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Laura Núñez Bio, Netflix: Insiders, Age, Family, Height

After huge success with Money Heist and Squid Game, Netflix released another intriguing Spanish series called Insiders in 2021. And not only did the series have an interesting plot, but it also featured stars like Laura Núñez who were completely new to the reality-TV scene.

Keep reading this Laura Núñez Bio to learn more about her,

Laura Núñez On Netflix: Insiders

Netflix’s Insiders is all about 12 contestants placed into the house where they are under the impression that they’re in the final phase of being cast for a reality TV show. But here’s the twist. All of them are already on the show!

As seen over the trailer, the contestants look terrified at times. Mind games, manipulation, and every ugly side of humans are revealed in this unique series.

This season, Laura Núñez was joined by 11 other participants namely Tatiana, Estefania, Barbara, Nicole, Ivan, Hugo, Peter, Fama Marong, Ivan, Olaya, and Francisco.

They each fall into easily digestible archetypes, and that is what made the show so interesting. It might be shocking to reveal them and uncomfortable to every heartfelt and cringy moment, but let’s be honest, this is what the viewers come back for more.

Reportedly, Insiders was released on October 21, 2021, for viewers across USA and Spain. However, it was only later accessed by audiences of other counties.

Excited to be on the show, Laura took it to her IG on October 5 to write, “The secret ends here! Premiere on October 21 #insiders @netflixes.” (translated from Espanol to English)

Spoilers Alert: Though Laura didn’t win the show, she won the heart of a lot of viewers and garnered a lot of fans. A comment on her IG wrote, “THE TRUE WINNER, I’m glad we can see you in the second season.”

Are Laura Núñez And Peter Base Dating?

The first we saw Laura Núñez on Insiders, she admitted that was “selfish” and a bad listener, but she made up for her flaws by being honest and authentic. She shared that she was single for a long time, and wouldn’t mind meeting someone new on the Netflix original.

And there appeared Peter Basse. He was sly and strategic and first approached Laura with a completely different mindset. But all that went out of the window shortly after he realized that Laura was just his type. 

However, Peter wanted to focus on his tactics and observe others. So, he tried this best to keep his distinct from Laura and even gave her the cold shoulder. Unfortunately, nothing works when you’ve already fallen for someone. 

Though at first, it seemed like Peter was using Laura, it eventually became clear that they both liked each other. The two even went on to share a kiss after making it to the final week. What’s surprising was the sly and strategic guy, sacrificed himself to ensure that Laura would be in the running to win.

Unfortunately, Laura couldn’t make it.

Laura and Peter’s relationship on the show was what viewers might label idyllic. The duo perfectly complemented one another and would make a successful real-life couple as well. 

According to Peter, he won without winning because he found someone he wanted in his life forever.

So, are they still dating? Well, as of October 2021, the duo remained silent about their relationship status. Maybe they did not want to reveal their private life, or just were waiting for a perfect opportunity to surprise their fans. If you ask us, it might be safe to assume that Laura Núñez And Peter Bass were still together.

Laura Núñez Age

Laura Núñez was 25 years of age in 2021 when first appeared on Insiders.

She is a year older than her romantic interest Peter.

Laura Núñez Height

Laura Núñez stands tall at a height of 5 feet 4.5 inches (164 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Laura has beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, and a triangular face.

Is Laura Núñez On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, as of October 2021, find her over Instagram @lauranunezcalvo with 5.8K followers.

Sadly, we couldn’t find her Facebook account.

Related FAQs

  • Has Laura Núñez said Anything About Her Family?

Laura Núñez kept her personal life private. So, we don’t much about her family, except for the fact that they’ve lived in Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain (Laura’s birthplace).

  • What Does Laura Núñez Do For A Living?

It is no surprise that Laura Núñez is now a reality star. But if she were to take a break from the TV, she might follow a career in journalism. After all, she is a journalism graduate.

When Laura wasn’t working, she loved to travel. Yes, she is an adventurer by heart, and also virtually took her IG followers on her journeys.

  • How Much Is Laura Núñez Worth?

Laura Núñez’s net worth was estimated to be under $100 thousand by 2021.

However, this may soon rise, given her popularity with Insiders, and her upcoming feats on the show’s franchise.

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