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Lateasha Lunceford Age, Job, Net Worth, IG, Gregory Wife

Lateasha Lunceford, the new wife of Dr Gregory Lunceford, joined the cast of Married To Medicine. So, how does his ex-wife Quadd Webb feel about that? More importantly, who is Lateasha?

Here, we bring you details regarding her age, job, net worth, IG, and family. So, keep scrolling down to learn all that we know about her.

Married To Medicine: Meet Lateasha Lunceford, Gregory Lunceford’s New Wife

Dr. Gregory Lunceford is the husband of Lateasha Lunceford, the newest member of the Bravo’s Married to Medicine. The couple reportedly met because of Lateasha’s career. They eventually got married in April 2023 in Atlanta making Lateasha the new wife of Dr. Gregory.

In February 2023, Lateasha announced her wedding day with an IG post, “It’s a Countdown! 57 days until we say “I Do”. ❤️💒👰🏾‍♀️🤵🏾‍♂️.”

Per Lateasha’s Instagram, they got engaged on 28 September 2022. The married couple jointly announced, “He said it’s time to take it to the next level #Engaged.”

A month after their wedding, on Gregory’s birthday, Lateasha surprised her husband by renting a yacht in Dubai while on their honeymoon.

Before marrying Lateasha, Dr Gregory Lunceford was married to his ex-wife Quad Webb. Their marriage undoubtedly experienced its share of highs and lows, which the show chronicled. We heard about the couple’s altercation from Season 1, which resulted in both of them going to jail. He phoned the police when Quad alleged she threw a dish at him out of anger. Still, their love for one another was sufficient to maintain their marriage.

They tied the knot in 2012 and were wed for six years.

Speaking to Life & Style magazine, Quad shared, “I’ve been with my husband now for 10 years and married to him for six. That’s a long time vested, but I will say this: It doesn’t matter the time that’s spent if it hasn’t been a time of happiness.”

They have no children together and got divorced in 2019.

During the first six seasons of Married to Medicine, the pair attempted to talk about his emotional void on camera several times, but the psychiatrist Dr. Gregory would invariably get up and leave the session. Quad acknowledged that when she became upset, she would block his phone number. His lack of encouragement when she wanted to start a dog clothing company also annoyed her. One grievance was that Quad wasn’t prepared to start a family, while Dr. Gregory was.

Finally, in 2018, Quad filed for divorce on the grounds of his alleged adultery. Dr. Gregory acknowledged going to a hotel room with a buddy to meet a woman, but he insisted that nothing occurred at the Married to Medicine reunion from Season 6.

Jackie Presley, the concerned woman, came forth with additional information, claiming that he claimed not to be married and that they had oral s*x—a claim that Dr. Gregory refuted. Additionally, she DM’d Quad to let him know what transpired after finding out he was on a reality show.

In Season 6, Quad acknowledged that she had believed Presley’s version of events and accepted her husband’s adultery. Quad continued by telling Life & Style that she had made every effort to save her failing marriage.

“We’ve tried marital counseling. I’ve bought books for us. I have written things down. I have also tried to lead by example. And now, you’ll see in the show that we have a marital focus group that we are a part of,” she said. “So, I’m literally trying everything that I can to salvage my marriage.”

As of this writing in Nov 2023, Quad is reportedly single.

Quad has also talked about Lateasha joining the Bravo show saying, “I actually support her and my ex-husband and I want them both to be happy. I don’t want it to be a situation where people think, because she’s a part of this show that I have nothing against her. She and I have spoken a number of times off camera and we’re very clear that there is no animosity between the two of us.”

She added, “My ex-husband and I have been divorced for five years plus. And listen, happiness looks very, very different for different people. She deserves happiness and so does Dr. Gregory Lunceford.”

Lateasha Lunceford Age

Married to Medicine starlet Lateasha Lunceford is 32 years old as of 2023. Her birth year is 1991.

What Is Lateasha Lunceford Maiden Name?

Lateasha Lunceford’s maiden name is Lateasha Mayo.

Her dad is known as Mr Kevin to her followers and her mom is named Rita.

On Father’s Day 2023, Lateasha wished her dad, “Where do I start… @neasha1_t and I came into your life when you were just a kid and when you found out mom was pregnant with twins grandpa told you to get two jobs and you handled business! I appreciate all that you’ve done and I hope to continue to make you proud of me. I promise it’ll all pay off! Happy Father’s Day Dad!”

Likewise, on Mother’s Day 2023, Lateasha posted, “Happy Mother’s Day to my creator! Thank you for being my momma and my support. No matter where you are I’m always calling it home. Nobody can do it like you! 😘

Lateasha has a twin sister named Kaneasha Taylor. Kaneasha and her husband share a son named Issac.

Lateasha Lunceford Job

Prior to earning her bachelor’s degree in integrative studies from the University of North Texas, Lateasha Lunceford served as a Pharmacy Tech in the Air Force Reserves. She also works on her business projects and philanthropic passion for serving her community.

Per her LinkedIn, Lateasha worked as a help desk admin and then as an information analyst at the United States Air Force. She is also employed at Perspecta as Program Coordinator. She joined the company as an intelligence analyst in 2017 and served in that role for two years.

Lateasha has been quite active on her new YouTube account, where she shares videos of herself cooking, doing makeup, and giving dating advice.

How Much Is Lateasha Lunceford Net Worth?

Lateasha Lunceford’s net worth is likely above $500 thousand.

Lateasha Lunceford Height

Per her pictures, Lateasha Lunceford stands tall at the height of under 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lateasha Lunceford Birthday?

Lateasha Lunceford’s birthday is on 23 June.

  • Is Lateasha Lunceford On IG?

Yes, Married to Medicine star Lateasha Lunceford is available on IG (@therealsweet_tea).

  • Where Is Lateasha Lunceford From?

Lateasha Lunceford was born in Arkansas and raised in Killeen, Texas.

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