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Lee Dae-won Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Physical 100

Lee Dae-won is more of a singer than a fighter. However, he did give Yun Sung-bin a run for his money during a brawl on Physical 100.

This Lee Dae-won Bio explores his life.

Lee Dae-won On Netflix’s Physical 100

Netflix’s Physical 100 gathered 100 contestants from various ethnicities, ages, and genders and pitted them against each other to prove their physical strength and ultimately for a chance to win the title of “most perfect physique” plus 300 million won (approx USD 243 thousand). So, this meant the singer Lee Dae-won definitely was handicapped as other players spent years mastering their bodies.

However, that being said, Lee Dae-won is also an MMA fighter. “I don’t look very tough but I’m really not an easy opponent,” he said.

In the first ep, Dae-won and other contestants were placed in a massive space where plaster casts of their torsos sat on marble pedestals, arranged in concentric circles around a fountain. They then walked around, admiring each other’s plaster/actual bodies, objectifying and judging each other.

The show also radiated Squid Game vibes as assistants and safety personnel wore gray jumpsuits with most of their faces covered.

So, for the first challenge, the contestants were asked to hang on to a suspended apparatus lifted in the air. Through this, the participants quickly realized that the show was not only a test of brute strength but also endurance and mental strength.

Later, based on how long they lasted, the players were then placed in order from 100 to 1, and in order, they got to choose who they’ll face in the first quest — a  fight over a ball.

Unfortunately, for Dae-won, he was picked to face the dreaded Yun Sung-bin in a one-on-one death match. Obviously, the skeleton racer caught him after a few struggles and threw him to the side with just one arm.

It was game over for Dae-won in ep 3. After the defeat, he said it was a match he does not want to experience ever again.

Lee Dae-won Job And Career

Lee Dae-won is Trot singer. He started his career as a part of the 5-member K-Pop group OFFROAD in 2012. Sadly, the group disbanded in 2017, after which he joined BNF for a short time. Reportedly, he requested to terminate his contract with BNF in January 2019 and started his solo journey.

His solo debut “Come to Oppa’s Home” came out in 2020 and thus followed his other singles as Champion, Older sister is good, Popular man, Come to me, and more.

The year he made his solo debut, the singer also appeared as a contestant on Mr. Trot — a show somewhat similar to Physical 100. But in Mr. Trot 100 contestants compete to become the next superstar to lead the trot wave.

Later, in 2022, the singer again returned as a contestant on Mr. Trot 2.

The last we checked he was also a member of Mister T alongside other co-contestants from Mr. Trot.

Also, at the time, he was represented by Gahan Contents Media.

Now, talking about his time in MMA, Dae-won is a semi-professional kickboxer. Though he might not be known worldwide, he was popular in his country and hadn’t lost any matches until he was paired with Yun Sung-bin in Physical 100.

However, given Dae-won’s lack of experience, he did quite well against the skeleton racer. He even was able to land a Brazilian kick to the face, which unfortunately just wasn’t enough to beat the powerhouse.

His technique against Sung-bin was to keep running and tire him out. Other contestants described it as “a tiger hunting a rabbit.”

But a loss is a loss, and Dae-won has no hard feelings about the way he got paired. He even promoted the show on his IG post captioned, “Physical 100 #Who has the best physical in Korea ?”

Is Lee Dae-won On Instagram?

As of February 2023, find him on Instagram @d1lee with 24.4K followers.

Also, here’s his Facebook @d1lee, Twitter @OFFROAD_D1, and Youtube @D1lee.

Lee Dae-won Age

Lee Dae-won was 32 years of age when he appeared on Physical 100 in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when she started filming the show.

Does Lee Dae-won Have A Girlfriend?

Lee Dae-won didn’t reveal his relationship status in 2023.

So, for all we know, the singer could be single or have a secret girlfriend.

Lee Dae-won Family

Lee Dae-won comes from a big family. He once featured them all in a single pic on his IG post captioned, “Everyone, have a healthy and happy Chuseok holiday.  Family, friends, colleagues, mother, father, older sister, older brother, champ, younger siblings, dogs, and cats, I love you all!”

Amongst them, his small bother Young Tak is also a popular singer.

Also, his older sister Ado Minyoung was quite famous amongst the AFC (Angel’s Fighting Championship) fans as she worked as a beautician there.

Trivia: Dae-won has done a few photoshoots with his mother. You can find the shots on the internet or the star’s IG.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lee Dae-won From?

Dae-won hails from Korea.

  • When Is Lee Dae-won Birthday?

The singer receives his birthday wishes on January 16 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Lee Dae-won?

Lee Dae-won stands tall at a height of 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct features include — brown eyes and a fit body.

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