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Kristin Konefal Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Alix Earle

TikTok’s newest “IT girl” Alix Earle’s videos have mostly been about candid recaps of her life as a college student. Her TikTok @alixearle, which entertained 5.6 million followers, has given her fame and a platform to put her thoughts and ideas and introduce a bigger crowd to her friends and family.

Alix shot to fame by documenting her daily life at the University of Miami. Since then and until her graduating from college in May 2023, her TikTok has been a place for so much more. Thanks to Alix’s social media presence, Alix and her girl-gang, of then-college roommates, AKA “Casa Amor”, are just as popular on the internet.

After graduating, Alix told her Casa Amor gang, including Alix and her five best friends, are splitting up. And just as she said many of these roomies moved to New York City. Whereas Alix and her bestie Kristin Konefal remained in the Sunshine State and bought an apartment together in Miami. So now, our topic for discussion today is just her, Kristin Konefal.

Meet Kristin Konefal, Alix Earle’s BFF

After graduating together, all of Alix Earle’s friends left for New York City to pursue job opportunities. But Kristin Konefal decided to just stay where they were for the past several years, with Alix.

Before this decision was made, Kristin, Alix, and the rest of the gang were off to celebrate their graduation in Europe for a three-week vacation. They had been partying in Ibiza, Italy, and Greece. In July, Alix they had reunited again for a two-week vacation in the Hamptons. All of these trips were well-documented on Alix’s famous TikTok channel and everyone’s respective social media accounts.

Upon graduating in May, Kristin had taken to hers to write “It’s hard to put to words how much this place means to me…this school and these people completely changed my life and not a moment goes by that I’m not beyond grateful for it all!”. Also, she gushed about truly having the time of her life with her girls. She dubbed her time at the University of Miami, the best 4 years she could have ever dreamed of.

Also, just lately, Kristin was seen calling hers and Alix’s friendship “A forever thing.”

Kristin Konefal Job

On LinkedIn, Kristin Konefal claims that she has been operating her own art business primarily through Instagram and my website, since June 2018. Here, she claims, she creates and sells original work and commissioned work, such as oil paintings, acrylic paintings, illustrations, skateboard decks, and graphic design services. She has also talked about having already found success selling a variety of works here.

How Much Is Kristin Konefal’s Net Worth?

Kristin Konefal reportedly had close to $500K net worth as of 2023.

The self-described artist and aspiring creative director graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Miami in May 2023 with a double major in Advertising on the Creative Track and Studio Art.

She loves telling people that she has had a passion for design and the arts from the time she was young.

Kristin Konefal Age

Because Kristin Konefal was born in 2000, she turned 22 years old in 2022.

Kristin Konefal Family

Kristin’s father is John Buckley Konefal of Mooresville, North Carolina. He turned 65 years old in August 2022. As of this time, he had been working as a radiation oncologist at Lake Norman Radiation Oncology Center.

As for Kristin’s mom Kathryn “Kathy” Laughlin Konefal, she turned 59 in May 2022 and had been working as a realtor at Carolina One Real Estate. In the past, she worked at Keller Williams Mount Pleasant and Cannon School, and even prior went to Nursing at Penn State (2012 to 2013). She can be found on IG @kmkonefal5.

In her family, Kristin also has two sisters. One of them is Jaclyn Konefal, a former hostess at eeZ Fusion and Sushi. Between 2020 and 2021, she attended to Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship. In 2021 (on June 1st) she also got engaged. Fast forward to 2023, she gets to go around as a registered dietitian. Her age, at this point, had been 28.

Another sister is Kaitlyn A Konefal. She is the eldest of all as she turned 30 in June 2023. She studied M.A. in Criminology – Pennsylvania State University in the Class of 2021. Before that in 2016, she got her dual bachelor’s in  Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Criminology at Loyola University Chicago.

Kristin Konefal Boyfriend

Kristin Konefal’s relationship status was not understood as of now. Most likely until 2019 though, she was seemingly so in love with a guy she did not reveal the name of. In the comments of these pictures though she and her friends referred to him as “dr dubrow”. Kristin seemingly dated him from around 2017 through 2019. Even today, one can see several pictures of them together from that time, on Kristin’s social media.

Kristin Konefal Height

Blonde and beautiful Kristin Konefal stands below 5’2” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kristin Konefal From?

Kristin Konefal originally hails from Charlotte, which is a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina.

  • When Is Kristin Konefal’s Birthday?

Kristin Konefal’s birthday is on September 18th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Is Kristin Konefal On Facebook?

Yes. Kristin Konefal was on Facebook as of 4 August 2023. However, as compared to other places, she seemed less active on her ‘Kristin Konefal’ Facebook.

On Instagram @kristinkonefal, Kristin entertained 57.3K followers, and over 155.9K followers on her TikTok @kristinkonefal 155.9K followers.


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