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Kylee Russell Bio, Parents, Height, Boyfriend, The Bachelor

Last year in January, Kylee Russell was really excited to compete for a job of a lifetime. She had become a participant in the “Miss NC USA”, which for the longest had always been a dream of hers. She ended up being a runner-up. This year and she seemed to be looking for love instead in Zach Shallcross‘s season of Bachelor which premiered recently on ABC on 3 January 2023.

Now, we shall tell you more about her in this writing called ‘Kylee Russell Bio’.

Kylee Russell On The Bachelor

Kylee Russell was not able to make it to the “final four women” according to famed Bachelor Sleuth Reality Steve. Nonetheless, she manages to be one of the notable ones among the ladies.

So, clearly, Kylee gets eliminated beforehand in the competition, during the fifth Rose Ceremony. Despite that, she did seem satisfied with her journey on the show though. And Kylee also clearly impressed Zach more than enough through her stay in the game.

Also, to the cameras on The Bachelor, Kylee said she is ready for the soccer mom life and can not wait to have kids of her own. She admitted that she falls in love hard and fast and so was looking to see if Zach would match up to the hopeless romantic herself.

Kylee Russell Boyfriend

Kylee Russell’s relationship status was unclear at the time of this writing. But, clearly, for some time now she had been in search of a “dear future husband”. Back in April 2020 too, when posing in a beautiful bridal gown from her cousin’s own dress store, she teased about being single and looking for a husband.

How Old Is Kylee Russell?

Kylee Russell was born in 1997. So, she turned 25 years old in 2022.

Kylee Russell Job

Kylee Russell was introduced to Bachelor fans as someone currently practicing a career as a registered nurse working in the postpartum unit of Atrium Health Cabarrus, and a former NBA dancer for the Charlotte Hornets. And yes, there’s a lot more.

She officially started putting RN behind her name in February 2022. And before this, in December 2021 she accepted a position at Atrium Health.

Her LinkedIn profile tells us that she has also been working as a social media intern at Mckenzie Jades and as one of the Honey Bees, and as a dancing coach, at Charlotte Hornets and Spinzo Corporation. She landed these jobs because she is well-versed in all dance forms and because of her NBA background. Also, she was known to be exploring her career in social media, until the time of this writing.

Kylee graduated in Marketing from Wingate University in 2019 and has since worked for various firms like Dance Productions Studio, Clear Water Concepts, and Mckenzie Jades as social media intern and marketing assistant.

And from all this, she was believed to have hoarded $250K as her net worth as of January 2023.

Kylee Russell Height

Beautiful Kylee Russell stands below 5’3” in height.

They say Kylee never will be seen anywhere with frizzy hair, and that she has booked Olaplex oil for life.

Who Are Kylee Russell’s Parents?

Kylee’s mother is Aimee Marie Adams and she is the co-owner at Clear Water Concepts, which is a certified Westinghouse authorized dealer in North Carolina. When she turned 48 years old on 22 July 2022, Kylee took to her social media to gush that she gets so emotional thinking about how thankful she is to have her as her mom. She wrote that there are simply not enough words to express how blessed and thankful she is also to have her as her best friend. Kylee simply believes that she won’t able to do this life without her. “To know Aimee is to love Aimee! She’s literally the best friend everyone wished they had, and I am lucky enough to call her mine”, so, Kylee just keeps going on like this when it comes to her mother.

Also, the matriarch at the time of this writing continued being married to her husband Timothy “Tim” Adams who turned 62 in November 2021.

Kylee’s mom and dad, Tim, were still together and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the time of this writing. A couple of years back, Kylee’s mom called him “Prince Charming” and the “best husband and father” that she could have ever asked for.

As for siblings, Kylee has a brother named Hunter Adams, who turned 18 years old on 29 June 2021. According to his mother, he has been the most well-behaved, well-mannered, loving, and caring young man always. He went to Lake Norman Charter for high school.

Kylee also has an uncle named Scott Russell, a Charlotte, Concord, North Carolina dweller. In December 2021, Kylee told everyone on his social media that she received her very first personalized Bible from Scott. At the time, she also thanked him for other things, including all of his support throughout her nursing journey.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kylee Russell’s Birthday?

Kylee Russell’s birthday is on September 14th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Is Kylee Russell On Instagram?

Yes. Kylee Russell could be found on Instagram @kyleeemarie with 46 posts and 8,672 followers as of 3 February 2023.

She also showed regular glimpses of her life on Facebook.

  • Where Is Kylee Russell From?

Kylee Russell hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, which is also home to the Levine Museum of the New South.

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