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Lauren Denny Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Jim Howick Wife

Lauren Denny is the Here We Go star, Jim Howick’s wife of over a decade. Meanwhile, Jim appeared in front of the camera, she worked behind the scenes in the costume and wardrobe department.

Get to know her better as this Lauren Denny Bio proceeds. 

Meet Lauren Denny, Jim Howick Wife

Lauren Denny and Jim Howick maintained a private relationship for years before getting married on March 3, 2012. The only pre-wedding post we could find about the duo was over Jim’s Twitter (dated: Dec 31, 2011), where he featured Lauren holding a cross, captioned, “My future wife.”

For their wedding, Lauren wrote a pista-cream-colored gown while Jim owned that black suit with a matching colored tie to his bride’s dress.

As for their kids, the duo shared none. However, they do have two adorable sons — dogs named Munson and Brody (Standard Schnauzers). They even had their own IG @the_daily_life_of_munson.

For those of you wondering, Jim’s on-screen wife on Here We Go is Katherine Parkinson. Reflecting on his on-screen marriage, Jim shared, “They’re very much characters and what they have to deal with in the series is a bit of a stretch for your average 2.4 family but it’s all managed by a very real family dynamic. There are moments in the series when you really appreciate the friendship at the core of their marriage.”

Fun Fact: Jim confessed that he once tried to persuade Lauren that all tennis ball boys/girls were orphans but it didn’t work.

Lauren Denny Age

Lauren Denny was 38 years of age when Here We Go premiered in 2022.

She is 4 years younger than her husband Jim who was born on May 14, 1979.

Lauren Denny Job

Lauren Denny is a costume supervisor and assistant for TV productions. Here’s her LinkedIn.

Before 2022, she had worked in over 25 movies and TV shows including Trigonometry (2020),  Endeavour (2019), The Informer (2019), Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast (2018), Loaded (2017), And Then There Were None (2015), Him & Her (2013), Cardinal Burns (2012), Peep Show (2010), and Little Crackers (2010).

Besides being a costume expert, Lauren also has dabbled in photography. Her photography works comprised everything from landscapes to foods to animals to anything she likes. Find her works here.

As for her education, Lauren attended Westlands School Torquay.

On the other hand, her husband Jim Howick’s an actor who’s known for appearing in shows like Ghosts, Pandemonium, Sex Education, Stag, Yonderland, Horrible Histories, No Heroics, Babylon, and The Aliens.

Also, you might remember him as “Cpl. Matlin” from Hellboy (2004).

Besides acting, Jim has also written for a few shows including Ghosts (over 20 eps), Yonderland (over 25 eps), and Lives of the Infamous Comedy Blaps.

However, Jim wasn’t always an actor. Initially, he started his career by performing with a punk rock band called BliSter; where he was the drummer. Eventually, he then started as a sketch comedian before he began to get his television roles.

Reportedly, his net with was around $12 million in 2022.

Is Lauren Denny On Instagram?

Yes, as of May 2022, find Lauren on Instagram @dennydingdong with over 3,985 posts and only 354 followers. Sadly, her account was kept private.

Also, reach out to her over Facebook at @lauren.howick, and on Twitter @DennyDingDong.

Here’s her Tumblr.

Lauren Denny Family

Lauren Denny comes from a family of at least four — her parents, herself, and her brother.

Though we don’t have information about her father, Lauren’s mother is Pamela Redrup. She is the owner of Tea Darling — “a vintage tearoom where time stands still and you can relax to enjoy a cuppa” — that she opened on June 12, 2014.

Prior to working at her “vintage tearoom,” Pamela use to work as a director and stage manager at The Questors Theatre. Also, she used to be the director of Lemad Theatre Group.

As for her education, Pamela went to Pagemoss Liverpool High School and later studied Drama and Writing at Edge Hill University.

A  Liverpool native, Pamela (birthday: August 24) was married as of 2022.

Talking about her sibling, Lauren has a brother named Kieran Joseph Denny. He is a Westlands School Torquay graduate who went on to marry Jo Pink, a Chichester College alumni from Bognor Regis. The two moved to London, United Kingdom, in 2015, and resided there with their two kids, Marie and Mike O’Connor.

Also, Lauren has another niece named Alicia @Alicia_98_.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lauren Denny From?

Lauren Denny hails from Liverpool, England.

But as of 2022, she resided in London, United Kingdom, with her husband Jim.

Jim is from Chichester, Sussex, England.

  • How Tall Is Lauren Denny?

Lauren stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

She is a little short than Jim who is 5 feet 4½ inches (164 cm).

Mentioning her district features, she has brown hair, an oblong face, a comparatively smaller nose, and a beautiful smile.

  • When Is Lauren Denny Birthday?

Lauren receives her birthday wishes on August 26, making her of the Virgo zodiac.

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