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Lauren G Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Last Name, MAFS 17

Married At First Sight Season 17 after it premiered in October 2023, introduced to viewers five couples who were set to get married at the altar. Lauren G and Orion Martzloff were one of these duos agreeing to tie the knot on their first meeting.

In the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about Lauren and also about her and Orion’s journey on the show.

Lauren G On Married At First Sight Season 17

A clip of Married At First Sight of this season teased viewers that for the first time in its history, five brides are to meet their husbands at the altar, and yet only four are to come out married.

Fortunately, to Lauren’s fans, it was not her who decided not to go through with the nuptials. Her fellow costar, AKA mystery bride Chloe Brown was the one who in the last hour changed her mind.

Anyway, watching Lauren and Orion viewers had mixed feelings. Some found them to be mismatched. One commented on FB, “I like Lauren and Orion each separately but for some reason they seem like a complete mismatch to me. I hope I’m wrong.” Another argued “I’m interested in seeing Lauren and Orion together. It could either be super cool or a train wreck but I’m leaning towards them complimenting each other.” One religious follower of the show found Lauren to be too old for Orion. “She’s 30, but looks much older & he’s only 26. Why didn’t they pair Lauren with Michael Shiakallis? He said he wanted someone with dark skin & eyes & he’s 38, a better age match,” he wrote.

Interestingly, on the show, Lauren also opened up about her sexual fluidity. She candidly repeated that she prefers both men and women, but wants to get married to a man. That is why, she said, she decided to become a part of MAFS’s social experiment.

MAFS Denver: Are Lauren G And Orion Still Together?

At the time of this writing, no one knew if Lauren and Orion actually managed to stay together afterward. But as far as the experts were concerned, this one pair was supposed to “make it” through.

In a teaser clip, Lauren, who identifies as Queer, could be heard saying “I love men. I enjoy women, but I really just want to be married to a man.” Then, Orion during his confessional said it would not bother him if his potential spouse identified as queer. He argued his reasoning citing the cultural belief of the Navajo tribes and how the matrimonial union is a coming together of two souls, masculine and feminine.

Once in the season, the show’s host asked a panel in a special episode titled “Kicking Off Denver” how Orion and Lauren might fare when the person spoke positively. The panel said if this couple is communicating and honest, they might “go off and do and play with and explore”. Another panelist also agreed that they were going to make it.

Fans however could not tell at this point if Lauren really found Orion to be what she was expecting all along. She could be heard telling the cameras that she values a partner who is accustomed to her needs and esteems her choices. She gushed that she does not believe in judging her partner by his “credentials and labels alone”. To confirm that there is transparency in the relationship, she said, she would go to any extent.

Speaking of Orion, who is of Navajo lineage and traces his roots far back, all he expected was for his future wife to be introduced to the Native American heritage.

Lauren G Age

Beautiful Lauren was 31 years old when she decided to live the MAFS experience in 2023 ultimately wanting to settle down in life.

Lauren G Job

Having studied in Arkansas, Lauren has continued to scale her abilities since graduating with a degree in Agriculture and Business Management. Once a lead camp counselor, she has worked with a myriad of organizations to further her career. She loves to tell people that she has gained experience working as an administrative assistant with different companies, including a federal organization.

Recently, Lauren told the cameras that she is now focusing less on her already “prolific” and more on working on other aspects of her life.

What Is Lauren G’s Last Name?

As of now, the world only knows Lauren as ‘Lauren G’. No last name was understood as of the time of this writing.

Lauren G Height

As stunner as they come, Lauren stands above 5’8” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lauren G From?

Originally from Chicago, Lauren’s relocation to Denver didn’t just bring her a skew of new opportunities but also introduced her to the new dating scene. While the vibrance of Colorado was alluring, Lauren didn’t find the same experience when it came to dating.

  • When Is Lauren G’s Birthday?

As of the time of this writing, it was not understood on what day Lauren G celebrates her birthday.

  • Is Lauren G On Instagram?

Lauren G was not on social media including Instagram as of October 2023.

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