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Steve Weiss Bio, Age, Job, Wife, Instagram, Is It Cake?

Meet Steve Weiss is one of the stars of Netflix’s baking show Is It Cake? The show manifested into reality after being inspired by a meme of similar nature which earns millions of views on TikTok. Steve is among the nine bakers who stepped up to show off his baking and decorating skills.

Learn more about his age, wife, height, and social media reach.

Steve Weiss On Netflix’s Is It Cake?

Steve Weiss joined the cast of Netflix’s new baking show Is It Cake? Highly skilled and creative 9 bakers have joined the baking show where artists create mouthwatering replicas of handbags, sewing machines, and more in a mind-bending baking contest inspired by a popular meme.

The winner of the eight-part series bags the prize of $50,000.

In addition, other casts joining him are Andrew AKA Sugar Freakshow, April a social media baker, Dessiree primarily a wedding cake designer, Hemu owner of Sweet Sensations, Jonny former fast-food cakes creator, Nina owner of food truck Nina Creole, Sam founder of Cade’s Cakes, and Justin Ellen owner of Everything Just Baked.

Spoilers Ahead: But after the fierce cake battle, Andrew Fuller was declared the winner of the first season of the Is It Cake? He walked off with a $50,000 prize fund plus an extra $30,000 he won over the ‘winner stays on’ relay part of the competition, where up to $10,000 was up for grabs in each round.

On 7 March 2022, Steve posted on his Instagram, “Excited to be a part of this…Steaming Globally March 18th on Netflix.”.

Steve Weiss Job And Career

Going by Steve Weiss’s LinkedIn, he has been working as Chef Instructor/Program Coordinator at Blue Ridge CTC starting from July 2008. Whereas, he also started serving as Associate Dean of Culinary Arts and Hospitality in July 2019.

Steve earned his Associate of Arts and Sciences in Graphic Design from Dutchess Community College in 1983 till 1986. Immediately after, he enrolled at the Baltimore Culinary College and earned an A.A.S. degree in Baking and Pastry Arts/Pastry Chef. In 2012, he joined Shepherd University and graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in 2014.

According to, in the United States, an associate dean makes $74,896 per year.

Outside of his job, Steve has also participated in several cooking shows. In his culinary career of 22 years, he has previously appeared on two other TV shows.

Speaking about his career with TimesWV he shared, “It’s the climb, not getting there but the climb to get there: that’s what’s most rewarding,” Weiss said. “For me, it is. I’m an educator, so I want to learn. I love learning, and I’ve always kept that as something that I’ve always loved to do.”

Netflix’s Is It Cake? was the third first-season series he participated in. Some of the shows that he competed on are Food Network Special America’s Best Pastry (2000), Food Network Special $50,000 Pastry Challenge (2003), Food Network’s Pastry Daredevils (2005), Food Network’s Sugar Impossible (2010), Food Network’s Flying Sugar (2011), Food Network’s Sugar Inventions (2011), Food Network’s King of Cones (2014), Food Network Series Cake Wars Christmas (2015), and Food Network Halloween Wars (2020).

How Old Is Steve Weiss?

As of March 2022, baker Steve Weiss is 55 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 14 August.

Steve Weiss Wife

Steve Weiss has a wife of Indian heritage named Bhavna Malik. In May 2021, they celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. He dedicated an anniversary post where he wrote, “Happy 7th Anniversary to my Love!!!”.

Bhavna attended Carmel Covent School in New Delhi and currently lives in Washington, D.C.

Steve has a daughter from a previous relationship who appeared on his Facebook in September 2021. On Daughter’s Day post he wrote on his Facebook, “Happy Daughters Day! So Proud of you! Looking forward to your future accomplishments.”

Moreover, Steve might have a son who had appeared with him and his wife Bhavna. On Steve’s daughter’s birthday, a young lady of Indian heritage also appeared who shared some of the features of Bhavna. So we believe she also has a daughter from her previous relationship.

Steve Weiss Height

Steve Weiss stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Steve Weiss From?

Hailing from the hometown of Newburgh, New York, Steve Weiss is currently living in Ashburn, Virginia.

  • Is Steve Weiss On Instagram?

Steve Weiss is on Instagram (@chefsugar2), Facebook (@chefsugarishere), and Facebook (@steve.weiss.944).

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