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Kyle Fraser Bio, Age, Height, Family, Love Island USA Exit

Kyle Fraser was announced as the new cast member of Love Island USA Season 4 but fans of the show were shocked when Kyle was nowhere to be found. The producers of the show mentioned on the show that he had quit the show due to “personal reasons.” Let’s explore the details here, shall we?

This bio covers his age, height, family, and along with other details.

Kyle Fraser Love Island USA Exit

Kyle Fraser calling off his appearance Love Island was a surprise to many but fans likely had answers for what had happened to him. However, there was more story behind the scenes than what was shown on the show. Many believed it had to do with the allegations made on Twitter that trended.

Since Deb brought Kyle from Casa Amor to the villa, a number of tweets and Instagram posts have gone viral. All of them came from purported victims of past abuse by Kyle on women. Many women came forward claiming him to be a “se*ual predator”. An announcement was made for the fans at the start of the most recent episode of Love Island USA 2022. It read: “Kyle has left the villa for personal reasons.”

Since the announcement, Twitter has erupted with supporter claims that the purported online abuse allegations made by multiple women were the real cause. The show’s producers’ justifications were mocked by viewers, but they were pleased that the production took the required steps.

A snapshot shared on Twitter subtly pointed out that Kyle might’ve drugged her without her knowing. The elaborated post was shared on an Instagram page. Another woman, who Kyle dated briefly as a teenager, allegedly forced her to have s*x with him. At the time, she perceived him as a persistent guy but now she believes it was an assault.

The third one was his Tinder date and the fourth was a former employer. According to Kelly Michelle, the one who called Kyle out first, in March 2022, Kyle had three sexual partners in the same month. All four women made similar allegations against him walking that thin line of being a “se*aul predator”.

In the show, Kyle introduced himself as a full-time wedding model whose celebrity crush is Emily Brett Richard. He is great with accents and impressions, knows how to speed-read, and sleeps with his stuffed dinosaur, Dane.

Has Kyle Fraser Commented On The Controversy?

Kyle Fraser hasn’t commented as of this writing. He connected with Deb right away on the show, and she chose him over his previous partner Jesse. However, it appears like Kyle didn’t get to stay in the villa for more than a day before word of his departure spread.

The OG couple arrived after Kyle had left. Making out, the two were seen rekindling their romance. Deb complimented him at the end of the extended kissing session. Jesse shared in confessional, “Me and Deb, we have been tested a lot and after all this, you know, it just shows how deep our connection is. As long as we’re on the same page you know, nobody else can f**k with us.”.

Kyle Fraser Age

As of August 2022, Kyle Fraser is 29 years old. He is turning 30 years old in less than two weeks.

Kyle Fraser Job

While Kyle Fraser introduced himself as a full-time wedding model, he is also an actor, a podcast host, and a voice actor. As a model, he has mostly done engagement, best man, and groom photoshoots. As a fashion model, he posed for Brand 5683 Clothing.

Kyle had a LinkedIn profile that he has deleted now.

According to his Backstage profile, Kyle worked on movies like The Americlown, Staged Killer, No Solicitors, Seedless, Bottom Feeders, The Community, Wings, Connections, The Oath, and a few others. He also appeared on TV shows in Roaring Twenties and Daddys Girl Club.

Furthermore, he also worked on commercials for several brands. To name a few: Dean’s Dips Commercial, Cool Camel Hat, Dirt Police, Tom Gill Auto, Karma Water, Blu Tiger, and Jamestown Comey Club.

Kyle has one gig working on theatre at Buffalo Green Productions of Hook appearing as a Hook Handed Man.

Is Kyle Fraser On Twitter And Instagram?

Indeed, Kyle Fraser is on Instagram (@_kylefray) but not on Twitter. However, he has a TikTok (@_kylefray) and Facebook (@kyle.fraser.5895).

Kyle Fraser Height

According to his IMDB page, Kyle Fraser stands tall at 6 feet (1.83 meters). He weighed 180lbs / 82kg. Kyle’s followers have compared his looks to that of actor Tom Ellis who plays in the TV show Lucifer.

Kyle Fraser Family

Kyle Fraser was born to his parents Ron Fraser and Cynthia Fraser. According to one of his TikTok videos, his father worked as a prison guard. Meanwhile, his mother was a flower child. Born in May 1961, Ron is currently 61 years old. Whereas, his mother turned 59 years old in November 2021.

Kyle’s parents married in 1989 and they are still happily married to each other. Meanwhile, he often features his parents on his TikTok without revealing them.

More about his family, Kyle’s paternal grandparents were Samuel M. Fraser and Patricia A. (nee Gaffney) Fraser. His grandfather died on 5 August 2019. He has one uncle Robb (wife Marie) Fraser and two cousins; Emily and Alex.

Whereas, his maternal grandparents were Felix L Rodriguez and Jane M. (nee Jackovich) Rodriguez. Besides, his mother Cynthia, they also had other three children; Lou Rodriguez, Paul (Lisa Bieganski) Rodriguez, and the late Jimmy Rodriguez.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kyle Fraser From?

Kyle Fraser hailed from Buffalo, New York.

  • What Do We Know About Kyle Fraser Family?

More about Kyle’s family, he has an older sister named Kayla Fraser. Kayla turned 34 years old in December 2021. Kayla’s Facebook reveals that she is engaged to Dustin Childers. She is working at Pure Romance as a Consultant, Board of Directors member, Team Leader, and co-owner of Feisty Shamrock Boutique.

Kyle and Kayla are half-Hispanic on their mother’s side.

  • When Is Kyle Fraser Birthday?

Kyle Fraser’s birthday is in August.

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