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Kylen Smith Bio, Age, Parents, Jason Korpi, Unexpected

Meet Kylen Smith who stands out as the newest cast member in Season 5 of Unexpected that dropped on TLC on 6 March 2022.

The show is a mix between 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom and like old times, it documents three pregnant teen girls as in 16 & Pregnant and combines their stories over multiple episodes like Teen Mom.

Now, let us tell you more and all about Kylen Smith.

Kylen Smith On TLC’s Unexpected

Kylen Smith, as we see on Unexpected is pregnant and expecting baby no. 1 with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Jason Korpi.

The couple already welcomed their son, Xavier, in August 2021. However, pregnancy is happening all over again in the TLC show.

Kylen was only dating Jason for less than a year before getting pregnant. They met through social media. The way Jason puts it, she was the “party girl” and he was the “f-boy”, someone who goes from girl to girl. (As per Jason’s status on Facebook, they have been dating since 29 July 2020.)

Jason goes on to tell that he thought Kylen was beautiful and fell for her fast. He said they were intimate on the second or third day they met. He was not hoping to become a father so soon but he also shared that he also was not mad about it. His words from the time were “I’m wicked-hyped to have a boy.”

Kylen and Jason join the rest of the season 5 cast, fellow newcomers Emersyn Potter and boyfriend Mason Ramirez and returning stars Tyra Boisseau and boyfriend Alex Wilson; Tiarra Boisseau and boyfriend Dee Ragland; Taylor Williams and Noah Whitt; Lilly Bennett and fiancé Lawrence Bishop; Jenna Ronan and ex-boyfriend Aden Albright.

Are Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi Still Together?

Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi were still together as of the time of this writing as Jason still had a picture of them as his ‘display picture’ on Facebook. Plus, Jason had marked ‘in a relationship’ as his relationship status.

Be that as it may, Kylen and Jason were not always shown as a loved-up couple on Unexpected. By the look of it, it did not take long for them to clash.

In a tense moment, while at the hospital, when Kylen was in labor and she begged Jason to be with her, things had gone so fierce and out of hand that security had to be called to Kylen’s delivery room. They had escorted Jason out of the hospital to the parking lot. “It makes me want to cry that I can’t see my kid come into this world”, he could later be heard though when with Kylen on the phone.

Kylen’s dad also had a lot to gripe about Jason. When he confronted Jason about the lack of visits he gets with Kylen in another scene, Jason had said “I’m just like an independent person” in his defense. To this, Kylen’s dad Michael had hit back with a “Staying away from your family is not being independent, that’s being a jackass.”

Kylen Smith Age

Kylen Smith was 17 years old at the of filming Unexpected in 2021. Also so you know, she stood below 5’3” tall at this age.

Kylen Smith Parents

By the look of things on Unexpected Kylen Smith was living with Jason and his parents, Scott Korpi and Heidi Korpi. His father and mother were happy to have her live with them. Although she was not pleased earlier when her son told her she would be a grandmother.

Growing up, Kylen was very close to her mother, Marie Smith. But, viewers on the show saw her live with Jason’s parents, they also noticed that she was not able to see her parents often.

Jason would be like Kylen is being a baby when she wanted to visit her parents. And fans did not agree with him on this.

Even her parents felt like he was keeping their daughter away from them; they feared that he would do the same when their grandson.

“My baby’s having a baby. I want to see the belly move when it kicks, we’re missing all that cause we don’t get to see her”, this is 59-year-old Michael Smith, Kylen’s dad, we see lamenting on the trailer for Unexpected.

Michael with a bad heart was believed to be nearing his days. He was entering stage four kidney disease and already had a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

While some anti-fans of Kylen critique her to look like “Smeagol”, a few other of her good fans believes that she looks just like her mother. (Of course) some of them were also wondering “Does “Kylen” have teeth??”.

Is Kylen Smith On Instagram?

Yes. Kylen Smith could be found on Instagram @kylen.s_44__ where she had 4 posts and 4,576 followers as of 19 March 2022. Kylen had set this account to a private mode.

Jason, on the other hand, appeared more like a social media person. So, fans might as well connect to him on Instagram @jason__44_ (3,643 followers), TikTok @jason_44__ (82.3K followers), and on Facebook for Kylen-related content too. In more recent times, Jason’s posts have been all about their son Xavier.

Kylen Smith Job

Kyle Smith appeared to be a stay-at-home to Xavier as of now. Because of course, she had the “unexpected” baby while she was still fully dependent on her parents financially.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kylen Smith From?

Kylen Smith is a native of New Hampshire which is a state in the New England region of the United States.

  • What High School Does Kylen Smith Attend?

Kylen Smith was yet to tell us about the high school she attends/attended.

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