas, her father is White.

Kristen Titus Age

Born on 29 September 1997, Kristen Titus turned 24 years old in 2021.

Kristen Titus Height

Kristen Titus’s height measures not more than 5 feet 8 inches.

Is Kristen Titus Mormon?

Yes, it appears that Kristen Titus is Mormon. She has hinted about it on her Instagram as well as Twitter.

In her IG post from May 2019, she wrote, “I’m home! For 18 months, I lived in Las Vegas and served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He lives! He knows us perfectly and His hand is always extended to help us. God is our loving Heavenly Father and He hears and answers prayers. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’ve seen it change the lives of those around me and I’ve seen it change my own. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity I had to share His love every day for a year and a half”.

In August 2021, Kristen tweeted, “I’ve been in Utah for less than three hours and my fyp already put me back on Mormon TikTok”.

Whereas in September 2021, Kristen tweeted, “There’s a boy in my class and he’s actually so good looking also his ear is pierced which means he’s not very Mormon however we’ve been in the same group three times in a row and I can tell he hates everything about me what a major bummer”.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Kristen Titus Net Worth?

Kristen Titus’s net worth is under $500 thousand.

  • Who Are Kristen Titus Parents And Siblings?

Kristen Titus was born to her parents Russell Titus (@russell.titus.5) and Deanne Titus (@deanne.titus.1). She has one brother named Jacob Titus (@jaketitus94) and a sister named Erika Titus (@erikamtitus).

  • Where Des Kristen Titus Go To College?

Kristen graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in communications and public relations in 2021.

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