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Peter Base Bio, Netflix: Insiders, Age, Height, Family

Meet Peter Base, one among the 12 potential contestants, vying for a spot in this Spanish language Netflix original series Insiders that have the potential to make him a household name.

Insiders premiered on Netflix around the world on 21 October 2021, with Money Heist actor Najwa Nimri as its host.

So, what is Peter Base’s role like in the game show, find out in this Peter Base Bio that also explains his family background, age, height, and related facts.

Peter Base On Netflix: Insiders

So it happens, on Insiders, we see Peter including the others, through the entire filming process, as they believe that they are only in the qualification rounds for an entirely different show.

For the four episodes, they shall have no idea that they are already being recorded for a show called Insiders.

Instead, Peter and his friends are under the illusion that they are in the casting process for a reality TV show but have no clue they are actually under 24-hour surveillance.

Apparently, with the cameras constantly rolling, the 12 are being filmed for a hidden camera show, set on a 17200 sq. ft. soundstage.

The contestants will unknowingly let their true colors shine right until the final reveal when one winner will take home the hefty €100,000 ($117,720) prize money.

Laura, Tatiana, Estefania, Barbara, Nicole, Ivan, Hugo, Fama, Ivan, Olaya, and Francisco join Peter on a Big Brother-style journey.

Are Peter Base And Laura Núñez Dating?

Peter Base came on the show with a sly and strategic mindset. He wanted to focus on his tactics and observe everything that is going on and not forge in any kind of romance. But once he talked to Laura Núñez that she is just his type, everything changed.

Even then, Peter first thought about keeping his distance but the more he got to know Laura, the more he liked her. Laura felt the same way. So, they kissed as soon as they made it to the final week.

As Peter eventually stated that he won without winning, because he found someone he wanted in his life forever, viewers will also get to see him sacrifice himself to ensure that Laura would be in the running to win. He says he would not be anywhere if it were not for her.

Yes, with Peter’s help Laura gets to finish the season as the runner-up.

Now comes the question — are they still dating? To which our answer would be — as of the time of this writing, both Peter and Laura chose not explicitly define their relationship status.

But taking a hint from their happy beings on social media, we believe the two are still together. Because even when in those crisis-like settings on the reality TV program, their relationship looked almost like of a successful real-life couple.

Peter Base Age

From what little Netflix has advanced about Peter Base, he is 24 years old. That is, he turned the age sometime in 2021.

Peter Base Height

Peter Base stands above 6 feet in height.

What Has Peter Base Said About His Family?

Another detail said about him on the show is that he is from Madrid, the capital city of Spain.

Otherwise, there was no information on his family, and what kind of a life he led outside of the house of Insiders.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Peter Base Net Worth?

Young Peter Base, who is already an owner of $250 thousand net worth, is a DJ, producer, and actor. On Netflix, he also shared that he is an engineer by day and a DJ by night.

You may catch his music mixes, live mash-ups, and the spectacular show he performed, on Spotify, Soundcloud, his website:, as well as his ‘Peter Base’ YouTube channel (with 1.44K subscribers).

Peter is currently the official DJ of Teatro Kapital (Madrid). Although over the course, he also performed in Teatro Barceló in Madrid), Starlite Marbella, MusikFabrik in Germany, N8 Floor in Amsterdam, among others.

In the process, he got to share the stage and remixes with some of the great DJs including Marshmello, Dj Snake, and Nicky Romero.

Peter also collaborated with Chris Odd and Ivanildo Kembel.

Although as of the date, not much was understood about his acting and modeling stints.

  • Is Peter Base On TikTok, Twitter?

You may certainly find Peter on TikTok and Twitter.

His TikTok @peterbasedj had just a few followers until 24 October 2021. While his Twitter @PeterBaseDj had relatively higher, i.e, 6,635 followers.

Also, on his Instagram @peterbase, he entertained 24.7K followers and had shared 28 posts.

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