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Cactus Moser Bio, First Wife, Net Worth, Wynonna Judd

Meet Cactus Moser, husband of singer Wynonna Judd. Wynonna recently lost her mother Naomi Judd in late April 2022. So, fans are interested to be updated about the life of the kids of Naomi.

This article unfolds information on Cactus Moser’s first wife, his career & net worth, and his relationship with Wynonna. So, keep learning as you scroll down this article.

Meet Cactus Moser, Wynonna Judd Husband

Cactus Moser and Wynonna married Judd on 10 June 2012. They shared their wedding vows in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee where Wynonna walk down the aisle in a Houri Barahimi dress. Meanwhile, Cactus accessorized his tuxedo with a vest, pocket watch, and .44 Magnum gun.

Cactus took a step further after the ceremony. “Right as Cactus went by Ashley’s house he fired his gun,” Wynonna shared. “I’m sure she really appreciated that if she was home”. She added with a laugh, “She was probably under the bed!”

However, they reportedly met each other in the 1980s while Cactus was on tour with The Judds. They started dating each other only after 2009. Two years later on 29 December 2011, Cactus proposed to her and the dating couple got engaged.

Wynonna didn’t invite her mother Naomi and her sister Ashley to the wedding. As US Weekly reported geographical distance wasn’t the reason behind them not making it on the guest list. “Mom is at 11 o’clock, Ashley is like at 1 o’clock and I’m at 6 o’clock,” Wynonna explained to the outlet, adding she’s “not even sure” whether Naomi and Ashley were home on the day of the nuptials — or that they’re even aware that the wedding (her third) even took place.

“Ashley’s probably so busy with [husband] Dario [Franchitti] having won the Indianapolis 500, she probably doesn’t even know,” Wynonna admitted.

“I didn’t want it to be about anyone but Cactus and me,” Wynonna explained to the US Weekly. “Because to me, at the end of the day, it’s the children, Cactus, and me . . I was so concerned about making this feel special for them, everything fell away”.

Wynonna added that she didn’t want to feel “self-conscious” with her mom and sister in the midst. “If I know Ashley, she would have re-positioned my dress, or Mom would have given me a Kleenex to stuff in my bra, or told me, I have something in my teeth. I just didn’t want that. I just wanted to get married!”

Who Is Cactus Moser First Wife?

Cactus Moser hasn’t shared any information related to his first wife. He has three children from his previous relationship/relationships.

His daughter Sunshine Weaver is married to her husband Justin Weaver. They are parents to two boys. Sunshine is working as a real estate agent in Tennessee.

Cactus’s son Michael Cahl Moser is also a real estate agent based in Nashville. He works for Fridrich & Clark Realty LLC. Not much is known about Wyatt Moser.

None of the Cactus’s children have featured their mother on their respective socials, hence, Cactus’s first wife’s identity remains a mystery.

What Is Cactus Moser Real Name?

The real name of Cactus Moser is Michael Scott Moser.

Cactus Moser Net Worth

Over the years, Cactus Moser has been able to accumulate a net worth above $2 million.

He built his fortune as a celebrated musician. He is a drummer, vocalist, writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, three-time Modern Drummer readers poll winner, Four-time CMA winner, and 3 time Grammy Award nominee.

Cactus is one of the founding members of Highway 101, an L.A.-based country music group that started playing together in 1986. The group had 10 consecutive Top Ten successes on the Hot Country Songs charts during their tenure together, with four of their songs reaching the top spot.

His band, Highway 101, had a cameo as a bar band in the 1986 Rodney Dangerfield flick, Back To School 1986. He also appeared in the movie Union Bound in 2016.

They played together for over 20 years.

Now, Moser tours with his wife Wynonna’s band, The Big Noise. “He’s the drummer, he’s part of the backbone of the band,” Wynonna told US Weekly. “I call him Animal because he attacks the drums, he doesn’t just play”. In addition to that, he is also the musical director and producer of the band.

Cactus Moser Accident

Cactus Moser had a motorcycle accident on 18 August 2012 after crashing with an oncoming vehicle. His left leg was severed at the scene of the accident. Doctors at a Rapid City, S.D., the hospital decided they would have to amputate the limb above the musician’s knee.

“He has also undergone surgery on his hand,” the representative of Wynonna told Today.” Judd and Moser appreciate all of the quick medical and police responders as well as the hospital staff and well-wishes from family, friends, and fans.”

After the accident, Wynonna postponed her scheduled concerts in Canada to stay with her spouse. “The outpouring of prayer and support from friends, family, and fans has been a blessing to both Cactus and I. Cactus is a champion,” Judd told Us in a statement over the weekend. “I love him deeply and I will not leave his side.”

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Cactus Moser?

Cactus Moser was born on 3 May 1957. He is 65 years old as of May 2022.

  • What Do We Know About Cactus Moser Parents?

Cactus Moser is yet to spare information related to his parents.

  • Where Is Cactus Moser From?

Cactus Moser is a native of Montrose, Colorado.

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