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Late NASCAR Star Bobby East Wife: Who Is Natasha Zulu?

Meet Natasha Zulu, alleged wife of NASCAR star Bobby East. Learn all the details regarding her life and their marriage. But most importantly: were they really married?

We unfold all the information here in this article.

Meet Late NASCAR Star Bobby East Alleged Wife, Natasha Zulu

If you go and look for NASCAR driver Bobby East’s wife, you can find several blogs such as, NewsOfCpm, Celebrilla, and Latest In Bollywood, which report that he the race car driver was married to Natasha Zulu.

All of the sites most likely got their reports from a Zambian page NKANI. NKANI, back in May 2020 revealed that Bobby’s wife is Natasha. Although the news that they posted could be true, Bobby East in the context of the NKANI’s post is about Zambian musician Bobby East AKA Bobby Day Walker, not a race car driver Bobby East.

Speaking about Bobby East, the NASCAR driver was fatally stabbed to death at a gas station in Orange County, California. Bobby was found with a stab wound to his chest when police arrived at a petrol station in Westminster, an Orange County city, shortly before 6 o’clock, according to the police department.

He was taken to a trauma center where he died of injuries. Trent William Milsap, a parolee from Orange County, was named as the suspect by Westminster police officers.

Trent “became confrontational” when the West County SWAT Team arrived at an Anaheim apartment complex on Friday to execute an arrest warrant. A police dog was then brought in, and Milsap was ultimately shot and killed by police, according to the agency.

Police stated on Saturday that they did not know the reason behind the attack that murdered East. Milsap was initially characterized by Westminster police as a vagrant who was known to stay at hotels in Westminster as well as adjacent Garden Grove and Anaheim. In a previous press release on the attack, the suspect’s age was given as 27 and his last name was misspelled as Millsap. He was being sought for an unrelated parole breach while on parole for armed robbery, according to the police.

Westminster police said in a statement that they have recognized Bobby as a former NASCAR driver. He is from San Dimas, a city in eastern Los Angeles County, according to the Westminster department.

Early Saturday evening NASCAR released a statement acknowledging the death of one of its own.

“NASCAR is saddened to learn of the tragic death of Bobby East,” the organization that oversees stock car racing said. “We extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Bobby, a true racer”.

Were Late NASCAR Star Bobby East And His Alleged Wife Natasha Zulu Really Married?

So, no, Natasha Zulu isn’t the wife of NASCAR star Bobby East. In fact, the well-celebrated race car driver was likely single at the time of his passing. He wasn’t on any of the social media platforms that we use like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. So, there was no way for him to confirm that he had a girlfriend or a wife.

Moreover, family and friends who were paying tribute to his mother Janice East’s Facebook addressed Bobby’s parents and his two sisters. Among the hundreds who commented, none of them mentioned him having a wife or leaving behind a kid.

Hence, Bobby was likely single at the time of his death.

Based on NKANI, Bobby East, the Zambian musician married his wife Natasha Zulu in October 2019.

How Many Kids Did Late NASCAR Star Bobby East And His Alleged Wife Natasha Zulu Have?

As stated earlier, NASCAR driver Bobby East likely didn’t have any kids. Not a single post on Bobby’s mother Janice or sister Alice’s Facebook ever featured prospective kids of Bobby. Meanwhile, Janice has shared plenty of photos of her daughter’s kids on her Facebook which also suggest that NASCAR star Bobby didn’t have any kids of his own.

So, no late NASCAR star Bobby East didn’t have any kids with his “alleged wife” Natasha Zulu.

Zambian Musician Bobby East With His Son That He Shared With His Wife Natasha Zulu (Pic: Instagram)

As for Zambian musician, he reportedly shared on son with his wife Natasha Zulu.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Natasha Zulu?

Zambian musician’s wife Natasha Zulu could be above 26 years old.

  • What Does Natasha Zulu Do For A Living?

There is no information available on Natasha Zulu currently. She isn’t connected on Instagram with Zambian musician Natasha. As for Bobby East’s music, here is his YouTube.

  • Where Is Natasha Zulu From?

Natasha Zulu is actually from Zambia, like her musician husband.

  • Is Natasha Zulu On Instagram?

No, Natasha Zulu doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. But you can find the musician’s socials here IG (@bobbydaywalker) & FB (@BobbyEastDaywalker), and Twitter (@bobbydaywalker).

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