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Kathryn Burn Bio, Boyfriend, Age, Parents, The Apprentice

Meet Kathryn (Louise) Burn one of the memorable contestants from the sixteenth season of The Apprentice that premiered on BBC One on 6 January 2022.

In hopes of growing her business further and after sixteen intense weeks on the business-style reality game show, Kathryn made it to the final two. And for the rest, read through this ‘Kathryn Burn Bio’.

Kathryn Burn On The Apprentice

The explosive all-female finale of The Apprentice (on 24 March 2022-episode) saw Kathryn Burn and Harpreet Kaur go head-to-head to prove to Lord Sugar to prove why they deserved the £250,000 investment money.

But, it was Harpreet, not Kathryn, who was crowned as the winner as she bagged herself the £250,000 investment after a dramatic final showdown.

There, however, seemed to be no bad blood between the opponents. The finalists embraced after Harpreet was selected as the winner. Despite ending up rivals, Kathryn said they were already becoming closer and closer as the process was going on. “Unfortunately I didn’t get the investment for @myeverydaypyjamas but I couldn’t be anymore happier for my beautiful bestie @harpsi_kaur 🥺 you really do deserve this and I’m so proud of you ♥️”, Kathryn took to write on her social media after being pronounced the runner up. Despite losing the finale and despite her fans believing that she was robbed, she confirmed that she still felt like being on cloud 9.

She said she is so thankful to have even been given this amazing opportunity and that she had the time of her life; that she has taken so much from this process, new skills, new experiences, and amazing new friends that she will have for life.

The recent high-octane series of Britain’s toughest job interview originally saw 13 other hopefuls as well.

Kathryn Burn Pyjamas

Kathryn Burn is the owner of pyjama line called My Everyday Pyjamas, My Christmas Pyjamas. Both of these are online stores. She first set up the online store for the latter in 2018. In February 2018 she expanded and launched My Everyday Pyjama. She was supposed to use the investment, had she won, to expand these businesses further.

Anyone looking to get their hands on the matching pyjamas by Kathryn can have it over her official websites for the respective clothing lines.

Normally, her two-piece matching pyjama set for women comes in at £39; one-piece pyjamas for babies and pets cost £19; and men’s sets are £36. For the kids, girls’ two-piece sets cost £29 and boys’ cost £25.

The Christmas pyjama company was scheduled to reopen on the 4th of September in 2022.

Who Are Kathryn Burn Parents?

Kathryn Burn’s parents John and Sarah Burn say their daughter’s business mind was evident to them from the very early years. Sarah said that she and her husband could see from quite an early age that they did have a “wheeler-dealer” on their hands. She said growing up, Kathryn used to love online auctions. That, she used to buy things and sell things on there.

Kathryn, the second of three children, recalls coming from a very working-class background. They did not have a lot of money but, she says, they always had such happy memories. She remembers how her parents used to work so hard just to provide for all of them.

Her dad John worked for a local electricity board for a long time before he was made redundant. He said he did whatever he could to provide for his family and believes that is what might have rubbed off on Kathryn too.

“Dad and Steve came to surprise Mum in London for her bday meal” (PIC: Instagram)

As for siblings, Kathryn has a brother named Steve and a sister called Ellie.

Was Kathryn Burn Adopted?

Kathryn Burn was brought up in Swindon in southwest England and Liden, a locality in Sweden by her parents (of course). Both her parents seem to be White, which is why her fans may have been wondering if she is adopted. However, the answer to it was not understood.

Kathryn Burn Boyfriend

Kathryn Burn is reportedly in a relationship with very handsome Rob Deano. Be it on rare occasions, she is said to show off her man on her social media.

Some online media outlet cited that on January 18, 2019, she shared a glimpse of them as a couple captioning, “Another place ticked off the bucket list with hubby.” However, referenced posts from Instagram no longer existed.

Kathryn Burn Age

Kathryn Burn turned 29 years old in 2021.

Is Kathryn Burn On Instagram?

Yes. Kathryn could be found on Instagram @kaggzlouise; where she had 598 posts and 65.8K followers as of 25 March 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kathryn Burn Birthday?

The 4th of November marks Kathryn’s birthday, making her a Scorpio.

  • Is Kathryn Burn Mixed Race?

Kathryn Burn is likely of mixed race.

  • How Much Is Kathryn Burn Net Worth?

Kathryn Burn had less than $300 thousand as net worth as of 25 March 2022.

She had worked a wide range of jobs from a mortgage advisor to events manager before launching her own brand of clothing.

A self-proclaimed ambitious, kind, and often ‘savage’, she left school at the age of 16 skipping further education to go traveling in Australia. There, she worked for a bank doing events before a business idea came to her mind during her travel back home in August 2018.

  • How Tall Is Kathryn Burn?

Kathryn, in her captivating looks and figure, stands above 5’6” tall. Not long ago, she claimed that her viewers have “sexualized” her because she shares bikini snaps on her social media. She slammed those who assume she’s not a serious businesswoman because she posts sexy bikini snaps saying she’s allowed to do both, be glamorous and work hard.

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