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Ruan Irving Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Below Deck Med

Below Deck Med Season 8 as it premiered on 25 September 2023 on Bravo, introduced to viewers its cast members comprising of a few familiar faces and several new ones. Ruan Irving, whom we shall discuss now, was one of the latter. So now, keep reading and we shall tell you everything about him.

Ruan Irving On Below Deck Med

Ruan Irving decided to have this experience on Below Deck Med having previously worked in the yachting industry for good ten years. While introducing himself to the reality show people, Ruan also talked about his favorite off-boat activities, some “wildest” charter guest stories from his career, his first impression of Mustique, and other things.

Ruan said he likes to box spearfish, surf, ride motocross bikes, and swim. He recalled an incident when a guest wanted to do the flyboard when he ended up flying so high and fell onto a jet ski and broke his shoulder and ribs. Also, when speaking of his first impression of Mustique, he spilled it was a still good-looking old classic boat.

About himself, Ruan also revealed that his favorite place he traveled to on charter/place was on charter Bonifacio where he traveled to Bali.

Referring to Below Deck Med particularly or just his profession in general, Ruan also happens to have mentioned that his workplace, filled with different personalities and pressure on one small boat can at times be a “recipe for disaster”.

Other newcomers joining Ruan on this season of Below Deck were chef Jack Luby, stew Jessika Asai, and deckhands Haleigh Gorman and Lara Du Preez.

How Much Is Ruan Irving’s Net Worth?

Ruan Irving reportedly had less than $300K net worth as of September 2023.

Speaking of his salary on Below Deck now, bosun like him are believed to get paid for their hard work. As a bosun, Ruan can be expected to make about $3,500 to $4,500 a month, and up to $50,000 a season.

In addition to a sailing career, Ruan has also managed to make records as a MMA fighter. In this journey, he joined Fight Park to start a little camp just in August 2023. He, not to miss, also loves telling everyone that he is the owner of Rudawg Promotions and Productions Pty Ltd financial services. This is a private company in Durban, South Africa, and was incorporated on 21 April 2021.

Ruan Irving Girlfriend

So, to those of you wondering, Ruan Irving is taken already. He is seemingly head over heels with this 24-year-old named Nicola King. Nicola’s IG @nixx_king at the time was kept private. So, it was not possible for us to discover more about her. What is known though is the fact that she too is a South African.

Ruan however for sure posted pictures of them together publicly on his social media. On 27 May 2023, for example, he took to his IG to gush “So much to see, just you and me ❤️” from a certain Yatch outing. He also mentioned at the time that about 2 months ago he and his “ride or die” Nicola started their traveling journey together. Also, he appreciated Nicola for showing strength and willingness.

Most lately, on 9 August 2023, Ruan again took to IG to value his dear beau. He wrote in the caption that it is a woman like her who teaches men like him it should be women’s day every day.

Ruan Irving Age

Ruan Irving was reportedly born before 1993. So, should this be true, he should have reached the age of 30 at least in 2023.

Ruan Irving Family

Until the time of this writing, Ruan Irving managed to keep his family background and details about his family to himself. Yet, one time, in a social media post in June 2020, he did mention that his dad is no more. Next to a picture of him holding his dad picture, he gushed “Dad, gone but never forgotten! Took you to the top of Monaco today for a hike & to soak up the view ♥️ i love you China” all the way from Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Ruan Irving Height

Ruan Irving stands above 5’11” in height. He has this way of flaunting his tattoo-covered and muscle-bound physique, every chance he gets.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ruan Irving From?

Ruan Irving originally hails from Margate, which is a coastal resort town in the KwaZulu-Natal province, about 20 kilometers southwest of Port Shepstone and 127 kilometers southwest of Durban in South Africa. The place, they say, is nice with friendly people and amenities all just minutes away. And maybe that is the reason, Ruan chose to live in in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal only.

  • When Is Ruan Irving’s Birthday?

Ruan Irving’s birthday is on July 24th making him a Leo.

  • Is Ruan Irving On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Ruan Irving was on Instagram and Facebook as of September 2023. His IG @ru_dawggg included 81 posts and 20.3K followers and he also showed regular glimpses of his life on ‘Ruan Irving’ Facebook.

On these platforms, among other things, Ruan can also be seen talking to people about his background working and living on a boat.

On his other IG account @letsgetit_trading, Ruan also can be seen introducing himself as a “traveling man with a telegram group to teach you what I know & to drop signals.”

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