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Leah Askey Bio, Now, Age, Husband, Pam Hupp

Meet Leah Askey, the Lincoln County prosecutor who wrongfully convicted Russ Faria.

Where is Leah now? Is Leah married? What does Leah do? How old is Leah now? We answer it below so keep on scrolling down this article.

Meet Leah Askey, The Prosecutor In The Betsy Faria Case

Leah Askey, a spirited young dark-haired woman, had her career on a fast track. She served as the prosecutor on Betsy Faria’s case and the trial of Betsy’s husband Russ began on 18 November 2013. She opened the case by saying that the motive for Russ allegedly killing his wife was greed.

Russ cussed, used pot, had a temper, was crude or bossy, had school loan debt, and believed he was still the beneficiary of his wife’s life insurance policy, among other things were the things pointed out by Leah during the trial. Russ was the only one who knew where the towels were and could handle his protective chow mix, and Leah’s query implied that whoever killed Betsy had bathed, cleaned up, and let the dog out afterward. She described a smudge on Betsy’s body that looked like a bloody paw print.

During the trial, Askey also questioned Dr. Kamal Sabharwal, who’d performed the autopsy, about a phenomenon called cadaveric spasm, called Margie Harrell, director of 911 services for Lincoln County.

In closing, Leah finally revealed her theory of the crime. She explained Russ “decided that this would be the ultimate role play…. Months before, maybe years before, he had the idea, and I think he brought it to his friends.” When Betsy texted that Pam was taking her home, Russ decided that this was “the night.”

She added, “He makes all of these stops so that he can establish an alibi. And I submit to you that he has s** with her. That he violates her one more time. That he controls her just one more time.”

She pointed out that Russ didn’t have any blood because he was naked and showered off the evidence. Leah finally pointed out that “There isn’t any evidence that points anywhere else.”

However, Russ’s lawyer Schwartz received 132 crime photos from someone from Leah’s office which was never seen before. It also came with a printout of an email from Mike Lang, then captain of investigations in Lincoln County, and indicated an intense romantic relationship between them.

Where Is Leah Askey Now?

Russ sued Leah Askey and three investigative officers after his exoneration, alleging that they willfully overlooked exculpatory evidence, but the judge excluded her name from the case. The Lincoln County Commissioner’s office looked into Leah for criminal as well as ethical misconduct.

Since the trial, Leah has been the subject of several bar complaints and investigations regarding criminal misconduct.

In 2018, she was voted out of the office which might’ve been the effect of imprisoning Russ wrongfully.

After the show The Thing About Pam premiered, Leah spoke with KSDK News and shared, “This has been my life for literally almost ten years now. It’s extremely difficult. I’m always concerned about my family, I have a lot of people who have supported me for a long time because they know me.”

She continued, “The way they are portraying me on this mini-series in the way that I have been portrayed over the last decade and all of the podcast or Dateline episodes or, you name it, social media, it is not at all me and it’s not at all what happened.”

Leah also said that she had a zoom call with the writers of the show, not the actress who portrayed her. She claimed that the portrayal of her in the show was “fundamentally false, 100% false”.

Leah Askey Age

As of 2022, Leah Askey is 47 years old. She celebrates her birthday in October.

Leah Askey Husband

Leah Askey is married to her husband Dr. Chris Chaney. They celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary on 30 December 2021.

In 2018, Chris was honored for 30 years of dedication and service to the Troy FFA AND Troy RIII District. Born on 13 December 1965, he turned 56 years old in 2021.

According to her Facebook, Leah is a mother of six kids. Her daughters are Madeline Isa Chaney, Miranda Glenville, Barley Kozlowski, and three sons Ren Askey, John Askey, and Ben Askey.

In March 2022, her daughter Barley turned 22 years old. Whereas, her first-born daughter Madeline turned 29 years old in February 2022. Her original youngest child Miranda turned 25 years old in December 2021. Whereas, Benjamin is 27 years old.

Where Does Leah Askey Reside?

Leah Askey is currently living in Troy, Missouri. She hailed from Hillsboro, Missouri.

Leah Askey Career

Leah Chaney is a 14-year member of the Missouri Bar and a graduate of Saint Louis University School of Law from where she earned her J.D. in 2006. She also enrolled at San Diego State University and the University of Missouri at Columbia. She completed high school at Troy Buchanan High School.

In 2006, she opened her own law firm in Lincoln County, Missouri, focused on Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Estate Planning. Following that, for the next eight years, Leah served as the elected prosecuting attorney for Lincoln County.

Leah’s job experience in both fields has equipped her with knowledge and comprehension of a wide range of legal concerns. She’s also spent a lot of time in court and on trial, which has given her a lot of courtroom and trial experience. Leah established the Chaney Law Group in 2019 to continue to use her legal knowledge and experience to assist those in need.

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Yes, Leah Askey is on Facebook (@chris.chaney.330).

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Actress Judy Greer plays Leah Askey on Thing About Pam Hupp.

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