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Tanzyn Crawford Parents: Kim And Christine Crawford

Tanzyn Crawford, an up-and-coming actress from Perth, Australia, since reliving her teenage angst onscreen in the new Hulu series Tiny Beautiful Things has been quite the topic of discussion on the internet. She has made more fans and they have been wanting to know all about her, even the real-life stuff. So, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about her parents.

Who Are Tanzyn Crawford’s Parents?

Tanzyn Crawford, who recently appeared in the Apple TV+ thriller series Servant, has discussed her influences, her hobby of making and selling clothes, and about often seeing herself in her character, and other things, in her interviews. But, her personal life is rarely talked about. This includes her parents too. Nevertheless, on her IG @tanzyncrawford, Tanzyn often talks about her love for them. She makes it obvious that she feels the luckiest to be their daughter.

Now, let us tell you more about each one of them.

Meet Kim Crawford, Tanzyn Crawford’s Father

Tanzyn Crawford gets half of her African American ethnicity from her father Kim Crawford and the other half, i.e., Caucasian from her mother.

Kim, with the full name John Kim Crawford, can be found on ‘Kim Crawford’ Facebook.

Other family members that we know of are his sister-in-law Dawn Pickett Crawford (on IG @eliandgrey) and brother Dave Crawford. Together, this couple has three sons: Elijah Crawford, Greyson Crawford, and Trey Crawford.

Kim and Dave’s mother Shirley Marie (Baker) Crawford, of Bloomington and formerly of Los Angeles, California, is no more. She lived until the age of 79. And in that lifetime, Shirley retired in 1989 as the Deputy Chief of the Accounting and Finance Division, Defense Contract Administration Service Region in Los Angeles. In this capacity, she was second in command and liable for separate Army, Navy, and Air Force Treasury. Late Shirley’s accomplishments and contributions to the federal service were numerous. In her obituary, she is described as extremely knowledgeable and recognized by her peers as an expert in all accounting and financial matters. She was awarded the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Distinguished Career Service Award for her outstanding support of the DLA and the Government of the United States.

Another renowned individual in Kim’s family was his uncle David Baker, a distinguished professor, and jazz legend. He died at the age of 84 in 2016. The late David Nathaniel Baker Jr. was a regular on the thriving Indianapolis jazz scene of the era and top in his field in several other disciplines. He taught and performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. He co-established the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra and served as its conductor/musical and artistic director from 1990 through 2012. That same year in December he became a maestro emeritus. Kim’s uncle made it to the Pulitzer Prize nomination in 1973 and was later nominated for a Grammy Award in 1979. He received numerous other awards, including the National Association of Jazz Educators Hall of Fame Award in 1981. And of course, the Emmy Award for his musical score for the PBS documentary For Gold and Glory in 2003.

Meet Christine Crawford, Tanzyn Crawford’s Mother

On Tanzyn Crawford’s birthday once, her mother Christine Crawford took to her social media to write how when her darling daughter was born, her little face was gorgeous. Today, she says, she is even more proud of the way her daughter has turned out to be so beautiful, clever, and driven.

On her ‘Christine Crawford’ Facebook, Christine mentioned working in the Front House at Adventure World.

You should also know that when once Tanzyn was asked “Who had the most influence on you growing up?”, she said Alicia Keys, her mom, and her sister did. She then went on to explain that for the first 12 years of her life, she was following her sister around and copied everything that she did. Also because both of them have the same hair, Tanzyn said she was really influenced by her style. Tanzyn’s sister always wore it out, and she on the other hand was nervous wearing it out. With time, Tanzyn’s sister helped her accept her Blackness.

As for her mother, Tanzyn said she has always roped her mom into whatever was needed to be done.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Tanzyn Crawford’s Parents Reside?

Tanzyn Crawford’s mother had been residing in Perth, Western Australia as of April 2023. As for Kim, it was not known if he was also living there.

  • Are Tanzyn Crawford’s Parents Still Together?

Tanzyn Crawford’s parents are no longer married.

When Kim’s mother passed away in April 2013, Christine was missing from her obituary. So, they should have been divorced before that time.

  • How Many Kids Do Tanzyn Crawford’s Parents Have?

Tanzyn Crawford is not the only child of her parents. She also has a sister named Temeley Crawford.

Per her Facebook, Temeley is a model based in Perth, Western Australia. Here, she also mentioned modeling for 7 years. Then, she cited that most of that has been with the Chadwick modeling agency. And the past three years, Temeley said she has started to freelance her modeling career mainly doing photo shoots for Instagram photographers and fashion shows for small-name designers.

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