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LaToya Tonodeo Parents: Ronald And LaTonya Tonodeo

Power Book II: Ghost has one of the best-looking ensemble casts on television and amongst them is LaToya Tonodeo — who portrays Diana Tejada. This actress inherits Black and Hispanic roots from her parents and even they are of mixed descent.

So, who are LaToya Tonodeo parents? Keep reading to find out. 

Who Are LaToya Tonodeo Parents?

LaToya Tonodeo was born to her parents, Ronald and LaTonya Tonodeo. They both have a good sense of humor and often joked around with each other.

Back in August 2009, LaToya even took to Twitter to share one of her dad’s antics, “My dad is a foo. Lol. Me: momma wake up let me take u out.Dad: Wake up! Toy wanna hang out. Me: Stop tryna game her.Dad: Naw take her so I dnt hav2.”

LaToya made her TV debut back in the 2009 movie Becoming Pony Boi and she has since graced over 10 movies and TV shows. Naming some of them are — Power Book II: Ghost (2022), Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz (2021), The Oath (2019), The Head Thieves (2018), The Fosters (2018), and Dutch Hollow (2015).

In 2023, she was together with her soon-to-be husband Arlen Escarpeta.

The news about their engagement first came to light after the actress posted an IG story video on December 31, 2021, where she flaunted a stunning sparkler while riding in a car. So, this meant they’ve been together for over 9 years. Sadly, we have no idea when the duo plans to tie the knot. But if they ever do, that will be Latoya’s first and Arlen’s second wedding. Yes,  Arlen previously walked the aisle with the actress and producer Benita Nall in 2011. The pair separated within a year.

Meet LaTonya, LaToya Tonodeo Mother

LaTonya Tonodeo is the first of her name. She is the mother of the Power Book II: Ghost star.

According to her LinkedIn, she worked at the “MAKING IT HAPPEN DEPARTMENT” at No-Nae Entertainment. This could mean that LaTonya is an all-rounder who can complete any given job by hook or crook. But LaTonya studied Accounting & Finance at Los Angeles Harbor College after graduating from Phineas Banning High School. So, she could also be in fiance.

When LaTonya was not working, she loved to travel and cook (especially enchiladas).

As for one of her favorite memories in life, LaTonya said it was her birthday (i.e. on Feb 22) in 2015. She even took to her FB to take names of the “very special people” who helped her plan the best birthday party ever. They were “Toya Toy, Arlen Escarpeta, GReen X Tonodeo, Ramona Dawson, Venita Mims, HappilyDivorced Carly Carr Comedian, Mother Ms Dee Dee, aunt Jessie, Bottom Line (night club), and Ronald.”

Find LaTonya on Facebook @latonya.tonodeo and @latonya.tonodeo.3.

Besides her mother, the Power Book II: Ghost actor was also close to her grandmother who passed away on July 10, 2018. Praying a tribute to her, LaTonya took to her IG to write, “She is and has always been a blessing to me. I love her so much! Of course, this does not seem real, but I will never question God. Her beautiful soul will forever live with me. My guardian angel. May you Rest In Peace. Love you 😘👯‍♀️💜😘 Please keep us in your prayers.”

She also added the verse from John ‭14:1-3‬ ‭KJV‬ “Let not your heart be troubled…” to honor her grandma.

Meet Ronald Tonodeo, LaToya Tonodeo Father

Ronald Tonodeo is LaToya Tonodeo’s hilarious father. “I texted my dad “I love u. Ur the bomb” he replied “I love u more. Ur a bigger bomb” LOL,” Ronald shared one of their conversations.

But Ronald’s not just funny, he’s also “sooo cool, laid back, and calm. With his Ice Cube lookin self,” LaToya said.

On Father’s Day, the actor took to her Twitter to write, “Happy Father’s day to all the Dads and Mothers who play both roles. God Bless>”

Born: July 4, 1984, Ronald worked at Papermill Entetainment LLC. Sadly, the company’s now dissolved.

Trivia: Ronald’s mother Doris Tonodeo has long passed away.

Related FAQs

  • Are LaToya Tonodeo Parents Still Married?

Yes, the last we checked, LaToya’s parents were still married. In fact, the two were already into 3 decades of marriage (with their 30th anniversary being on Feb 17, 2014).

Reportedly, the couple dated for four years before getting married.

So, having come so far, LaToya’s parents served as a love icon to their daughter.  “I’m exceedingly thankful to have both parents n my life…married forever. Big ups to my pops and mom they r so good to me,” LaToya said.

  • How Many Kids Do LaToya Tonodeo Parents Have?

LaToya’s parents have two kids — LaToya and Ronald Tonodeo (aka Tonodeo).

Their son, Ronald was born in April 1988 and is 9 years older than his sister. But though the age gap, the two are super close. So, close that LaToya called themselves a twin. “I just had the BEST time with my brother. I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT!!!!!! He’s the BEST!!! My twin.” she wrote.

Also, she once tweeted about him, “Sooo my brother had my car…I’m just now getting it back and he got it bumpin’ with new CDs. I’m rolling!!!!!!”

  • Where Are LaToya Tonodeo Parents?

LaToya’s parents resided in Los Angeles, California in 2023.

  • What Is LaTonya Tonodeo Parents Ethnicity?

LaTonya’s parents are of mixed descent. They pass Black and Hispanic roots to their daughter.

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