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Kyra Brown Bio, Husband, Age, HairStyle, The Talent Show

Discovery+’s HairStyle, The Talent Show is a new reality show from none other than the makers of Masterchef, The Voice, and Hell’s Kitchen. It premiered on 17 November 2023 and is known to be led by Rossano Ferretti himself. Dedicated to hairdressers, the brand-new reality TV competition series sees its cast members compete against one another in a bid to bag themselves the hefty prize worth $150,000. Not to miss, the winner will also get to train under Rossano Ferretti and open their very own salon. Among these ten professional hairdressers is Kyra Brown. So, in the rest of the writing, we shall exclusively discuss her.

Kyra Brown On Discovery’s HairStyle, The Talent Show

Early in November 2023, when Kyra Brown was finally allowed to talk about her participation in this reality show called HairStyle, The Talent Show, she literally shouted out her excitement on a social media post telling people to better tune in. Also, she teased in advance that she would be the one sweating all over the place, dropping her shears on the floor and constantly getting the “red light special”.

Later, Hairstyle people introduced Kyra to viewers as someone who has been working in the industry for 17 years. Among other things, they also revealed that she believes that the best moment of her life was when she wrote a book about hair texture because she felt like it was the summit of her career. And then, according to them, Kyra also has had to deal with difficult situations, particularly on a personal level, because she suffered greatly when her cousin died when she herself was pregnant. Kyra herself also confirmed that she will do very well in this competition because she feels quite comfortable in front of the cameras.

Kyra Brown Career

Kyra Brown has been the owner of KY & CO Beauty of the Greater Chicago Area, her very first salon, since November 2017. There, she and her team provide services including hair coloring, extensions, and silk press.

Between 2002 and 2006, Kyra did her bachelor’s in Public Administration at Virginia State University and the next year, she was at Aveda Institute in Chicago studying and practicing Cosmetology. At Aveda, she learned from the best and received a quality education that would allow her to work in some of the best salons in Chicago. Eventually, she also trained with master stylists and creative directors from Chicago, New York, and Milan. So, since then and now, Kyra had the opportunity to do it all from weddings to walk-ins. Her portfolio today therefore includes all types of hair textures, short and long, men and women.

At one point, Kyra also went to Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, in the Class of 2002.

Kyra Brown Age

Kyra Brown was reportedly born in 1984. If that is to be true, she should have turned 39 years old in 2023.

You should know that before Kyra started going by her married name, she was called Kyra Allen.

Kyra Brown Family

Kyra Brown’s parents are Karen and Greg Allen. Clearly, she is very much fond of them. But, still, it is his father who dominates her social media posts. She can be seen referring to him as her pop-po, her rider, truth teller, and thanking him for loving her, protecting her, and holding her down. Kyra describes herself as a “forever daddy’s girl”. She said she did not like sharing him with anyone until Kori was born. And so now, she loves to witness her dad being the most incredible grandparent to her daughter.

From what it appears, Kyra and her husband celebrate their anniversary on the same day as her parents.

Other things that we know about Kyra’s family are that her mother-in-law is DeeBee Doris Brown and the fact that her cousin Judson Todd Allen, who made a name for himself as a finalist in Season 8 of Food Network Star, passed away untimely in the Spring of 2018.

Kyra Brown Husband

On 13 September 2023, Kyra Brown celebrated her 8th year of marriage anniversary with her husband Laurance T Brown of Chicago, Illinois. Laurance, who is the same age as his wife, turned 39 years old in February 2023. He can be found on Instagram @lboogiec5.

So, as the two celebrated their anniversary lately, Kyra took to her social media to gush about how their vow has presented itself “through sickness and health.” She also appreciated her “Mr Brown” for having held her down that week with her surgery. She termed it as an act of GOD.

On the day 7 February 2021, Kyra and her husband had been together for 12 years. On this occasion, she took to her IG to confess that she still could not get enough of him. She said the way that he fathers their baby has truly been magical to see every day. Indeed, Laurance in addition to being a great partner to Kyra also is very good at parenting. Together, they have a daughter named Kori, AKA Kori Pooh. She was born on 2 December 2019.

Lately, in May 2023, Kyra reflected on her motherhood journey and said it has been wonderful, that she felt every day felt like “girl you a whole momma!!!”.

Kyra Brown Height

Kyra Brown stands below 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kyra Brown’s Birthday?

It is not understood when Kyra Brown’s birthday is on.

  • Is Kyra Brown On Instagram?

Indeed, Kyra Brown can be found on Instagram as of November 2023. As of November 20th, her IG account @itskystime included 4,082 posts and 12.6K followers. Besides that, Kyra also showed glimpses of her life on ‘Kyra Brown’ Facebook.

  • Where Is Kyra Brown From?

As of 2023, Kyra Brown has always lived in Chicago, Illinois. She was also born and brought up here.

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