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Lashanna Lintamo Bio, Married, Age, Job, Survive the Raft

Lashanna Lintamo, a welder from Sacramento, joined the Survive the Raft cast. It is a brand-new program that debuted on July 30, 2023. In the two-hour episode, nine strangers from varied backgrounds will board the Acali II for 21 days. They will carry out a range of activities in three separate teams to increase the total reward pot.

The nine players can choose to keep a player from their own side on the show, evict them from the competition, or swap them out for another player each week. The team with the lowest overall score at the end of the season will win the prize money, which will be split equally among the team members.

Learn all about Lashanna in this article below. Here are a few things about her age, job, wife, and family.

Lashanna Lintamo On Survive The Raft

Survive The Raft is a new reality show that places nine Americans of diverse races, geographic areas, and religious and political beliefs on a 60-foot-by-40-foot barge on the Pacific Ocean near the Pearl Islands of Panama. The goal is to see if the participants will behave cooperatively or competitively in the face of physical, mental, and monetary challenges. Newcomers join when some get eliminated.

Survive The Raft re-creates anthropologist Santiago Genovés’ controversial 1973 study of whether internationally diverse people would work together to survive at sea. The show is hosted by former Green Beret and NFL pro-Nate Boyer.

Per her bio, Lashanna is a fourth-generation metal welder and “a grade-A badass.”

As a foreperson, she is used to managing a large group of often badly behaved men, so she will have no problem donning her hard hat on the boat and taking control. She tries to live sustainably by growing her own food at her home. Lashanna is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves to hike and camp. She is accustomed to sleeping on dirt floors and walking miles for water in her African travels, so this experience should be a piece of cake.

As for the other cast members they are named CJ Duffie, Elliot Capella, Jonathan Dade, Lashanna Lintamo, Maddie Witt, Merissa Underwood, Tara Colucci, and Summer Homayed.

Lashanna Lintamo Age

Born in November 1985, Lashanna Lintamo is 37 years old.

Lashanna Lintamo Family

Lashanna Lintamo came from a long line of welders. Her great-grandfather was a slave traded to the States and was a blacksmith. Her grandfather served in World War II in the army as a welder.

Lashanna’s great-grandmother Ethel Reed 👩🏾‍🏭 a Rosie the Riveter built the World War II ships.

The California welder shared, “The Rosies were the icons of the civilian workforce that helped win WWII and has a powerful resonance in the women’s movement even today. Wearing helmets, bandanas with their curls sweetly tucked, hoisting machine guns, and Welding stingers, I honor all who served.”

In fact, Lashanna was raised by her grandparents in Dunnigan, CA, growing up on a farm was the best thing that could have ever happened to her it was where she learned a first-class work ethic from her world war two veteran grandfather.

In September 2021, Lashanna posted about her grandfather, “Hey Y’all, Well… Grandpa jumped in one of them B-52s and took off……🌤 The original welder in WWII….732 company K …… I’m reaching out as a family and asking you to take a moment and sew a good seed,… Please, we really appreciate it if you would share and donate to our GoFundMe campaign, Willard Ingraham WWII Veteran Memorial Fund.”

As for Lashanna’s parents, she hasn’t shared much about her folks and her siblings.

Lashanna Lintamo Job

Lashanna Lintamo is currently pursuing a career as a multi-certified master welder and ironworker. She entered the trades in 2008, After completing the apprentice training program at Cypress Mandela.

Although she grew up around it she started welding only in her 20s. Lashanna is a certified master welder and ironworker who has worked on high rises, to Chevron refineries and is extremely passionate about encouraging women in the trades.

The first big job in welding that Lashanna landed Chevron Refineries. She got dispatched from the union to go to Chevron refinery, and she worked in the well Bay. There she got to meet a lot of experienced old-timer welders who have traveled the world welding, all very versatile.

Lashanna said in a podcast, “I just kind of cuddled myself under their wings, every time they were doing something, I watched, I worked, worked, worked all the time. I was always on the table doing something, In my downtime, I was practicing my tag, I was practicing my flex Corp and anything and everything I could get my hands on to do, and to practice, to better benefit myself in the craft I did, for sure.”

Lashanna has also traveled the country as a minister, and she would go on individual mission trips. She felt like “working independently was really beneficial for me, working as a female welder in the trades, it was a lot more freedom, and it was a lot more fun too. Had people who are a lot more well-rounded? You know the union. I love the union, don’t get me wrong, I always recommend people, young ladies to this day. Go Union so that you get to work. But it molded me and it gave me the tough skin that I needed in the union.”

The craft of plumbing and pipe fitting wasn’t enough for Lashanna so she switched over to structural steel welding, equipped with the certifications and training that she needed to break chains and boundaries throughout her experience as a woman in the field, Tackling big projects like Chevron refinery and working with the WWII ships on Maryland was adventurous.

You can find her on YouTube here.

Lashanna has taken part in restoring and building various historical buildings throughout her local city of Sacramento all the way to the Bay Area, she has built Sacramento’s golden one center, Marriott hotels, luxury apartments, hospitals, high-rises even a BART station just to name a few. She is an incredible leader who is not afraid to take risks and pursue her dreams. Lashanna has traveled back and forth from the United States to Ethiopia sharing her knowledge about building and trades work.

Lashanna is also into fashion and is affiliated with Leyu Designs.

Is Lashanna Lintamo Married?

Yes, Lashanna Lintamo is married. Her husband is named Ayele Alemu. The couple got married on 20 December 2015. A year later on their first anniversary, Lashanna wrote, “Look how time flies…”

 The married couple shares one son 6-year-old son named Na’od.

Her husband is originally from Hawassa, Sidamo, Ethiopia, and lives in Sacramento, California. Ayele attended Hawassa Tabor secondary and preparatory high school and is studying Full Stack Web Developer at the University of California, Davis since 2021.

Lashanna Lintamo Height

Lashanna Lintamo’s height measures under 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lashanna Lintamo From?

Lashanna Lintamo hailed from Sacramento, California.

  • When Is Lashanna Lintamo Birthday?

Lashanna Lintamo celebrates her birthday on 12 November.

  • Is Lashanna Lintamo On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Lashanna Lintamo is on Instagram (@thefashionwelder) and Facebook (@lashanna.lintamo).

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