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Kim Byeong-jin Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Physical 100

AddedOne of the national athlete who joined the cast of Netflix’s Physical 100 was Kim Byeong-jin, the youngest contestant who participated in the show. Though he was eliminated his energy and enthusiasm captured the attention of the viewers. So, read more about what we’ve discovered about him here.

Is he dating? How tall is he? Where is he from?

Kim Byeong-jin On Netflix’s Physical 100

Kim Byeong-jin made the cast of Netflix’s Physical 100 in hopes to win 300 million won after completing a series of challenges. Upon entering Physical 100 he said: “I’ll show you how fearsome us teens can be.”

When dancer Miracle beat up Kim Byeong-jin, it was, unfortunately, the end of the road for him. Even though only a brief portion of their battle was televised, it nonetheless attracted attention on social media. Along with him, a majority of the candidates on the show were eliminated in just the first few episodes. In the first episode, 100 competitors entered a room containing plaster casts of their torsos.

However, 50 people were sent home after a short period of time. The candidates were divided into two groups of 50 and instructed to hang with their arms as long as they could while dangling above a pool of water for the first challenge.

The competition is still going on as Physical 100 episodes 3 and 4 are revealed to the public. The cast is scheduled to participate in “quest 2” in episode 4. After the 50 remaining competitors took a brief break, Quest 2 was revealed. Only 25 people will still be in the tournament after quest 2, which will eliminate half of the competitors.

Physical 100’s second mission is a team competition. Many of the candidates on the show were happy to be competing in a team match. Teams of five participants will compete against one another. To head each group, they had to choose ten team captains. Each candidate had to choose three teammates for their squad using a stamp.

Yun Sung-bin, Nam Kyung-jin, Kwak Myung-sik, Choo Sung-hoon, Tarzan, Kim Sang-wook, Ma Sun-ho, Jo Jin-Hyeong, Jang Seong-min, and Jang Eun-sil were the ten team leaders named following the voting. Yun Sung-bin received the most votes among the competitors.

On Physical 100, when the team leaders were chosen, the competitors were invited to line up in front of the leader they preferred the most. If there were more competitors than the allowed number, each team leader had to select 4 individuals to make up their team. As a result, many candidates ended up on teams they hadn’t intended to join.

As the least preferred candidate, Jang Eun Sil was forced to work with the majority of the team members who were not chosen by the other team leaders. She made the decision to offer her team’s best effort as she was the sole female leader among the 10 guys.

Leaders choose their opponents based on who received the most votes. Nam Kyung Jin decided to engage in combat with Jang Eun Sil’s crew as part of the same, shocking the latter. She said that she felt deceived because he had pledged not to oppose her. Kyung Jin, however, acknowledged that his team had a consensus and that he had to take it into consideration.

Kyung Jin and Eun Sil’s teams were the first to compete in the Physical 100 team quest. Both teams had to cross a bridge and fill a sandbox as part of the “Moving Sand” challenge. On the bridge, however, they are not permitted to exchange sandbags with one another. The group that moved the most sand in 12 minutes would win.

Despite the end of his journey, he was happy that he got to participate in a Netflix show. He posted on his IG, “It was a precious experience that I may never have again, and it was a very precious memory! When I couldn’t approach the filming site first, I was really very, very grateful to my older brothers and sisters who first called me the youngest and took good care of me. I miss you already..”

Byeong-jin was happy to meet all the people from different backgrounds.

Kim Byeong-jin Age

Kim Byeong-jin, his birth year is 2005. So, as of February 2023, he is 18 years old.

Does Kim Byeong-jin Have A Girlfriend?

Kim Byeong-jin is likely single per the posts available on her socials. Like most of his fellow cast members, he intends to keep his love life away from the public eye. So, we have no further shreds of evidence to go on with than to claim that he is happily single at the moment.

Kim Byeong-jin Height

Per his pictures, Kim Byeong-jin’s height measured around 5 feet 9 inches.

Kim Byeong-jin Job

In Physical 100, we saw many national players who previously played different games while representing Korea. Likewise, Kim Byeong-jin is a national team free poomsae competitor by profession. In April 2022, he competed and won the gold medal (1st place) at World Championship Poomsae Competition in the Under 17 Fair. He had previously posted about the national team training.

Byeong-jin participated in his first game in May 2021. He took to his IG and shared that he was “very nervous” and was able to do it “during the competition as much as I practiced.”

Byeong-jin is currently a member of the Mirme Taekwondo dojo. Here are the socials of Mireme (FB & IG). In March 2022, he wished the school’s 11th anniversary of opening via an IG post, “Mirme’s 11th birthday🥳.”

Did You Know? Byeong-jin won first place in South High School and the Best Player Award in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kim Byeong-jin On Instagram?

Yes, Kim Byeong-jin has social media accounts. Find his IG (@mirme_jjin) and FB here.

  • Where Is Kim Byeong-jin From?

Kim Byeong-jin is a resident of Seoul, South Korea.

  • When Is Kim Byeong-jin Birthday?

Kim Byeong-jin’s birthday isn’t currently available on the web.

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