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Franklin Delano Floyd Dead Or Alive, Where Is He Today?

Netflix’s Girl In The Picture gave a peek into the life of Suzanne Sevakis and her kidnapper and abuser Franklin Delano Floyd. So, after the show, one might wonder what happened to the subject of the show or the one who appeared in the documentary. This article is about Franklin Floyd Delano and his whereabouts.

Keep on scrolling down to learn more about him and where is he now? And the recent contact anyone made that is publicly known.

Girl In The Picture: Is Franklin Delano Floyd Dead Or Alive?

Franklin Delano Floyd is very much alive today. Investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck, in his recent interview with House of Mystery Radio Show on NBC!, Matt shared about going to see him in the initial research. He shared interviewing him right after Franklin’s arrest in the fall of 2002.

Matt told him, he was working on a book. He said, “To this day I have no idea why he sat down with me. What was fortunate even though it was a brutal interview what was fortunate was that he was since he had acted as his own attorney, he had access to all the discoveries and he had it with him in the prison and he let me make copies of everything”.

He added, “It was a treasure trove of information. It basically tracked their lives for all the times that he had her including through school and her report cards and letters and things like that”. Matt spent four hours with him in their first interview. In the first interview, they were in a room alone.

Matt published the book in 2004 and when he went back to visit with him, Franklin wasn’t happy to see Matt. Matt assured that Franklin did read the book and he wasn’t happy. In the second interview, they had plexiglass between them, he added, “so for that, I was a bit thankful”.

Matt revealed that he has been on death row since and just through some issues in Florida with legislation and other legalities. He added, “death row inmates apparently aren’t on death row. So, even though he’s still on death row he’s not going to be executed he’s not in good health”.

Matt talked about reaching out to Franklin recently. He said, “I did try to reach him for this other project that I’ve been working on. We did try to reach him but he didn’t respond”.

Talking about what made Franklin outraged with Matt, he explained, “Oh, it’s just the story that I told because he denied everything he denied kidnapping her, he denied killing the boy Michael (Suzanne’s son), he denied killing Cheryl Commesso (Suzanne’s co-worker), which I wrote that he did”.

But, in 2014, he admitted to killing Michael to two FBI agents from Oklahoma. Matt believed that Franklin helped him to write the book so that he might be exonerated.

What Is Franklin Delano Floyd Doing Today?

Franklin Delano Floyd is still on death row at the Union Correctional Institution in Florida. In 2022, he is 79 years old. A judge found that he was mentally incompetent to stand trial for Commesso’s murder in 2001 and he was given another psychiatric evaluation.

Franklin argued he was fit to face trial, which he did, and refused to go through another evaluation. He was found guilty and given a death sentence during the 2002 trial. The book A Beautiful Child, written by investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck, was published in 2004 and tells the tale of Floyd and the unidentified woman he thought to be Sharon Marshall.

The FBI and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children revisited the case in 2011 as a result of Birbeck’s book. In October 2014, the FBI discovered through DNA testing that Tonya Hughes/Sharon Marshall was the daughter of Sandi Chipman, whose name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

Franklin was able to convince the FBI that Sevakis was her real name, despite the fact that he has never acknowledged to killing her. Franklin has given conflicting explanations over the years about what happened to Michael Sevaskis’ son, but in 2014, he told the FBI that he had shot Michael dead the day he had taken him.

According to an FBI report, Special Agent Scott Lobb reflected: “Michael was being a typical 6-year-old. He was out of control, and that pushed Franklin over the edge.

“Floyd felt the pressure and he just ran out of patience. He turned and looked at me and said, ‘I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick.'” Michael’s remains, according to Franklin, were buried close to the final highway exit out of Oklahoma but have never been located, according to the FBI.

When Will Franklin Delano Floyd Be Out Of The Prison?

Franklin Delano Floyd won’t be out of prison. There is no prospect of parole or exoneration.

What Did Franklin Delano Floyd Do?

Franklin Floyd is a convicted murderer, kidnapper, and rapist from Barnesville, Georgia. Prior to coming into Suzanne Sevakis’s life, he had already become a career criminal with allegations and convictions against him, including abduction, molestation, robbery, and assault.

He kidnapped a 4-year-old girl in 1962 and served 10 to 20 years in prison, only to escape a year later. Then committed a robbery at a branch of the Citizens & Southern National Bank in Macon, Georgia. Then, after release in November 1972, he again attempted to grope a woman and sexually assault her.

Franklin kidnapped 5-year-old Suzanne Sevakis also known as Tonya Hughes and Sharon Marshall. In 1990, after Tonya’s death, he tried to convince police he was her bereaved husband, Clarence Hughes, and that he was the biological father of their son, Michael. At the time, people believed her real name was Sharon Marshall and Clarence was Franklin.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Franklin Delano Floyd Real Name?

Franklin Delano Floyd is his real name. But, while on the run, he went by the names such as Warren Marshall, Clarence Hughes, Trenton Davis, and Brandon Williams.

  • Did Franklin Delano Floyd Kill Suzanne Sevakis?

Franklin Delano Floyd never admitted to killing Suzanne Sevakis. But, it is a popular belief that Franklin plotted the hit and run. Or he did it himself.

  • What Do We Know About Franklin Delano Floyd Family?

Franklin Delano Floyd was born in Barnesville, Georgia in 1943. He was the youngest of five children born to Thomas Floyd. His father worked in a cotton meal and he liked to drink homemade moonshine while at home. Thomas abused his wife and five children up to the point where they would hide under the bed.

In 1944, when he was 44 years old, Thomas died of kidney failure.

Franklin’s mom Della was left to take care of five children. She had no money so they moved into her mother’s apartment which was very overcrowded. Desperate Della, who was asked to leave, had nothing to support her family. She contacted the local welfare office and they suggested placing the children in the Georgia Baptist children’s home.

Della was forced to surrender her parental rights. Because only the children who were orphaned by death or circumstances were kept there. Franklin and his siblings were admitted there in January 1946.

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