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Orion Martzloff Bio, Age, Family, Job, Ethnicity, MAFS 17

Married At First Sight Season 17 as it premiered in October 2023, introduced to viewers five couples who were set to get married at the altar. Orion and Lauren were one of these couples agreeing to tie the knot on their first meeting. In the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about Orion and also about his and Lauren’s journey on the show.

Orion Martzloff On Married At First Sight Season 17

According to a teaser clip for this season of MAFS, for the first time in MAFS history, five brides were to meet their husbands at the altar but only four were to come out married.

Fortunately, to Orion’s fans, it was not him whose bride decided not to go through with their nuptials. His fellow costar Michael Shiakallis was the unlucky one here as his bride Chloe Brown in the last hour changed her mind.

Anyway, watching Orion and Lauren viewers had mixed feelings. Some found them to be mismatched. One commented on FB, “I like Lauren and Orion each separately but for some reason they seem like a complete mismatch to me. I hope I’m wrong.” Another argued “I’m interested in seeing Lauren and Orion together. It could either be super cool or a train wreck but I’m leaning towards them complimenting each other.” One religious follower of the show found Lauren to be too old for Orion. “She’s 30, but looks much older & he’s only 26. Why didn’t they pair Lauren with Michael Shiakallis? He said he wanted someone with dark skin & eyes & he’s 38, a better age match,” he wrote.

MAFS Denver: Are Orion Martzloff And Lauren Still Together?

At the time of this writing, no one knew if Orion and Lauren actually managed to stay together afterward. But as far as the experts were concerned, this one pair was supposed to “make it” through.

In a teaser clip, Lauren could be heard saying “I love men. I enjoy women, but I really just want to be married to a man.” Then, Orion during his confessional said it would not bother him if his potential spouse identified as queer. He argued his reasoning citing the cultural belief of the Navajo tribes and how the matrimonial union is a coming together of two souls, masculine and feminine.

Once in the season, the show’s host asked a panel in a special episode titled “Kicking Off Denver” how Orion and Lauren might fare when the person spoke positively. The panel said if this couple is communicating and honest, they might “go off and do and play with and explore”. Another panelist also agreed that they were going to make it.

Orion Martzloff Age

Orion Martzloff was reportedly born in 1996. So, he reached the age of 27 in 2023.

Orion Martzloff Family

Orion’s mother is Tawny Begay. On her Facebook, she mentioned being a Crystal, New Mexico native and also ‘single’. He turned 52 years old in December 2022. As of 2023 though, she seemed to be residing in Lakewood, Colorado.

Charles Herrera is most likely his dad, who is originally from East Los Angeles, California.

Orion’s sister is Bronte Begay. Originally from Crystal, New Mexico, she had been residing in Denver, Colorado as of 2023. On her IG @bronnttee and Facebook, she highlighted her quote “I don’t actually exist.”

What Is Orion Martzloff’s Ethnicity?

Orion Martzloff is a Native American and is really into his culture. He has also with pride admitted to belonging to the Navajo tribe. He is just as happy about the fact that he is also as much acquainted with Espaniol as he is with the English language.

Orion Martzloff Job

On his Facebook, Orion Martzloff mentions being self-employed as an electrical and real estate agent at KMN Servicez LLC since 14 April 2023. and as an electrician at Tower Electric, Inc.

He also has been the owner and CEO at KMN Servicez LLC since 14 September 2021 and has continued working as an electrical foreman at Double R Electric (since starting on 22 April 2021).

Overall, on LinkedIn, he talked about having 7 years of experience in the construction industry, both in the field working as a lead electrician and working in management as a project engineer.

Before that, Orion is known to have studied at Keiser University (February 2021 – June 2024). He did an undergraduate course in Psychology there. Also, between 2015 and 2020, he did another undergraduate course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Orion Martzloff Height

Back in 2014, when Orion Martzoff was a senior at Green Mountain High School in Lakewood, Colorado, he was 5’11” in height. He should have grown taller ever since.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Orion Martzloff From?

Orion Martzloff originally hails from Crystal, New Mexico. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Lakewood, Colorado.

  • When Is Orion Martzloff’s Birthday?

It is not exactly understood when Orion Martzloff’s birthday is on. One time on 17 December 2020, he took to FB asking for donations, a fundraiser, for a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

  • Is Orion Martzloff On Instagram?

Orion Martzloff was not on Instagram as of October 2023. Instead, one could give him a follow on ‘Orion Hunter’ Facebook.

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