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Aaron And David Cabello Age, Job, Parents, Twin Love

Aaron and David Cabello are among the 14 sets of twins appearing on new reality dating show Twin Love. Learn about the show along with details about Aaron and David in this piece here.

We attempt to cover information about their age, job, parents, and more.

Aaron And David Cabello On Twin Love

Twin brothers Aaron and David Cabello, who live in Philadelphia, are attempting an unconventional search for true love. They are one of fourteen sets of twins that appear on the reality dating series Twin Love on Prime Video, which explores the topic of how similar identical twins actually are.

David is willing to put his heart on the line as long as he can maintain his strict work ethic, while Aaron is more of a cynic and struggles with the concept of genuine love. They may not have met the right twins yet, but neither of them is particularly interested in monogamy.

The siblings are divided equally between two residences and put through a series of tests to determine whether or not they are drawn to the same types of individuals. As the pioneers of the nation’s first Black-owned meal delivery service, Aaron and David are creating history when they’re not making history on reality dating shows.

According to the series logline, 14 sets of identical twins have been divided up in Prime’s reality dating program Twin Love to explore if their “inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires.” There are twins here that have never been separated.

Ahead of the premiere, David announced, “Double trouble ♊️ We are excited to announce our appearance on Twin Love, a new dating show coming out on November 17 on @primevideo make sure you tune in 🔥.”

Fun Fact: Aaron is a dad and has a son named Caleb. Back in 2018, David wrote, “My nephew Caleb sometimes doesn’t know if I’m his #uncle or dad 😂 he knows something is up though #geminitwins #twins #family.”

Aaron And David Cabello Age

Twin Love stars Aaron and David Cabello reached age 28 in 2023. They were born in June 1995.

Who Are Aaron And David Cabello Parents?

Twin Love star Aaron and David Cabello reportedly belong to a single-parent household. Their mom on Instagram goes by the name (@misshollllywood).

In November 2022, David posted on his Instagram, “Me (and @aaronc_33 ) over the years 🤴🏾 I ain’t have to glow up too much lol but damn we done survived it all! I’m thankful for all these memories and what we’ve been able to accomplish. Let’s keep it pushing. Thankful for my mom @misshollllywood who gave up on her dreams so we could live ours 💯 love y’all 🖤.”

Their father is likely named David Cabello. David was born in 1972. Unfortunately, David has passed away on 21 June 2022 at the age of 49.

Aaron and David likely have one younger brother named Isaiah Cabello.

Aaron And David Cabello Job

Aaron and David Cabello are the founders of Black and Mobile. “We wanted to help Black people and Black businesses,” David told Fortune during an interview in February 2021. “It was our focus, our only thing. We didn’t know how we were going to do it, of course. We were 21 years old and broke. We just knew we wanted to help.”

They came up with the Black and Mobile concept in 2017 worked on the website and did market research. In 2019, Black and Mobile launched in Philly. Then in 2020, the business expanded to Detroit, Atlanta, and Baltimore generating a half million dollars for black-owned restaurants.

Moreover, the business expanded to LA and NYC in 2021. By 2022, the revenue crossed $1 million.

According to their website, David serves as the CEO of the company whereas Aaron is an operations manager. You can also connect to Black & Mobile via IG and FB.

When Aaron and David experienced a moral crisis in 2016, they were attending Shippensburg University. In the end, the brothers dropped out of school and returned to Philadelphia, where they found employment at Black and Nobel, a “bookstore where the twins sought a path to enlightenment and empowerment from the older Black men who ran the place.”

Sadly, this wasn’t enough to cover their expenses, so they took on second jobs riding bikes to deliver Postmates packages.

Eventually, David got a job delivering for Caviar and when Aaron wasn’t hired, they took turns working back-to-back shifts. It must have appeared to the business world that David was extremely hustling. The brothers earned $1100 for working a demanding thirty-hour stint, which raised a question for David.

“If I can make this much money delivering food on a bicycle, how much can I make if I owned a company?”

According to Aaron’s LinkedIn, he worked as a cashier/host at Cracker Barrel. David on the other hand was a Bulk at Adecco. He was also a model at Hollister Co.

Aaron And David Cabello Height

The reality star twins Aaron and David Cabello stand tall above the height of 6 Feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Aaron And David Cabello From?

David and Aaron hailed from Levittown, Pennsylvania, and Coatesville, Pennsylvania, in that respect according to public records.

  • Are Aaron And David Cabello On Instagram?

Indeed, David and Aaron are on Instagram (@imkingdavid_c), (@aaronc_33) and Facebook.

  • When Is Aaron And David Cabello Birthday?

Aaron and David Cabello’s birthday is on 7 June.

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