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Kush And Luv Chandani Age, Job, Parents, Twin Love

Meet the Indian-American twin Kush and Luv Chandani appearing on Prime’s new reality show Twin Love. They are among the 14 twins appearing on the show to find a true love in the show. This article covers information regarding their age, job, parents, and more.

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Kush And Luv Chandani On Twin Love

Twin brothers Kush and Luv Chandani, who live in California, are attempting an unconventional search for true love. They are one of fourteen sets of twins that appear on the reality dating series Twin Love on Prime Video, which explores the topic of how similar identical twins actually are.

Although these real estate tycoons consider themselves late bloomers, dating was quite easy for them after they reached a height of 6 feet 3 inches. They recorded beats for Taylor Gang once and majored in engineering. Right now, heartbeats are the only beats they are searching for.

The siblings in the show are divided equally between two residences and put through a series of tests to determine whether or not they are drawn to the same types of individuals. As the pioneers of the nation’s first Black-owned meal delivery service, Aaron and David are creating history when they’re not making history on reality dating shows.

According to the series logline, 14 sets of identical twins have been divided up in Prime’s reality dating program Twin Love to explore if their “inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires.” There are twins here that have never been separated.

Via their multiple IGs Kush and Luv announced, “Extremely excited to announce our worldwide TV debut! The South Asian representation you didn’t know you needed. The producers of @loveisland present “TWIN LOVE” premiering November 17th on @primevideo hosted by @nikkigarcia & @brie.”

Kush And Luv Chandani Age

Born in December 1995, Kush and Luv reached 27 in December 2022.

Who Are Kush And Luv Chandani Parents?

Kush and Luv Chandani are the two sons of Deepak Chandani and Geeta “Karishma” Chandani. Deepak and Karishma had named their twin son Akash (Kush) and Krish (Luv) Chandani.

Their dad Deepak turned 64 in September 2023. More about Deepak, he is the founder and CEO of Anthem Group of Companies. Additionally, he is a Luxury Executive and celebrity Real Estate Specialist @ Chandani Group | Compass.

Also, Deepak is renowned as one of the most successful, experienced, and elite luxury realtors in the entire Bay Area. The majority of his clientele has been high-net-worth CEOs and Founders of major tech companies, including a few tech celebrities.

Deepak has done over $3 Billion in transactions and is most appreciated by his clients due to his high level of patience, professionalism, work ethic, availability, intensity, relationship management, and his very deep and unique understanding of real estate not just as a transaction, but as a portfolio.

Over 30 years in business, Chandani Group has been offering their clients a full range of concierge services extremely successfully, which has been much appreciated and extremely beneficial to over 10.000 clients.

Deepak is a graduate of Annamalai University, San Jose State University.

Their mom Karishma reached 58 in May 2023. She has been a President & broker at Anthem Realtors & Builders since 1991. She was a managing partner at Brocade Builders.

Kush And Luv Chandani Job

Kush and Luv Chandani are both working as luxury and celebrity realtors. They are both employed at Compass as a part of Chandani Group since 2021. Krish aka Luv began his career in 2010. He was a leader in training at Camp Bizsmart and worked as a summer Intern at IBC Engineering and Anthem Group Inc.

He also landed an internship at Bristlecone and IoTium.

Meanwhile, Kush or Akash has almost an identical job history. He was also a leader in training at Camp Bizsmart and as a summer Intern at IBC Engineering and Anthem Group Inc. He also landed internships at Bristlecone, Moxtra, and IoTium.

Luv and Kush both attended The Harker School, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ().

Furthermore, they were in an R&B group named THENXXNLIGHT. THENXXNLIGHT is on Facebook and Instagram pages too. Moreover, you can find their music on Spotify and on their website.

Kush And Luv Chandani Height

Kush and Luv Chandani stand tall at the height of 6 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Kush And Luv Chandani From?

Los Altos Hills, California is the hometown of Twin Love’s Kush and Luv. They reside in San Francisco, California.

  • Are Kush And Luv Chandani On Instagram?

Yes, Kush and Luv have separate Instagram (@imluvxx & @imkushxx) as well as joint Instagram (@chandanitwins). They are also on Facebook (Luv & Kush).

  • When Is Kush And Luv Chandani Birthday?

Kush and Luv Chandani’s birthday is on 30 December.

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