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Lara Du Preez Bio, Age, Dating, Parents, Below Deck Med

Below Deck Med Season 8 as it premiered on 25 September 2023 on Bravo, introduced to viewers its cast members comprising of a few familiar faces and several new ones. Lara Du Preez, whom we shall discuss now, was one of the latter. So now, keep reading and we shall tell you everything about her.

Lara Du Preez On Below Deck Med Season 8

Lara decided to have this experience on Below Deck Med having previously worked in the yachting industry for four years. While introducing herself to the reality show people, Lara described that she is very handy and good at fixing things. When she was asked “What do you do in your off time on the boat?” by them she answered that she works out, does courses to improve her deckhand skills, and loves to socialize. She opened up that her favorite place to be been on charter/place you are Bonifacio, France, and Bali.

As to her first impression of Mustique, she said “she” was very dirty and desperately needed a cleaning.

Referring to Below Deck Med particularly or just her profession in general, Lara also happens to have mentioned that — “the people you work with become your family, and you make love-hate relationships.”

When Lara was finally allowed to speak of her participation in the show, she took to her social media a glimpse of herself on the boat and teased “Bet y’all expected this one 😝Things are about to get rough in the Med 😮‍💨.” Since then, she has been inviting people to see her on TV.

Just before Bravo happened to her, she was seemingly a cocktail girl. Because a friend or rather a colleague of hers recently took to IG to wish her luck for Below Deck, she called Lara their “cocktail girl at Ex Mock Turtle.”

Other newcomers joining Lara on this season of Below Deck were chef Jack Luby, stew Jessika Asai, bosun Ruan Irving, and deckhands Haleigh Gorman and Lara Du Preez.

How Much Is Lara Du Preez Net Worth?

Lara Du Preez reportedly had almost $200K net worth by September 2023.

If you also need to know about her salary from Below Deck, deckhands like her are paid for their hard work as the role is considered one of the most essential among the crew members. For maintaining the ship’s deck, docking, and other operations, Lara is expected to have been given about $3,500 to $4,500 a month, and up to $50,000 a season.

On FB, Lara mentioned working at Superyachts since 24 April 2020. Prior to this, she studied at Stellenbosch University.

Back in February 2020, when Lara started her new adventure as a yachtie on the most “amazing” boat, she took time to share the experience via a FB post. “I can not explain the excitement and happiness boiling inside of me,” she wrote this and more. She shared that she had been wanting to go into this career path for a very long time. Getting there, she said was a “very rough road”. And at times, she said it felt like it was never going to happen. So, what Lara basically wanted to say was it was a “hectic” couple of years with ups and downs that taught her a big lesson in life.

Is Lara Du Preez Dating Anyone?

Unlike fellow cast member Ruan Irving, Lara was likely not dating anyone as of September 2023. At this point, it was also not understood if she was part of any boatmances on Below Deck.

Lara Du Preez Age

Lara Du Preez was reportedly born before 1998. So, should this be true, she should have turned at least 25 years old in 2023.

Who Are Lara Du Preez’s Parents?

Lara’s parents are perhaps no longer together. A long time ago, in December 2011, on a FB post, Lara’s dad, Pierre Du Preez, was seen referring to Lara’s mom, Irimari Dupreez (Im Naude), as his “ex-wife”. He hinted at the time that they had been co-parenting Lara while living separately.

Now, let us also reveal to you a few known facts about Lara’s dad.

On LinkedIn, Pierre mentioned working as a real estate sales partner/property consultant at Rawson Properties Somerset West. It is also understood that the patriarch originally hails from Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa, and was based in Somerset West, Western Cape as of 2023.

Lara Du Preez Height

Lara Du Preez stands below 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lara Du Preez From?

Lara Du Preez belongs to her hometown of Hermanus, South Africa. To those of you who do not know, Hermanus is a seaside town southeast of Cape Town, in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. The place is popular as a whale-watching destination.

  • When Is Lara Du Preez’s Birthday?

Lara’s birthday is on March 15th and that makes her a Piscian.

  • Is Lara Du Preez On Instagram?

Indeed. Lara Du Preez was on Instagram as of September 2023. His IG @dupreez.lara_, included 92 posts and 1,979 followers.

It was possible for people to give her a follow on ‘Lara Du Preez’ Facebook and on TikTok @laradupreezx. “Hatred is a weakness, love is a strength ✨”, read her quote in the BIO of the latter.


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