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Lauren Geoppinger Bio, Age, Job, Max, Olivia Plath Sister

TLC’s hit reality TV show, Welcome to Plathville, follows the ultra-conservative Plath family. Viewers have seen Kim and Barry Plath’s kids grow and branch out from their sheltered upbringing in the last 4 seasons.

With that said, there is still a lot to know about Ethan Plath’s wife Olivia Plath’s family, including her siblings. Viewers were introduced to her brother, Nathan Meggs, in the Season 4 premiere only after he moved to Tampa, Florida, to live with his sister, her husband Ethan Plath, and Ethan’s sister Moriah.

In 2022, a girl named Lauren Geopinger has been rumored to be Olivia’s sister. Is there any truth to it? Find out about that and info related to Lauren’s dating life, age, job, and more in the wiki article below.

Is Lauren Geoppinger Olivia Plath’s Sister?

One thing you should know, Olivia also had a childhood similar to that of the Plath kids because she was also raised with fundamentalist Christian values alongside her siblings. Her maiden name is Meggs, and she grew up in rural Virginia. However, she has long broken free from her sheltered, ultra-conservative upbringing.

Olivia Plath is a wedding photographer by profession. She met her husband Ethan for the first time at a summer camp in 2014 and by October 2018, they were already married. The pair has been shown primarily responsible for disrupting the core values and beliefs of the Plaths.

Olivia has always respected the privacy of her siblings. We only came to know about her brother, Nathan Meggs, after he moved to Tampa, Florida to live at her sister’s place, where Olivia’s husband Ethan and her sister-in-law Moriah Plath also live.

Viewers also knew about Olivia’s sister, Lydia Grace, after she publicly spoke about the trauma she experienced growing up in the Meggs family.

In March 2022, Lydia took to Instagram to share some photos with her younger siblings, whom we already know. She wrote, “This week was probably one of the hardest I’ve ever experienced, but I got to see a few of my little siblings after three years of being cut off. I didn’t ask to be born into a fundie family, but none of us did. I love my little siblings with my whole heart and having my two little sisters ripped away in the name of religion hurt like hell,” in the caption.

The whole thing about Lauren Geoppinger being Olivia Plath’s sister started when Moriah Plath’s ex Max Kallschmidt posted Instagram photos with a mystery blonde woman at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. Although Screen Rant identified the girl as Olivia’s sister Lauren Geopinger, there is no evidence in the statement.

Therefore, we are not sure if Lauren Geopinger is Olivia Plath’s sister as of this writing.

Is Lauren Geoppinger Dating Max Kallschmidt?

Those who have watched Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville know that Moriah Plath recently had a break-up with her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. Moriah began dating Max in 2020, and viewers were introduced to the boy in Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville.

Although the pair are yet to share the details of their break-up, Max confessed to Moriah’s brother Micah that he cheated on her by kissing another woman in an Instagram video. In a tearful confessional, Moriah admitted that Max’s video was a less-than-accurate portrayal of how their relationship ended. She said, “The first thing I want to make clear is that, [Max] did cheat. I’m not going to tell the details. There’s no reason for me to embarrass him like that, but I didn’t just leave him for no reason.”

Max was expected to join Moriah in Tampa, Florida, but those hopes and dreams were ultimately shattered because of his infidelity.

Since the breakup, Max has been super active on Instagram. In late June 2022, he posted an IG picture at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game with a mystery blonde woman, a woman Screen Rant identifies as Olivia Plath’s sister Lauren Geoppinger. His followers wonder if he is dating that woman.

That Instagram post has since been deleted and the comments have also been turned off, which further increases speculation among his followers if Max is dating that woman.

Unless Max himself makes any post to clarify on that matter, him dating Olivia’s sister Lauren is just a rumor. In fact, we are not even sure the mystery blonde woman who appeared on Max’s Instagram is Olivia’s sister Lauren Geoppinger.

Lauren Geoppinger Age

Olivia Plath’s rumored sister Lauren Geoppinger was reportedly born in the year 1999, which means her age was either 22 or 23 in July 2022.

Lauren Geoppinger Job

According to Lauren Geoppinger’s LinkedIn handle, she has been working as Team Leader at The Li’l Goodie Shoppe in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her responsibility there is to manage the staff and money during the shift, train new hires each season, and provide quality goods with fast service.

Previously, Lauren worked as Tax Intern at BKD CPAs and Advisors and as Certified Server Trainer at Bob Evans Restaurants, LLC.

Is Lauren Geoppinger On Instagram And Facebook?

Lauren Geoppinger is on Instagram at @laurengeoppinger. Her account, which had more than 1.5k followers, was set to private as of July 2022. You can also find her on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lauren Geoppinger From?

Lauren Geoppinger is originally from Cleves, Ohio. Talking about her family, her parents are Susan and Joseph Geoppinger. Lauren’s dad Joseph is a former motorman at Matlock Electric whereas her mom Susan practices nursing.

Lauren also has three siblings, two brothers, and a sister, at the least. They are Bryan, Tim, and Olivia Geoppinger.

  • When Is Lauren Geoppinger Birthday?

Lauren Geoppinger celebrates her birthday on the 27th of August every year.

  • Where Did Lauren Geoppinger Recieve Her Education?

Lauren received her education at the University of Cincinnati. There, she studied Business Administration.

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